House of Commons Journal Volume 2: 07 January 1643

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 2, 1640-1643. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Die Sabbati, 7 Januarii, 1642.


Persons sent for.

ORDERED, That Mr. Christopher Jaye, Mr. Geo. Morris, Mr. Robert Rosse, Mr. Francis Norris, Mr. Tho. Norris, Mr. Jo. Kitchingman, Mr. Morgan Childe, who either will not appear before the Committee for Subscriptions, or that have appeared and subscribed, and will not perform according to their Subscriptions, be forthwith sent for as Delinquents, for this their Contempt and Neglect; But that the Committee shall have Power to discharge them from their Attendance and Delinquency, if they shall pay in their Monies, and the Messengers Charges.

Davies' Pension.

Whereas Robert Davies, Pensioner of the Charterhouse, ever since the Ninth of April last, has been in Pay and Service of this State, either as Lieutenant against the Irish Rebels, or as a Captain Reformado in the Service of this Kingdom; and to that End got a Licence under divers of the Hands of Noblemen, and others, Visitors of the Charterhouse, and under the Hand of the Master, for his Absence; yet, notwithstanding, the Master hath suspended the Petitioner: It is therefore Ordered, That the Pension be continued to the Petitioner; and the Suspension taken off; and he, the said Davies, continued in his Place, till the House take farther Order.

Mr. Prideaux, Mr. Maynard, Mr. Rous, Mr. Pym, * * * *.

Clearing E. of Manchester, &c.

3a vice lecta est Billa, An Act for the Clearing of the Earl of Manchester, Denzell Holles Esquire, Sir Arthur Heselrig Baronet, John Hampden, John Pym, and Wm. Strode Esquires, Members of the House of Commons, from an Accusation of High Treason, &c. and, upon Question, passed.


3a vice lecta est Billa, An Act against the Enjoying of Pluralities of Benefices by Spiritual Persons, and Nonresidency.

A Proviso was likewise tendered, That this Bill might not extend to such Parishes where divers Presentations, Collations, or Portions of Tithes, unto which several Presentations or Collations are or have been used to be made: The which was read twice: and then put to the Question, for annexing it to the Bill; and, upon the Question, assented unto; and ordered to be annexed accordingly: And then the Bill, with the Proviso annexed, was passed, upon the Question.

Relief of Londonderry.

Whereas, upon the Petition of Robert Harrington, Robert Goodwyn, and George Thimilby, Agents for the distressed City of Londonderry in Ireland; it was ordered, on the Twelfth of December last, That the Monies collected upon the Three Fast Days, in the Parish Churches of London, Westminster, Borough of Southwarke, and the Parishes adjacent, mentioned in the said Order (excepting in the Parish of St. Margaret's, Westminster), should be employed for the Relief and Supply of Victuals for the said Town of Londonderry; and that notwithstanding the said Order, by Virtue of another following Order, the Monies collected upon the First of the said Three Fast Days was employed and disposed of to the Relief of the plundered Ministers of this Kingdom: It is therefore this Day Ordered, That the Monies collected on the Three next Fast Days, in the Parishes aforesaid, shall be employed and disposed of to the Relief of Londonderry: And that Payment of the said Monies may be made to the Petitioners, to buy Victuals for Relief of the said Town, &c.

Prisoner discharged.

Whereas Sir Tho. Jermyn was formerly complained of for Words informed to be spoken by him, against Mr. Gurdon, a Member of this House: To the which he sent a Denial of these Words under his Hand: Whereupon,

Resolved, upon the Question, That Sir Tho. Jermyn be forthwith discharged from any farther Restraint.

Dep. Lieut. of Kent.

Resolved, upon the Question, That this House doth nominate and approve of Mr. Jo. Boyes the younger, of Traphan in Kent, to be One of the Deputy Lieutenants of the County of Kent.

Propositions to the King.

THAT Your Majesty having expressed, in Your Answer to the Nineteen Propositions of both Houses of Parliament, a hearty Affection and Intention for the Rooting out of Popery out of this Kingdom: And that if both the Houses of Parliament can yet find any more effectual Course to disable Jesuits, Priests, and Popish Recusants, from disturbing the State, or eluding the Laws, that You would willingly give Your Consent unto it;

It is now humbly prayed, That, for the better Discovery, and speedier Conviction of Recusants, an Oath may be established by Act of Parliament, to be administered in such Manner as by both Houses shall be agreed on: Wherein they shall abjure and renounce the Pope's Supremacy, the Doctrine of Transubstantiation, Purgatory, Worshipping of the consecrated Host, Crucifixes, and Images: And the Refusal of the said Oath shall be a sufficient Conviction in Law of Recusancy:

And that Your Majesty will be pleased to give Your Royal Assent unto a Bill for the Education of the Children of Papists, by Protestants, in the Protestant Religion: Which Bill is now in Preparation, according to Your Majesty's gracious Direction and Encouragement:

That, in the more effectual Execution of the Laws against Popish Recusants, Your Majesty would be pleased to consent to a Bill for the true Levying of the Penalties against them: And that the same Penalties may be levied and disposed of in such Manner as both Houses of Parliament shall agree on: And likewise a Bill whereby the Practices of Papists against the State may be prevented; and the Laws against them duly executed.


That a Proposition shall be made unto his Majesty, that an Ordinance for settling the Militia of the Kingdom, by Land, may stand in Force for a Year, unless a Bill shall pass in the mean Time: And that the Ordinance be committed to the Committee for the Ninth and Tenth Propositions; to see whether any thing is fit to be altered or amended in it; with the Addition of Mr. Maynard, Sir John Holland, Mr. Hampden, Sir Wm. Armyn, Mr. Strode, Sir Philip Stapleton, Mr. Nathanael Fienes: And are to meet upon * * *.

Ordered, That it be referred to the Committee for Ninth and Tenth Propositions, to peruse and consider of the Propositions, with the Alterations and Votes upon them; and to connect them fitly together; and to prepare them to be offered to the Lords, at a Conference: And are to meet this Afternoon at Three of Clock.

Liberty of the Subject.

2a vice lecta est Billa, An Act for the Confirming the Liberty of the Subjects in their Person; and, upon the Question, committed unto Mr. Waller, Mr. Whitlock, Mr. Maynard, * Sandys, Sir Robert Pye, Mr. Cage, Mr. Marten, Mr. Hill, and Mr. Smyth: And are to meet upon it on Tuesday, post meridiem.

Persons sent for in Custody.

Ordered, That Mr. Catlyn be summoned and sent for in safe Custody, at his own Charges; for not appearing upon the frequent Summons of this House.

Earl of Warwick's Commission.

Ordered, That Mr. Stode and Mr. Pym do bring in a Commission on Monday Morning, for the Earl of Warwick to command in Chief the Fleet at Sea.

Exchange of Prisoners.

Ordered, That the Petition of Sarah Briggs, concerning the Exchange of her Husband for Captain Brandlyn....

Hides from Ireland.

Ordered, That the humble Petition of William Cuff, of Mynehead in the County of Somersett, concerning the Transportation of Hides out of Ireland into England, be referred to the Consideration of the Committee for the Affairs of Ireland.

Examination of Prisoners.

Ordered, That the Examination of the Matters concerning the Prisoners that were stayed going to Oxon, and now in the Serjeant's ...., be referred to the Committee for Examinations, where Mr. Whittacre has the Chair: And they are to sit upon it this Afternoon.

Dep. Lieut. Lincoln.

Ordered, That Sir Wm. Brownlow, a Deputy Lieutenant of the County of Lincoln, required to repair thither among other of the Deputy Lieutenants of the said County, be dispensed with, for his repairing thither for some Eight or Ten Days, in regard of his own necessary Occasions.