House of Commons Journal Volume 2: 20 October 1642

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 2, 1640-1643. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Die Jovis, 20 Octobris, 1642.


Payment of Assessment.

MR. Solicitor, Mr. Wheeler, Mr. Browne, Mr. Glynn, * Irby, * Prideaux, are appointed to consider of some Course how the Monies directed to be paid by the Bill of Four hundred thousand Pounds at Yorke, may be paid elsewhere: And are to meet this Afternoon, at Three of Clock, in the Court of Wards.

Griffith's Petition.

The humble Petition of Mr. John Griffith the younger, late a Member of this House, was this Day read: Whereupon,

It is Resolved, upon the Question, That the Order of the Eleventh of October Instant, desiring the Lord General, from this House, to take Course for sending up Mr. Jo. Griffith, in safe Custody, to the Parliament, to answer the Complaint against him by the Lady Elizabeth Sidley, shall be vacated and discharged, until further Order taken by the House: And that a Copy of this Order be delivered to the Lord General, to the end his Excellency may take Notice thereof.

King's Refusal to receive Petition from Ld. General.

A Letter from the Lord General of the 18th of October, and from the Committee, of the same Date; and a Letter, inclosed, from the Earl of Dorset, of the 16th of October, in Answer to the Letter of the Lord General's of the 15th; concerning the Delivery of the Petition from both Houses to his Majesty, and his Majesty's Refusal to receive any Petition by the Address of the Lord General; he being the Principal of those Traitors that are named by his Majesty, as the Letter expresseth, &c. was this Day read.

Bulstrode's, &c. Commission.

Resolved, &c. That a Commission shall be issued to Mr. John Bulstrode, and his Son, to have the Command in Chief .. such Soldiers of the Train Bands, or Volunteers, as he shall raise; and to lead and conduct them to the General Rendezvous in that County, or without, for the Preservation of the Peace of that County.

Buckingham Forces, &c.

Ordered, That the Consideration of the Proposition made on the Behalf of the County of Bucks, concerning the Payment of such Soldiers of the Train Bands, or Volunteers, as shall be raised in that County, and be in actual Service there, for the Defence and Safety of that County, be referred to the Committee for the Safety of the Kingdom: And that it be likewise referred to that Committee to give Order, That a fitting Proportion of Powder and Ammunition, necessary for the Safety of that County, may be sent down into that County.

Transactions with Holland.

A Letter from Mr. Walter Strickland, from the Hagh, of October 23th, stilo novo; and a Memorial made by Mr. Strickland to the States General, concerning the Hindering and Prevention of any Soldiers, Arms, or Ammunition, to go out of their Country into this Kingdom; and the States Answer thereunto, and Promise to hinder the Transportation of Arms or Ammunition, &c. was this Day read.

Ordered, That a Declaration of Thanks be returned to the States General of the United Provinces, for their good Affection to this State and Parliament; and prepared by Mr. Pym: And likewise, That Thanks be returned to Mr. Strickland, for his Industry and Diligence in the Service of the Parliament.

Papists' Commissions.

A Declaration concerning Papists having Commissions granted unto them for Raising of Forces, was presented from the Committee.

Informations from Denmarke, &c.

Ordered, That the Informations from Denmarke, Brabant, and Flanders, concerning Endeavours to raise Men there, be added to this Declaration: And that the Declaration be re-committed, as to these Purposes: And likewise that the Extracts of the Letters that are the Grounds of the Declaration, be inserted into the Declaration.

Lords to sit.

Sir Robert Pye went up to the Lords to desire them to sit a while: And

Brings Answer, That they will sit a while, as is desired.

Earl of Arundell.

Ordered, That particular Informations from Holland, concerning the Earl of Arundell, be left out of the Declaration.

Message from Lords.

A Message from the Lords, by Sir Robert Rich and Mr. Page;

The Lords have agreed to all the Answers to the Scotts Papers: As to the Commission concerning the Earl of Pembroke being General of the Western Counties, they will send Answer by Messengers of their own: And are resolved to sit this Afternoon at Three of *.

County Associations.

Whereas it doth appear by divers Evidences, that Papists have free Access and Resort unto his Majesty, and have Commands and Employment in his Army, and Commissions issued unto them for Raising of Forces: And whereas it doth likewise appear, that there are Negotiations in divers Parts beyond the Seas, for Bringing of strange Forces into the Kingdom: And whereas it doth appear by the Letter of the Earl of Dorsett, bearing Date the Sixteenth of October Instant, that his Majesty doth refuse all Address or Petition from the Parliament made by the Lord General; and that it is unsafe to send any Messengers from the Parliament to his Majesty: The House doth therefore now Resolve and Declare, That they will oblige themselves to a mutual Assistance of one another, and of the whole Kingdom, for Defence of the Protestant Religion, the Privilege of Parliament, and the Liberty and Property of the Subject: And that a strict Association be prepared and entered into by the whole Kingdom, to this Purpose.

This to be a Head of a Conference: And all the Instances that are Grounds for this Resolution, to be produced at this Conference.

Ordered, That it be desired, at this Conference, that a Committee be appointed of Lords and Commons, to prepare a Declaration, and a Form of Association, to this Purpose.

Merchant Strangers.

Upon the Complaint of the Merchant Strangers trading in the Port of Dover, That One per Cent. is demanded of them, by virtue of the Act for Relief of the Captives in Argeir, upon such Goods as they bring in and carry out again, by virtue of an Act of State, for which they are, by Composition, to pay only Two and Half per Cent.;

Ordered, That the Officers in that Port, deputed to receive the One per Cent. do forbear to receive or demand the said Duty of such Merchant Strangers as ought to pay the Composition of Two and half per Cent.; the said Duty of One per Cent. being not within the Intent of the said Act, for any such Goods imported, and again exported upon the said Composition.

Post Meridiem

Letter read, &c.

A LETTER from Mr. Lionel Copley, of the 19th of October, from Worcester, concerning the Passages at the Delivery of the Letter from the Lord General to the Earl of Dorsett, &c. was this Day read; and ordered to be printed.

Bulstrode's Commission.

THE Lords and Commons, in Parliament, being informed that great Numbers of armed Forces raised and employed against the Parliament, are now marching towards the County of Buck'; and that divers well-affected Persons in the said County are willing to draw themselves into a Body, the better to resist and oppose the said Forces, and to preserve the Peace of their Country, and to defend themselves, their Families and Estates, from Rapine and Spoil; and taking Notice of the good Affections of Henry Bulstrode, Esquire; do hereby authorize and appoint the said Henry Bulstrode to raise all the Forces of Foot of the Trained Bands and Volunteers, within the Three Hundreds of the Chiltern of the said County; and them to command, and to be Colonel over them; and to * Captains and Officers for the Volunteers under him; and such Forces as he shall raise, to cause to be trained, mustered, and exercised; and to lead, conduct, and march to such Rendezvous within the said County, or without; and to join with such other Forces of the said County, or any other Forces; and to do, execute, and perform all such Directions and Commands, for the Purposes above-mentioned, as the said Henry Bulstrode shall from time to time receive from both Houses of *; from the Lord General of the Army for Defence of the King and Parliament; the Committee of the Lords and Commons for the Safety of the Kingdom; the Lieutenant of the said County; Richard Greenvile Esquire, High Sheriff of the said County; the Deputy Lieutenants of the said County; or from any of them.

Fortification of Barnstaple.

A Letter from the Town of Barnstaple, of the 18th of October 1642, concerning the Proceedings of the Cavaliers, with Sir Ralph Hopton, in the County of Cornewall, and the Fortification of the Town of Barnstaple, was this Day read: And

It is Resolved, upon the Question, That this House doth approve of this Action of the Town of Barnestaple, in Fortifying of their Town; and doth take it for an Expression of their publick Affections to the Good and Peace of the Commonwealth; and that they shall be saved harmless for their so doing, by both Houses of Parliament: And the House doth desire the Lords Concurrence herein.

Safety of the Kingdom, &c.

Sir Robert Pye went up to the Lords to desire a Conference concerning some important Affairs, touching the Safety of the Kingdom.

Sir Robert Pye brings Answer, That the Lords will give a present Meeting at a Conference, as is desired.

Mr. Pym, Mr. Glyn, are appointed Managers of this Conference.

Besides the Heads of the Conference resolved upon in the Forenoon, they are to acquaint their Lordships with the important Necessity of dispatching the Commission to the Earl of Pembroke; and to desire that it may be speeded.

Relief of Archbp. of Tuan, &c.

Upon Mr. Wheeler's Report from the Committee for Contributions, touching the Petitions of the Archbishop of Tuan in Ireland; Sir F. Hamilton, One of the Members of the Commons House in Ireland; and of Robert Balley Esquire One of the Members of the Commons House in Ireland; It is Ordered, by the and Commons, That Sir Robert Pye, and Mr. Wheeler, Treasurers for the Contribution Monies in Westminster, do forthwith pay out of the Contribution Monies remaining in their Hands, unto Rich. Boyle Archbishop of Tuan in Ireland, One hundred Pounds for his present Relief; to Sir F. Hamilton, One of the Members of the Commons House in Ireland, One hundred Pounds; unto Robert Bailey Esquire, One of the Members likewise of the House of Commons in Ireland, the Sum of Fifty Pounds; for their present Relief: And that Acquittances under their Hands shall be a sufficient Discharge to the said Treasurers.

Ordered, That the Treasurers for the Contribution Monies in London, do forthwith pay out of the said Contribution Monies for Ireland, the Sum of Two hundred Pounds unto James Archbishop of Armagh, for his present Relief; in Consideration of his great Piety and Learning.


A Message from the Lords, by Sir Ro. Riche and Mr. Page;

The Lords desire a Conference, by a Committee of both Houses, presently, in the Painted Chamber, if it may stand with the Conveniency of this House, concerning the Matter of the last Conference, and some Preparations to be made thereupon.

Answer returned by the same Messengers; That this House will give a present Meeting, as is desired.

Mr. Pym, Sir Jo. Evelyn, Mr. Marten, are appointed Reporters of this Conference.

Mr. Pym reports the Conference:

Declaration and Associations, &c.

That it was managed by the Earl of Holland; who said, "That the Parliament had sought Peace, by all humble Means from his Majesty, without putting any Condition upon him: That now Exceptions are taken to the Hand that should present it, though appointed and intrusted by both Houses of Parliament: That the Lords did conceive with this House, that there was Necessity that the Kingdom should be quickened, and throughly awakened: And do think it fit that a Declaration should be prepared to the Purposes mentioned in the Conference; and that they do think it fit to refer the Drawing of it to the Committee for the Safety of the Kingdom. They do likewise hold it fit, that a Committee of both Houses should be sent into the City; to acquaint them with the Letters from the Lord General; from the Committee with the Army; and from the Earl of Dorsett; and with the Matter of the Declaration; and with the Necessity of the mutual Associating the whole Kingdom together at this Time."

Resolved, upon the Question, That this House doth agree, that the Preparing of this Declaration and Association be referred to the Committee for the Safety of the Kingdom.

Resolved, upon the Question, That this House doth agree, that a Committee of both Houses be sent into the City, for the Purposes mentioned at the Conference with the Lords.

Naval Officers.

A Message from the Lords by Sir Robert Riche and Mr. Page;

That the Lords do agree to this Order concerning the Enabling of the Earl of Warwick to substitute Officers under him in the Fleet.

County Associations.

Mr. Marten went up to the Lords to acquaint them, That this House doth agree to refer the Preparing of the Declaration and Association to the Committee for the Defence of the Kingdom; and to the sending of a Committee into the City; and to desire them to appoint a Committee to that Purpose.

Person sent for.

Resolved, upon the Question, That Doctor Chaffin be forthwith sent for as a Delinquent; for publishing in his Parish Church, the Declaration under the Hand of the Marquis Hertford, and others his Adherents, in Justification of their Rebellion.

Committee to the City.

Mr. Marten brings Answer, That the Lords have appointed a Committee of their House, of Nine, to go into the City: The Time to be To-morrow at Two post meridiem; the Place at a Common Hall: And that they would this Night, take Order with the Lord Mayor to call a Common Hall to that Purpose.

Mr. Pym, Sir Robert Pye, Sir Rich. Onslowe, Sir Tho. Dacres, Lord Wenman, Sir Wm. Litton, Sir Jo. Evelyn, Mr. Knightley, Mr. Darley, Sir Tho. Jervoise, Sir Edw. Aiscough, Lord Mounson, Sir H. Ludlow, Sir F. Knollis, Mr. Holland, Mr. Mountague, Mr. Wallop, Mr. Wheeler;

This Committee is appointed, with a proportionable Number of the Lords, to go into the City to a Common Hall, To-morrow at Two post meridiem, to acquaint them with the Letters from the Lord General; the Committee with the Army; and the Earl of Dorsett; and with the Matter of the Declaration agreed to be set forth by both Houses thereupon; and with the Necessity of an Association at this Time.

Naval Officers.

Whereas the Lords and Commons in Parliament have nominated and appointed the Right honourable Robert Earl of Warwick to be Lord Admiral of the Fleet, and all other Ships, as well such as are or shall be upon the English or Irish Coast: It is therefore thought fit, and so Ordered and Ordained, by the Lords and Commons in Parliament assembled, That the said Earl of Warwick is hereby authorized to appoint Commanders of all such Ships already upon the said Coast of Ireland, or that shall hereafter be, during his continuing Admiral as aforesaid; streightly charging and commanding all Captains, Masters, and Mariners, to be obedient to such Order and Direction as they shall receive from his Lordship, and such Vice Admiral, and other Commanders in Chief, as shall be appointed by him, during the Absence of the said Earl of Warwick from his said Charge of Admiral, as aforesaid.