House of Commons Journal Volume 2: 01 February 1643

Pages 950-951

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 2, 1640-1643. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Die Mercurii, primo Februarii, 1642.


Fellows of Oxford Colleges.

ORDERED, That such Fellows of Colleges in Oxon that cannot conveniently repair to their Fellowships, in regard of the Army there, shall not be damnified by reason of their Absence, or by reason of any Statutes thereupon made.

Scroope's Arrears.

The humble Petition of Robert Scroope of Wormley in the County of Oxon Esquire, concerning the Pay in Arrear due to his Son Adrian Scroope, Captain of a Troop of Horse in the Service of the Parliament, and was taken Prisoner at the Battle at Keynton, and remains still in Durance in the Castle at Oxon, was this Day read: And

It is Ordered, That the said Petition be recommended unto my Lord General Essex; with a Desire, that his Excellency will give present Order for the speedy Payment and Satisfaction of the Arrears due to the said Captain Adrian Scroope.

Assessment of Members.

Ordered, That the Committee for Assessing of Members do peruse and consider the Lists, what the Members have done upon the Propositions, either at the First time or Second; either in Plate, Money, or Horse: And to assess and rate such as have not done any thing at all; or as have not done proportionable to their Estates.


Mr. Marten is appointed to go to the Lords to desire a Conference, concerning the speedy Setting forth of a Fleet.

Mr. Strode reports the Reasons to be given at this Conference; which were read, and approved of.

That the Fleet agreed on will be sooner set forth, if the Commander in Chief be assigned; that he may make it his Business.

That it is requisite, that the Fleet, or the greatest Part, go forth in the Beginning of March; which is a short Time for a Person of Quality to prepare himself for such an Employment.

That the Preparations of foreign Princes are great and forward.

That the Frenche and Hollanders have been solicited to invade this Kingdom.

That Denmarke is making great Preparation.

That Dunkirke is setting forth their Frigates.

That the Rebellion in Ireland was never more dangerous.

Therefore where the Safety of the Kingdom is so nearly concerned, and the Season of the Year so speedily requiring it, this House desires a speedy Concurrence of the Lords, for the Earl of Warwicke to be appointed Commander in Chief, according to the Ordinance formerly sent up unto the Lords.

Mr. Martyn brings Answer, That the Lords will give a present Meeting in the Painted Chamber, at a Conference, as is desired.

Mr. Strode and Mr. Pym are appointed Managers of that Conference.

Clearing Ld, Fairefaxe.

Sir Wm. Armyn presents the Draught of a Declaration, for the Clearing of the Lord Fairefaxe from the Charge of Treason, cast upon him by the Earl of Newcastle: Which was read; and re-committed: And Mr. Pym to be added to the Committee.

Loan from St. Andrewes. Holborne.

Ordered, That the Committee that sits in London for Advance of Monies, do treat with the Parishioners of St. Andrewes, Holborne, for the Loan of such Monies as they have in Stock, to be immediately sent to my Lord General for the Service of the Army; and to be repaid upon the Publick Faith at such time as the Parishioners shall have Occasion to use it, and shall desire it.

Weekly Assessment.

Resolved, &c. That a Committee shall be appointed to consider of Assessing a weekly Contribution for the Maintenance of the Army.

Sir Gilbert Gerard, Mr. Glyn, Mr.Cage, Serjeant Wilde, Mr. Bond, Sir Christ. Yelverton, Mr. Rigby, Mr. Holland, Sir Ro. Harley, Mr. Holles, Sir Wm. Strickland, Mr. Knightley, Sir Jo. Wray, Mr. Rous, Sir Wm. Lewes: And all, that will come, to have Voices:

This Committee is to consider of the Proposition, this Day made in the House, for the Assessing a weekly Contribution for the Maintenance of the Army: And are to meet this Afternoon at Two of Clock, in the Exchequer Chamber.