House of Commons Journal Volume 2: 02 December 1642

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 2, 1640-1643. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Die Veneris, 2 Decembris, 1642.


Petition referred to Lord Mayor.

ORDERED, That this humble Petition of John Brassegirdle and Henry Mason, Prisoners in the Woodstreete Compter, London, be referred to the Lord Mayor of London; to examine the Truth of the Business, and to certify the State of it to this House.

Allhallowes Barking Lecturer.

Whereas the major Part of the Inhabitants of the Parish of Allhallowes Barking, London, have of themselves, after they had heard divers Ministers preach, elected Mr. George Cockaine and Orthodox Divine and in Orders to be there Lecturer, to preach there every Lord's Day, and Thursday, in the Afternoons: It is this Day Ordered, That the said Mr. George Cockaine be recommended unto the said Parishioners, to exercise his Ministry by preaching the Days forementioned accordingly: And that the Rector and Curate, or who else it may concern, do permit unto the said Mr. George Cockaine the free Use of his Pulpit, to preach there at the Times appointed, without any Lett or Interruption.

Wexford Ships, &c.

Resolved, That the Ships and Goods of Wexford, come into Bristoll, shall be sold by Order of the Commissioners for the Admiralty, and employed for the Use of the Navy if they prove to be Rebels Goods.

Resolved, That it be referred to the Commissioners for the Admiralty to give Order for the Proceeding against the Mariners of those Ships according to Law.


Resolved, That Mr. Vassall and Mr. Alexander, and Mr. Squire Bence, be added to the Commissioners for the Admiralty.

Account of Arms, &c.

Ordered, That the Certificate and Account of the Ammunition and Arms delivered upon the Account of Mr. George Porterfield, of Glasgowe, Merchant, according to an Ordinance of both Houses, at Londonderry, for Supply of the Army in the Northern Parts of Ireland, as it has been certified from the King's Commissioners there, be referred to the Committee for the Affairs of Ireland.

Persons sent for.

Resolved, That John Hopper the elder, Jo. Hopper, the younger, Wm. Slater, and Wm. Porter Serjeant, be forthwith sent for, as Delinquents; for their Contempt in not obeying the Orders and Summons of this House.

Whetcombe's Claims.

Ordered, That the humble Petition of Benjamin Whetcombe of London, Merchant, be referred to the Committee for Irish Affairs; who are to consider of some speedy Course to satisfy the several Sums of Money due to the Petitioner.

Persons sent for.

Resolved, That Mr. Nicholas Pescod, Mr. Jasp. Cornelius, Mr. Edmonds, Parson of Holy Roode Parish, be forthwith sent for as Delinquents.

Members to be brought in custody.

Ordered, That Mr. Gallop, and Mr. Exton, Members of this House, that serve for the Town of Southampton, be summoned and brought up in safe Custody.

Person sent for.

Resolved, That Mr. Bryan Walton, Parson of Martins Orgars, London, be forthwith sent for as a Delinquent.

Order to Southampton.

Ordered, That Mr. Holles and Mr. Bond do take Care for Sending down to the Town of Southampton, the like Order that was made for Fortifying of Bristoll.

Capt. Povey.

Ordered, That Capt. Allen Povey, a Captain of Colonel Holles his Regiment, and wounded in the Fight at Brentford, shall have his Entertainment during the Time of his Cure.

Barnett's Petitions.

Ordered, That the Petition of * * of Barnett, Waggon Master, be referred to the Committee for maimed Soldiers.

Naval Affairs.

Ordered, That the Proposition of appointing a Ship of good convenient Strength, to ride upon the Coasts between Chester and Leverpoole, be referred to the Committee for the Navy; and likewise the Providing of a Pinace to scour the Coasts of North Wales. And it is likewise referred to the Committee for the Navy, to consider of the Sending Capt. Swanley and * * for the Guard of the Irish Coasts, or lesser Ships instead of One of them.

Answer to Declaration from Oxford.

Ordered, That Mr. Glyn do bring in the Answer to the Declaration set forth at Oxford, after the Battle at Kineton; and to set forth how the King employs Popish Commanders: And he is to bring them in on Monday next, if he can.

Committee to Lincolnshire.

Ordered, That Sir Edw. Aiscough and Mr. Grantham, be injoined to go into Lincolneshire, to advance the Propositions there: And that likewise Sir John and Sir Wm. Brownlow, and Mr. Lister, be desired to go down into Lincolneshire, upon the Service of the Parliament.

That they shall have the Instructions that were appointed for Essex, and shall have Power to insert such Names as they think fitting.

Vindicating Merrick, &c.

Mr. Holles, Mr. Glyn, Mr. Whitlocke, Mr. Strode, are appointed to consider of the Letter from the Lord General to Mr. Speaker, of the 29th of November, concerning Sir Jo. Merrick and Col. Ballard: And they are to prepare a Declaration for their Clearing and Vindication; and to prepare a Letter to be returned in Answer to this Letter.

Sir V. Moulineux, &c.

Ordered, That Capt. Leigh do send to the Gaoler of Maidston, and require him to send up to this House the Warrant, or Warrants, by which Sir Vivian Moulineux and Mr. Brewer, committed to that Gaol, were discharged; and that he may render an Account of the other Three.

Ordered, That the Clerk to the Committee for the Safety of the Kingdom do satisfy this House, whether there issued any Warrant from that Committee, concerning Sir Vivian Moulineux and Mr. Brewer; and to send Copies of these Warrants, if there be any such.

Malignants, &c.

Ordered, That all Malignants and Delinquents that are sent up out of the several Counties, shall bear their own Charges, and the Charges of the Guards that bring them up.

Securing Arms.

Ordered, That it be referred to the Committee for the Militia in London, to take Care of the Arms brought in the Hamborough Ship, that they may not be disposed of in such Hands as may prove dangerous to the Kingdom and Parliament.

Provisions, &c. for Ireland.

Ordered, That the Order of Friday, 25 of November 1642, concerning Cloaths, Victuals, and Ammunition, to be sent into Ireland, and concerning Shipping to be provided for the Transport of the said Provisions and Ammunition, be referred to the Committee for Irish Affairs, to consider of the Provisions; and to the Committee for the Navy, to consider of the Providing of Shipping for the Transport of these Provisions.

Letter referred.

It is likewise Ordered, That the Letter from the Lord Inchequin, this Day read in the House, be referred to that Committee.

Military Stores.

Ordered, That the Committee of Lords and Commons that sit in London, concerning Monies, do take Care for the Providing a Supply of Match; and likewise for the Payment of such Provisions of Match; and likewise to make a Supply of Arms and Ammunition; and to provide for the Payment thereof.

Person committed.

Resolved, upon the Question, That Sir Wm. Brockman shall be committed Prisoner to Winchester House, there to remain during the Pleasure of the House.

Strickland thanked, &c.

Upon the Report made by Mr. Pym, of the Letters he had received from Mr. Strickland; It is Ordered, That Mr. Pyme do return him Thanks for his great Care and Industry in advancing the Service of the Parliament.

Ordered, That it be referred to Sir Henry Vane and Mr. Pym, to prepare a Commission for Mr. Strickland, the better to enable him to do Service for the Commonwealth and Parliament.

Letters, &c. to be printed.

Ordered, That the Letters this Day reported by Mr. Corbett, from the Committee for Informations, together with the Letters formerly intercepted, and the Examination of Mr. Clythe, a Reformado Officer, taken at the Committee for Informations, be all printed together.

Parliament Manifesto.

Mr. Holles, Sir Hen. Vane, Mr. Glynn, Mr. Whitlocke, Sir Wm. Armyn, Mr. Marten, Mr. Rouse, Mr. Strode, Sir Tho. Barrington, Mr. Solicitor, Mr. Pym.

This Committee, or any Three of them, are appointed to prepare a Manifesto, to set forth unto the World the Reasons and Grounds of all the Proceedings of the Parliament in the present War: And are to meet when and where they please.

King's Message

Ordered, That, on Monday next, his Majesty's last Message shall be taken into Consideration.

Gatehowse Prison.

Upon the Report from the Committee for the Gatehowse in Westminster;

It was Resolved, upon the Question, That the Custody and Charge of the Prison of the Gatehowse be continued in the Feoffees, as it was formerly.

Resolved, &c. That the Keys and Books belonging to said Prison of the Gatehowse, and now in the Custody of Mr. Christopher White, be restored to the said Feoffees: and that he give an Account of the Profits received since the Prison was in his Custody: And that he shall have such convenient Recompence and Reward for his Pains, as the said Committee for the Gatehowse shall think fit.

Provisions for Munster.

WHEREAS his Majesty's People of the Province of Munster, in the Kingdom of Ireland, have been, by the violent Outrages and Oppression of the Rebels, reduced to such Poverty and Want, as that they are become unable to support themselves, much less to supply the Wants of such Soldiers as are sent from hence to their Aid, even with the meanest Things that they are most necessary for the Sustentation of Life; for Remedy whereof, and that his Majesty's Forces sent hither may not be exposed to any Extremity, through Want of Victuals, or other necessary Provisions, It is Ordered, by the Lords and Commons in Parliament, That whosoever, either Merchants or others, residing either in or about the City of Bristoll and Exeter, or the Towns of Plimouth or Barnstaple, or any other of the Western Ports of this Kingdom, shall bring into any the Ports of Kinsale, Corke, or Youghall, in the Province of Munster, any Proportion of Corn, Meal, or other Victual and Cloathing necessary for their Sustenance; and deliver the same unto the Commissaries for Victuals appointed for that Province, at such Rates as he or they shall agree for; and shall bring Certificates under the Hands and Seals of such Commissary for Victual, and of the Treasurer or Vice Treasurer, or whomsoever he shall appoint in those several Ports, of the certain Sums agreed upon to be received for the same; That, upon Delivery of such Certificates unto such Persons as shall be assigned by the Parliament to receive them here in London, the Seller of such Victual, Cloathing, or other necessary Provisions, or his Assigns, shall receive certain and full Payment of such Sum or Sums of Money, out of the Chamber of London, as shall appear due upon such Certificates, within Thirty Days after producing of the same. And the Houses of Parliament are of Opinion, and do Declare, That if any Person whatsoever shall send or supply, or cause to be sent or supplied, to the Rebels in Ireland, or any of them, any Corn, Victuals, Powder, Ammunition, Arms, or other Provisions, for or towards the Assisting and Support of the Rebels, or any of them, such Person is thereby guilty of High Treason, and forfeits his Life and Estate.

Lincoln Assessment.

WHEREAS, by an Order of the Lords and Commons, it was Ordered, That Sir Antony Irby do require the Collectors of the Monies due and payable in the County of Lincoln, to pay the Monies remaining in their Hands unto the said Sir Antony Irby, provided that they be not any of the Monies due and payable upon the Bill of 400,000 l.; which said Order was made for the Speeding of the said Sir Antony Irby, and his Dragooners, into the County of York: It is this Day Ordered, That if the said Sir Antony Irby have received so much Monies as will furnish him and his Dragooners into the said County of York, that the Residue of the said Monies due in the said County, or that is, or hereafter shall be, raised upon the Propositions in the said County of Lincoln, shall be disposed of in the ordinary Way, as other Monies in other Counties are, for the Preservation of the whole Kingdom, and returned up to the Parliament: And if the said Sir Antony Irby have not already received so much as will furnish him and his Dragooners, that then Sir Edward Aiscough and Mr. Grantham, and the rest of the Commissioners, shall have Power to allow them so much out of the Monies raised upon the Propositions, as will speedily furnish him, and his said Dragooners, to go into the said County of York.

Stay of Soldiers, &c.

Mr. Holles, Mr. Solicitor, Mr. Prideauxe, Mr. Glyn, Mr. Vassall, Sir Beuch. St. John;

This Committee is to prepare an Order to require the Out-guards to suffer no Soldiers to pass, without the Warrant of the Lord General; and also to authorize the Sheriffs of London, Captains of Guard, and Constables, to make Stay of all such Soldiers as they find in and about London and Westminster; and to make Search for them; and to bring them to the Committee for the Safety of the Kingdom, to be examined.

Raising Horses.

Ordered, The Committee for the Raising of Horses do present their Propositions To-morrow Morning.