House of Commons Journal Volume 2: 13 February 1643

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 2, 1640-1643. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Die Lunæ, 13 Februarii, 1642.


Taylor's Sureties, &c.

UPON the humble Petition of Rich. Taylor and Robert Waterhouse, Sureties for one Rich. Taylor, in an Action of Battery, brought against him by one Cogan; upon which Judgment was had, and entered; and an Hundred Pound Damages given against him: Immediately after Judgment thereupon so had, the said Rich. Taylor fled into the King's Army, and was since taken Prisoner, and is committed to London House:

It is Ordered, That the said Rich. Taylor be forthwith removed thence unto the Prison of the King's Bench: And that the Petitioners shall have Power to reprieve the said Taylor to the said Action.

Ordered, That the Keepers of the several Prisons where any Prisoners committed by Parliament have attempted to make Escapes, shall return the Names of such Prisoners to the Committee for Prisons, where Sir Robert Harley has the Chair: And they are required to take a speedy Course for sending of them to Windesore.

Message to Lords.

Ordered, That Mr. Strode, so soon as the Lords are set, shall go up, upon a Message, to put them in mind of the Two Ordinances sent up, on Saturday, to them, concerning the Assessing of Monies.

Exeter Forces.

An Order for the City of Exon to have Liberty and Power to raise One Troop or more, for the Defence of the said City; and to have the Subscriptions of Money and Plate taken before the Sheriff of that City, for the Raising and Maintaining of the said Horse; was this Day read; and, by Vote upon the Question, assented unto; and ordered to be sent unto the Lords for their Concurrence.

Bond's Patent.

Upon the Report from the Committee for Trade, concerning the Differences between Captain John Bond, Esquire, and the East India Company; who, having a Patent to trade and plant at Madagascar, was opposed by the East India Company;

Resolved, &c. That Captain Bond shall have Liberty to go to Madagascar, to plant there.

Resolved, &c. That Captain Bond shall have Liberty to go to Madagascar, to trade there.

Resolved, &c. That Captain Bond, before his going from hence, shall put in Security not to do any other Act whereby the East India Trade may be prejudiced.

Dicken, a Prisoner.

Ordered, That Mr. Tho. Minors, the Sheriff of the City and County of the City of Lichfield, shall deliver into the Hands of the Serjeant of this House the Body of Christopher Dicken, now his Prisoner, to be forth-coming, and always ready to answer the Crime objected against him, for which he is his Prisoner; when he shall be legally proceeded against for it: And that the Sheriff shall be saved harmless for his so doing, by Authority of Parliament.

Message to Lords.

Mr. Strode is to desire the Lords to sit awhile; and to put the Lords in mind of the Ordinance concerning Nottinghamshire.

He is likewise to desire a Conference with the Lords, by Committees of both Houses, so soon as it may stand with their Lordships Conveniency, concerning the Votes upon the Propositions sent from the Lords.

Treaty with the King.

Mr. Pym presented, from the Committee, the Reasons that moved this House not to consent to the Lords Vote touching a Cessation, and a Treaty, before the Disbanding: The which Reasons, and Heads of the Conference, were all read; by Vote upon the Question, assented unto; and ordered to be delivered as Heads of the Conference with the Lords.

Letter concerning the Queen.

Mr. Marten, Sir Peter Wentworth, Sir Rich. Wynne, Sir Walth. Erle, Sir Tho. Barrington, Sir Wm. Armyn, Mr. Holland, Mr. Corbett, Mr. Bence, Mr. Morley, Sir Wm. Massam, Sir H. Vane, Mr. Gordon, Mr. Bosevile, Mr. Blakeston, Mr. Cage;

This Committee is appointed to consider of the Letter of the Eleventh of February, from the Bailiffs of Yarmouth, concerning the Queen's coming thither; and to consider what is fit to be done upon that Letter: And are to meet this Afternoon at Two of Clock, in the Court of Wards: And Mr. Blakiston's Information is referred to the Consideration of This Committee: And likewise to consider what is fit to be done, if she shall arrive in any other Port.

Answer from Lords.

Mr. Strode brings Answer, That the Lords do agree to the Ordinance concerning Exeter: To the Ordinance concerning Nottingham; touching which they will further send Answer by Messengers of their own. They will take the Ordinances concerning Monies into a speedy Consideration. They will likewise give a present Meeting at a Conference, by Committees of both Houses, in the Painted Chamber, as is desired.

Nottingham Delinquents, &c.

A Message from the Lords, by Dr. Aylett and Dr. Heath;

The Lords have agreed to the Ordinance concerning Nottingham; to which they have agreed, with the Alteration of "any Four," instead of "any Three."

Answer returned by the same Messengers: That this House has considered their Lordships Message; and have agreed to the Amendment sent down by their Lordships to the Ordinance concerning the Raising of Monies in the County of Nottingham, upon Delinquents, &c.


The Committee that brought in the Reasons for Heads of the Conference concerning the Votes upon the Propositions, is appointed to manage this Conference.

Sheriff of Suffolk.

Ordered, That the Under Sheriff of the County of Suffolk be required and injoined forthwith to attend this House, with the Commission to the Sheriff of That County, for his being Sheriff.

Hurst Castle.

Ordered, That the Considerations concerning the Securing and Supplying of Hurst Castle be referred to the Committee for the Safety of the Kingdom.

Governor of Portesmouth.

Resolved, That the Entertainment of Three Pounds per Diem shall be allowed to Sir Wm. Lewes as Governor of the Town and Fort of Portesmouth; to begin from the Date of his Commission, and to continue till it be otherwise ordered by the said House: And it is referred to the Committee for the Safety of the Kingdom, to take Order for his Payment accordingly.

Captain Chittey.

Ordered, That the Desire of Captain Henry Chittey, expressed in his Petition to this House, to have the Command of a Foot Company in Portesmouth, be by this House especially recommended unto Sir Wm. Lewes, Governor of the said Town.

Person sent for.

Ordered, That Mr. Thriscross be forthwith sent for to attend the Committee for Examinations, to be examined concerning the Sermon he Yesterday preached at Grayes Inne.

Bushie Petition.

Ordered, That the humble Petition of the Inhabitants of the Parish of Bushie in the County of Herts, be referred to the Consideration and Examination of the Committee for plundered Ministers.

St. Margarett's, Lothbury, Parsonage.

An Ordinance for Sequestring of the Profits of the Parsonage of St. Margarett's, Lothbury, London, to the Use of Leonard Coke, Clerk, Master of Arts, who is to discharge the Cure of the said Place in all the Duties thereof until farther Order, was this Day read; and, by Vote upon the Question, assented unto; and ordered to be sent unto the Lords for their Concurrence.

Committee for Prisoners.

Ordered, That Mr. Ric. Moore and Mr. Ashurste be added to the Committee for Prisoners, where Sir Rob. Harley has the Chair.

Buckingham Assizes.

Ordered, That Mr. Whittlock and Mr. ...., do go unto the Judges, to desire them from this House to remove the Assizes from the Town of Bucks to the Town of Chepping Wicombe.

Customs at Bristoil.

Ordered, That the Committee for the Navy shall take Care, and give Order, That Fifteen hundred Pounds of the Debts and Arrears due in the Town of Bristoll, upon the Duty of Customs, upon the Account of the old Customers, be paid unto the Mayor of the City, to be issued according to the Directions of the said Committee.

Deferring Assizes, &c.

Mr. Whitlocke, Mr. Prideaux, Mr. Hill, Mr. Lisle, Mr. Rigby, Mr. Browne;

This Committee is to consider of putting off the Assizes in the several Counties; and to bring in their Opinions To-morrow Morning: And the Business concerning the Sheriff of Essex to be referred to This Committee.

County of Dorsett.

Ordered, That the County of Dorsett be inserted into the Ordinance to Sir Wm. Waller, authorizing him to have the Commands in the Counties of Glocestershire, &c.

Scotch Army Arrears, &c.

Ordered, That To-morrow Morning, peremptorily, the House take into Consideration the Providing of Monies to pay the Arrears of the Scotts Army in Ulster; and to lay a Ground of Credit for Furnishing of Magazines in that County for that Army.

Raising Money in Sussex.

Ordered, That To-morrow Morning, Mr. Stapeley and Mr. Morley do bring in an Ordinance for Raising of Monies in the County of Sussex, such as other Counties have had.

Loole's Arrears.

Ordered, That Mr. Loole, Surgeon to the Lord General in the late Northern Expedition, shall have an Order for the Payment of the Arrears of his personal Entertainment appearing due upon Sir Wm. Uvedale's Certificate, out of the Act for the Relief of his Majesty's Army in the North.

Payment to Transham.

Upon the Report from the Committee for the Navy, to whom the Satisfaction of Transham, a Bargeman, is referred;

It is Ordered, That the Treasurer of the Navy do pay unto the said Transham Fourscore Pounds, in Satisfaction of his Losses.