House of Commons Journal Volume 2: 15 February 1643

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 2, 1640-1643. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Die Mercurii, 15 Februarii, 1642.


Common Council.

ORDERED, That Mr. Long do desire the Lord Mayor to call a Common Council with all convenient Speed: And that the Committee for Advance of Monies do attend that Common Council, to express the Desires of this House: And that Mr. Marten be added to that Committee.

Confession for Fast Day.

Mr. Rous carried up to the Lords, by way of Message, the Confession to be published in the Churches on the Day of Publick Humiliation, which was Yesterday ordered to be delivered at a Conference.

Sussex Forces, &c.

An Ordinance for Raising of Two Troops of Horse, under the Command of Herbert Morley Esquire, and One Regiment of Foot, under the Command of Anth. Stapeley Esquire, in the County of Sussex, to be disposed of in the said County, or elsewhere, as the Lord General the Earl of Essex shall appoint, for the Defence of the said County; and likewise for Raising of Monies in the said County upon Delinquents, Bishops, Dean and Chapters, Papists, &c.; was this Day read; and, by Vote upon the Question, assented unto; and ordered to be sent unto the Lords for their Concurrence, by Mr. Morley.

Cheshire Malignants.

An Ordinance for Assessing and Raising of Monies in the County of Cheshire upon Malignants, and that the Collectors and Assessors shall have Power to commit such as shall refuse to pay, was likewise read; and ordered to be carried to the Lords for their Concurrence.


Mr. Rous brings answer, That the Lords concur in the Confession.

Liberty to Prisoner.

Ordered, That Mr. Fryer, a Prisoner in Lambeth House, shall have Liberty to go, in safe Custody, to Guildhall; his Testimony being required in a Cause there.

Irish Protestants.

Resolved, &c. That the Order for relieving such poor distressed Irish Protestants, as are come out of Ireland into the Isle of Wight, be re-committed.

Money for Gloucestershire.

Mr. Millington brings Answer, That the Lords do agree to the Order for securing the Monies sent for Gloucestershire: And as to the * * * *.

Proceedings cencerning Coke.

Ordered, That the Business concerning Mr. Tho. Coke be referred to the Examination of the Committee for absent Members; and That Business reported; before he... brought in, as a Delinquent.

Members' sent for.

Resolved, That Mr. Kinge, Mr. Whitacre, and Mr. Davies, be forthwith sent for, as Delinquents, by the Serjeant at Arms attending on this House; for their Contempt in not appearing, and giving their Attendance upon the Service of the House.

Members disabled to sit.

Resolved, &c. That Sir James Thinne be forthwith disabled for sitting or continuing any longer a Member of this House, during this Parliament; for his Contempt in not appearing upon the Summons of the House to give his Attendance here.

Petition to the King for deferring Assizes.

Mr. Whittlock presented the Draught of a Petition, to be presented unto his Majesty, concerning the putting off the next Assizes, and general Gaol Delivery: The which was read; and, by Vote upon the Question, assented unto: Which followeth in hæc verba;

To the King's most Excellent Majesty.

THE Lords and Commons, in Parliament, humbly shew, That your Justices, and other Your Liege People, who are or shall be summoned, or have other Cause to attend the next Assizes and general Gaol Delivery appointed to be shortly kept in the several Counties of England and Wales, cannot resort thither without great Peril of their Lives, and Damage to their Estates, by reason of the present miserable Distractions, and being of armed Forces in all Parts of Your Realm: In regard whereof the Lords and Commons do humbly advise and desire Your Majesty to command, That the said Assizes and General Gaol Delivery be not holden, as is appointed; But that the same may be deferred until it shall please God to restore Peace unto Your People.

Message to Lords.

Mr. Whittlock carried up this Petition to the Lords, for their Concurrence; and likewise the Ordinance concerning the Rate of Coals.

Treating with Irish Rebels.

Ordered, That Mr. Serjeant Wilde and Mr. Hill be added to the Committee touching the Letter that came out of Ireland, concerning the Commission granted to certain Persons for receiving Propositions from the Rebels.

Message to Lords.

Ordered, That Mr. Marten do, To-morrow, go to the Lords, to desire their speedy Answer to the Votes sent up from this House, touching the Propositions; and to the Ordinance for Assessing and Raising of Monies.

Liberty to peruse Papers.

Ordered, That Mr. Glyn, and Mr. Whittlock do grant Liberty to Mr. Monnings to peruse the Evidences that concern his Estate laid up in some Rooms in Lambeth House, of which they have the Keys.

Affairs in Yorkeshire.

A Letter from the Lord Fairefax, of the * of February, relating the Taking in of Tadcaster by his Forces, and the Escaping of the Convoy from Newcastle into Yorke; and likewise a Warrant, under the Hand of Sir Rich. Hutton High Sheriff, laying Aspersions upon the Lord Fairefax, and requiring no Obedience to be given unto the Commands of the Lord Fairefax; alleging in the said Warrant, that the said Lord Fairefax, and his Adherents, are all Traitors.

Hutton's Impeachment.

Resolved, &c. That Sir Rich. Hutton, High Sheriff of the County of Yorke, shall be accused of High Treason.

Resolved, That my Lord Fairefax be required to seize the Person and Estate of Sir Rich. Hutton.

Ordered, That Mr. Wasthall do prepare an Impeachment of High Treason against Sir Rich. Hutton; and a Declaration to be published, That, the said Sir Rich. Hutton being impeached of High Treason, no Obedience ought to be given unto him.

Sufferer by Plunder.

Ordered, That Mr. Prideaux do bring in an Order To-morrow, to enable Mr. Strode to satisfy himself for so much as he has been plundered by the Forces of Sir Ralph Hopton, out of the Estate, personal or real, of Sir Ralph Hopton, wheresoever he shall find it.

Goods stayed.

Upon the humble Petition of Henry Tooley, of Allhallowes, London, who, in September last, sold divers Goods to divers Shopmen of Yorke, and in their Passage thither were stayed by Sir John Hotham, and Mr. Hotham;

It is Ordered, That the said Henry Tooley shall have the like Order to the Lord Fairefax, Sir Jo. Hotham, and Mr. Hotham, for Delivery of his Goods, as divers other Citizens of London had formerly in the like Cases.

Irish Adventurers.

Ordered, That Mr. John Kendrick, Mr. George Thomason, Mr. Henry Fetherston, Mr. Joseph Parker, Captain Francis Roe, Mr. Francis Webb, Mr. Edw. Coke, Mr. Daniel Walden, Mr. Robert Wildenge, Mr. John Owens, Mr. Stephen Offley, be added to the Committee of Irish Adventurers, chosen in London: And that any Six of the said Committee may treat of and act such Things as are prescribed by the former Order.

Farthing Token Office.

Ordered, That the Sequestring of the Rents and Profits of the Farthing Token Office, and of calling the Officers of that Office to an Account for the Arrears, be referred to the Committee for Advance of Monies, at Haberdashers Hall, London.

Returns of Habeas Corpora.

Ordered, That the Clerk of the Crown in the King's Bench do, on Friday Morning next, present to this House Copies of the Returns of the several Habeas Corpora, upon which any Persons have been bailed or delivered this Term.

Judges not to go Circuit.

Ordered, That the Lords be desired to injoin the Judges, that are their Assistants, not to go their Circuit the next Assizes, without the Consent of both Houses.

Person to attend in Custody.

Ordered, That Thomas Bassett, Master of the Ship called the Thomas and John, of Milton, be summoned forthwith, in safe Custody, to attend the farther Pleasure of this House; for transporting divers Firkins of Butter into Dunkirk.

Smyth's Petition.

The humble Petition of Robert Smyth Esquire, late High Sheriff of the County of Essex, was read; and referred to the Committee for the Assizes.

Minsteed Minister.

The humble Petition of the Inhabitants of the Parish of Minsteed, in the County of Southampton, was this Day read: And

Ordered, That Mr. Thomas Lake, a double-beneficed Minister, be required to re-admit Mr. King into the Place of Curate, in the said Parish of Minsteed; and to pay him the Arrears due unto him for the Executing of that Place; and to allow him a competent Maintenance for the future.

And it is farther Ordered, That it be referred to the Committee for plundered Ministers, to consider of the Informations given against the said Mr. Lake; and what is fit to be done thereupon, for the Supply of the Duties of the Cure in that Place.

Goods seized.

Upon Report made to the House of Commons, from the Committee appointed to consider of the Validity of the Bill of Sale, by which Mr. Winch claimeth an Interest in certain Goods and Chattels, which Mr. Jordan, by Order of this House, hath seized as the Goods of Captain Wm. Hudson; That they had fully heard all such Proofs as the said Mr. Winch did bring and produce, to prove the said Bill, and Consideration thereof; and that they, upon the whole Matter, conceive the said Bill of Sale to be apparently fraudulent; and that they think it just, that Richard Watts Gentleman, whom the said Captain Hudson hath plundered, be satisfied out of the Plate, Goods, and Chattels, according to his former Order.

It is Ordered, That Mr. Edmund Jordan shall forthwith sell and dispose of all the said Plate, Goods, Chattels, Corn, and Hay, which he hath already seized, or shall seize, of the said Captain Hudson's, by Order of this House: And shall first satisfy the said Richard Watts, out of the same, for his Losses, according to the Order of this House of the Nineteenth of December last; and also for his Damages sustained by his Travel, and Expences in suing for his Relief: And that Mr. Jordan shall detain the Surplusage of the Goods, or Monies, arising of the same (his Expences and Disbursements about the Business deducted) for the Satisfaction of others whom the said Hudson hath plundered, as this House hath or shall farther order: And, lastly, Mr. Jordan shall be defended by this House, for what he hath or shall do in pursuance of the Orders of this House.

Lancaster Delinquents.

WHEREAS divers desperate and ill-disposed Persons in the County of Lancaster have been and are in actual War and Rebellion against the Parliament and Kingdom; or otherwise have voluntarily contributed Monies, Goods, or Plate, to the Maintaining and Fomenting of this unnatural War, and Civil Combustion: It is therefore Ordered, by the Commons, in Parliament, That the Committee formerly named to be Assessors, by an Order of both Houses of Parliament, bearing Date the Twenty-sixth of January last, or any Four of them respectively, or their Deputies, shall have full Power and Authority, and are hereby authorized to seize, receive and take all Rents, Monies, Horses, Goods, and Plate, or other Profits, of every the Persons so in actual War, or voluntarily contributing, as aforesaid: And the said Rents, Horses, Goods, Monies, Plate, or other Profits, to detain for the publick Service and Employment of the Parliament and Kingdom; rendering an Account thereof to the Parliament, or to such as shall be by them appointed. And it is farther Ordered, That the Tenants and Debtors, by Bond or otherwise, of any such Persons as are in actual War and Rebellion against the Parliament, be injoined and required to pay their Rents and Debts accordingly into the Hands of the said Committee, or any Four of them: And that their Receipt, or Acquittance, shall be a full Discharge.