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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 2, 1640-1643. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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-, new Writ, 16 Apr.

-, previous, Affirmative; viz. for a Member to assume the Chair of a Committee, 18 Apr.

-, Mr. 1642, Consideration of the Contract with him for transporting Arms into Ireland, referred to the Committee for Adventurers, 7 Oct.

-, 1640, Speaker to end the Difference between Serjeant Grimston and Serjeant Hunt, 11 Nov.-Difference between Sir H. Herbert and Serjeant Wilde to be considered by the House, 6 Jan.-18 & 25 Feb.-Parties and Witnesses heard; Debate thereon; Referees to compose it within a Time limited, 9 Mar. Time inlarged, 12.
-, 1641, Evidence presented in Writing, 23 Aug.-Business referred to a Committee, 5 Mar.-Speaker to have a Warrant for staying and apprehending Members, who send or receive Challenges, 31 Jan.
-, 1642, Information given of a Quarrel between Mr. Bainton and Mr. Giles Hungerford; Mr Bainton heard, and injoined not to proceed any further; Mr. Hungerford to be sent for in Custody; Examinations of the Business referred to the Committee for Examinations; House to consider Words spoken by Mr. Bainton, 27 Feb.

-, Robert, 1640, to be summoned as a Witness, 27 Nov.

-, 1640, her Message, excusing the raising Money among the Recusants for a Northern Expedition; Thanks thereupon, 4 Feb.
-, 1641, Lords to be desired at a Conference to move her to forbear her Journey to Portsmonth, 6 May.-A Committee to prepare Heads for a Conference concerning it; Heads reported; Lords to be moved to join in presenting them to the King; Conference desired; Managers appointed; Conference agreed to, held, and reported; Lords Concurrence signified, 14 July. Message from them, acquainting House what time the King would be attended at Whitehall, and desiring a Committee of both Houses may attend him; Answer thereto; Committee appointed; Heads of the Address to stop the Queen's Journey, 15.-Conference desired by Lords, touching Heads to be presented to Queen; agreed to, held, and reported, 16. Queen's Answer reported, 17. Her Message concerning putting off her Journey; Thanks thereupon; Conference desired by Lords concerning her Message to them; agreed to; Reporters appointed; Conference held, and reported; a Committee of both Houses to thank her; Report of Thanks given; Form thereof, 21.-Members to attend the Queen to know her Commands, 17 Aug. Her Answer reported, 20. Conference desired by Lords upon a Proposition concerning her Priests; agreed to; Reporters appointed; Conference held, and reported, 24.-Message from Lords to the Queen concerning the Prince's refiding at Richmond, and her Answer, communicated at a Conference, 2 Nov.-Lords to be moved at a Conference, that her Servants may take the Oaths, 10. To be moved for a Commission to some Lords to tender them, 13.-Message to be sent to desire them to take the Commission into Consideration, 31 Dec.-Sent; their Answer, 3 Jan.- Message to Lords, desiring them to join in moving the Queen to discover who informed her that the Parliament intended to impeach her of High Treason, with a Copy of the Articles; Answer thereto, 20. Further Answer communicated by Lords, 27.-Note from the King concerning the Queen's accompanying the Princess to Holland, communicated by Lords, 7 Feb.-Message to Lords, desiring a Letter from Lord Digby to her may be opened by a Committee of both Houses; Messenger dismissed without Answer; free Conference desired by Lords; agreed to; Managers and Reporters appointed; free Conference held; Lords Dissent reported; Resolution that House adhere to their former Vote; a Committee to prepare Reasons, 14. A Letter from the King, with a Message inclosed, expressing the Queen's Desire to have a Transcript of the Letter; Lords desired to send down the Originals; send them, 17. Message read; Transcript of all the Letters to be sent to the King; a Committee to prepare Answer to his Message; Answer reported, agreed to, and to be sent to Lords, 18 Sept. Their Concurrence signified; a Committee of both Houses to attend him therewith; another Committee appointed; One of the former being indisposed, 19. King's Answer, 25.
-, 1642, her Declaration and Propositions referred to the Committee for Printing, 1 July.-Letters directed to her, communicated by Lords at a Conference, opened, and referred to the Committee for Defence of the Kingdom, 30.- -Information that she is at Rotterdam, and bound for Newcastle; Order thereupon, 17 Sept.-Her Letter to the Earl of Newcastle, read, 6 Oct.-Letter from Yarmouth concerning her coming thither, referred to a Committee; Information referred, 13 Feb. Report, 23.
-, 1640, Bill from Lords for Confirmation of her Jointure, 7 Dec. Read; Speaker to move the House for Second Reading, 12.-Order for it, 20 Jan.-16 Feb.-Bill committed, 17. Petitions referred, 19, 20. & 26, Feb.- 3 Mar.
-, 1641, Order for Meeting of the Committee, 19 May.
-, Petitions referred, 9 & 29 June.-2 July.-Chairman to issue Warrants for Witnesses, &c. 11 May.-Committees added; Committee impowered to consider of the Transportation of Jewels and Treasure, and carrying over Princess Mary, 14 July. Bill to be expedited, 17 & 21. Reported, and re-committed, 21.

-, -Mother; 1641, her Apprehensions from the Disorders of the People, communicated by Lords at a Conference; a Committee to prepare Heads for a Conference thereupon, 11 May. Order for their Sitting, 15. Heads reported, 18.-Another Committee to consider of raising Money for her Journey, 5 July. Order for their Meeting, 28. For Payment of a Loan of 30,000l. for that Purpose, 31.-The Committee impowered to take Course for consigning 7,000l. to be received at Antwerp, 9 Aug. Order touching the Days of Payment, and putting Bills into Earl Marshal's Hands, 10. Altered, 11. Report of Bills delivered to him, 13.

-, Head 1642, to be searched for Ammunition, 27 June.

-, Mr. 1641, to be sent for as a Delinquent, to answer a Petition against him, 23 Dec.

-, previous, Neg. 1641, viz. concerning Persons haveing taken Tonage and Poundage, 24 May.-Concerning Sir Robert Mansell's Case, 27.-For assenting to a Report, 6 Sept.-For considering a Request of Lords, 28 Dec.- Concerning granting a Commission, 29.-For staying Proceedings upon a Commission granted, 16 Feb.-For putting a Question upon a Report from a Committee, 18.-Concerning Allowance to a Person for a Journey, 9 Mar.
-, 1642, for putting a Question upon a Debate, 25 Mar. -For disabling Members to fit this Parliament, 1 Apr.- 27 Aug.-2 Sept.-For Recompence to a Person complained of for Breach of Privilege, 2 May.-For suspending a Committee, 16.-For sending for Members absent without Leave, 19-For adjudging them Delinquents, 30.-For fining Members absent 20 l. 16 June.-For insisting on a Clause, desired by Lords to be omitted, 27.-For passing a Bill, 6 Aug.-For admitting a Member in Custody into the House, 10 Sept.-For appointing a Day to debate about continuing a Committee, 28 Nov.-For delivering of Money and Plate seized in the Exchequer, 14 Dec.-For the Discharge of a Delinquent, 26.-For printing a Letter from the King to the Earl of Newcastle, 24 Jan.-Concerning King's Answer to Propositions, 8 Feb.-Concerning appointing Persons to treat with him, 9.-For distraining upon Members, Non-contributors to the Propositions-for a new Writ, 2 Mar.-For referring a Letter intercepted from the King to the Queen, 10.
-, 1641, Affirmative; viz. for referring a Business to a Committee, 20 July.-For a Petition to the King, 29 Oct. -For committing a Member to the Tower, 25 Nov.- For printing a Remonstrance, 15 Dec.-For voting a Person fit to be removed from King and Queen, 15 Feb.-For ordering a Bill, 22.
-, 1642, concerning Lords refusing to attend upon Summonses, 11 June.-For bailing a Delinquent, 30 Sept.- -Concerning Lord Lieutenant's going to Ireland, 25 Oct. -Concerning appointing Messengers to the King, 5 Nov. -Concerning disabling a Member to fit, 3 Dec.-For revoking an Order, 29.-For desiring the King to remove a Person from Court, 30.-Concerning searching Chambers in the Inns of Court, 23 Feb.