House of Commons Journal Volume 2: 11 February 1641

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 2, 1640-1643. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Die Jovis, 11 Feb. 1640.


Bailing Bowater, &c.

WHEREAS this House was informed, that there was an Order in the Court of Wards, for the Committing of Nicholas and Tho. Bowater and Wm. Rumney, for not obeying a Decree of that Court; by virtue of which said Order, Nicholas stands already committed a Prisoner to the Fleet; Now, in regard that there is a Complaint depending here, exhibited on the Behalf of Nich. and Tho. Bowater and Wm. Rumney, the House does declare that their Opinion is, that the Master and Attorney of the Court of Wards do take good Bail of the said Parties; and, upon their giving good Security, enlarge him or them from their Imprisonment, until this House shall take farther Order in the Business.

Leave to withdraw Petition.

Ordered, That the Commoners of the Eight hundred Fenn may have Liberty to take out a Petition, that they formerly preferred to this House, to the end that they may amend it; the which Petition now remains with the Committee for the Salt Marshes, where Mr. Ellis has the Chair.

A Member belonging to the Temple.

Ordered, That Mr. Taylor, a Member of this House, shall be permitted, by the Benchers of the Middle Temple, to take the Oaths of Supremacy and Allegiance; and that he shall be dispensed with for keeping his Vacations, during the Privilege of Parliament; and that, after the Parliament, he shall do his Exercise, and not lose his Seniority.

St. Gregorie's Church.

Mr. Cage, Mr. Hide, Sir Walth. Erle, Sir Edw. Hungerford, Mr. Prideaux, are added to the Committee for St. Gregorie's by Paule's: And they are to meet this Afternoon, at Two of Clock, in the Court of Wards, to consider of, and prepare the Way of presenting that Business to the Lords, in the Manner of Impeachment of the Offenders.

Irish Army, &c.

Sir W. Erle, and Sir Jo. Clotworthy, report the Condition of the new-levied Irish Army: And

Mr. Reignolds reports from the Committee of the Earl of Worcester, the Substance of that Business.

* * * *

And then it was Resolved, upon the Question, That the Particulars reported by Sir W. Erle, Sir Jo. Clotworthy, and Mr. Reignolds, shall be the Heads of the Conference to be desired with the Lords, concerning the Disbanding of the new-levied Irish Army, and Disarming of the Popish Recusants here in England.

Whereas Sir W. Erle, and Sir Jo. Clotworthy, were formerly appointed to manage this Conference; now Mr. Reignolds is added unto [them].

Treaty with Scotland.

A Message from the Lords, by the Master of the Rolls and Mr. Baron Henden;

The Lords desire a present Conference with this House, if it may stand with the Conveniency of this House, in the Painted Chamber, touching the Treaty between the Two Kingdoms.

Answer returned, by the same Messengers; that this House has taken their Lordships Message into Consideration, and will give them a Meeting presently, as is desired.

Mr. Treasurer, Mr. Hollis, Mr. Reignolds, Sir Fr. Seymour, Mr. Hide, Mr. Glyn, are appointed Reporters of this Conference.

After Mr. Treasurer had made his Report of the Conference with the Lords, and that Three Papers delivered at the Conference were read;

It was Resolved, upon the Question, That this House doth assent unto the Agreement of the English Lords Commissioners made with the Scotch Commissioners, concerning the Scotts Seventh Demand.

Impositions on Wines.

Mr. Pimme, Sir Jo. Clotworthy, Sir Guy Palmes, Alderman Soames, Mr. Cradock, Mr. Vassal, Mr. Mallory, Mr. T. Coke, Sir H. Mildmay, Sir H. Vane, Mr. Trelawny, are added to the Committee last appointed for the King's Army: And this Committee is to consider of the Business concerning the Monies paid and received upon the new Impositions upon Wines; and to take the Examinations of such as have been the Receivers and Collectors of those Monies, or Farmers, or Lessees of those Impositions, and to see how Matters are proved, de facto, against them; and have Power to send for Parties, Witnesses, Papers, Records, that may have any Relation, or may any Way conduce, to this Business: And they are to represent the State of the whole Business to the House; and are to meet in the Treasury-chamber, at Seven of Clock To-morrow Morning.