House of Commons Journal Volume 2: 09 March 1643

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 2, 1640-1643. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Die Jovis, 9 Martii, 1642.


Duncannon Fort.

A LETTER from the Lord Esmond, from Duncanon Fort, of the 16th of February 1642, relating the State of that Fort, and the Wants, and likewise, That he had received a Commission from the Lords Justices, under the Great Seal, to receive to his Majesty's Grace, and protect, the Body and Goods of such only as He shall think fit.

Ordered, That the Treasurers within the City of London, named in an Act for speedy Contribution for Relief of Ireland, &c. do forthwith pay, out of such Monies as are or shall come to their Hands, by virtue of that Act, unto Nicolas Loftus Esquire, Deputy Treasurer at Wars for that Kingdom, or his Agents here, the Sum of Five hundred Pounds, to be disposed by the Committee appointed to take Care of the Affairs of Ireland, for the Supply and Relief of the Fort of Duncannon, in Part of these Particulars, which are designed for that Fort, by an Order of both Houses of Parliament, dated the Tenth Day of January last.

Letter of Intelligence.

A Letter of Intelligence of the late Passages, sent in Cover, among other Letters, to the Lady Griffin of Hantshire brought in from the Committee of Examinations, was this Day read: And

It is Ordered, That the Committee for Examinations do inquire, by the best Means they can after the Writer of it.

Proceedings against ill-affected.

Upon a Report this Day made by Mr. Corbett, from the Committee for Examinations, That Captain Fountaine, with some other Forces in the County of Norfolk, had taken divers ill-affected Gentlemen in the House of Mr. Austen Hall, near Norwich, who there stood upon their Defence, and wrote to another Gentleman of the County, to raise the County, and to come to their Defence; That they had brought them Prisoners to Norwich: The Names of the Gentlemen now Prisoners are, Sir Tho. Richardson, Sir Wm. Denny, Austen Hall, Tho. Aldriche, Esquires, Mr. Jo. Payne, Mr. Austen Cullyer: And

It is Ordered, by Vote upon the Question, That the said several Gentlemen stand committed: And that they be sent, in safe Custody, to Colonel Cromwell; to be by him disposed of, in such Place or Places of Security, as the said Colonel Cromwell shall think fit, and appoint.

And it is farther Ordered, That they be safely sent to Colonel Cromwell, by the Deputy Lieutenants and Sheriffs of the City of Norwich, in such Manner as they shall think fit.

Upon a Report from the same Committee;

It is likewise Resolved, upon the Question, That Mr. Christ. Turner, and his Brother, taken in a very suspicious Manner by the Out Guards, shall be forthwith committed Prisoners to London House; there to remain Prisoners during the Pleasure of the House: And that their Horses, seized with them, be disposed of to Serjeant Major Harvey, to be employed for the Service of the Commonwealth.

Upon a farther Report from the Committee, That they had Yesterday summoned Sir Ro. Coke, who formerly was sent for, as a Delinquent; That he appeared, and, being demanded, Whether he had contributed any thing upon the Propositions; answered, He had not; nor could not, with the Safety of his Conscience: Being next demanded, Whether he had shewed his Arms, upon the Ordinance of the Militia; answered, He had not; and that he forgot it being required: Being next demanded, Whether he had ever taken the Protestation; answered, Never: And, being asked, Whether he would, did absolutely refuse it:

Resolved, &c. That Sir Robert Coke be forthwith sent Prisoner to the Tower, there to remain during the Pleasure of the House: And that his Houses be disarmed; and all his Horses, fit for the Service of War, seized and taken.

Military Affairs.

Sir Philip Stapilton informed the House, That he had a Message to deliver from my Lord General; That his Excellency intended to march To-morrow: That he did not doubt but this House would see him supplied with Monies, and such other Assistance as should be necessary for the Service of the Army.

Resolved, upon the Question, That this House doth approve of my Lord General's Resolution to march, upon the Information, That the King's Forces are in Motion: And that Thanks be given to his Excellency, for his Care of the Safety of the Kingdom.

Lords to sit.

Sir Tho. Barrington is appointed to desire the Lords to sit awhile.

Conference desired.

Resolved, &c. That a Conference be desired with the Lords: And that they be moved, that my Lord Mayor may be desired, from both Houses, to call a Common Council, to meet To-morrow at Ten of Clock; and that a Committee of both Houses may go thither; and that a Supply of Money, and other Assistance, may be there propounded, and desired, for the important Service of the Army now ready to march.

Lords to sit.

Sir Tho. Barrington brings Answer, That the Lords will sit a while, as is desired.

Military Affairs.

Resolved, &c. That Letters be sent to the Lord Lieutenants and Deputy Lieutenants of the Counties of Lincolne, Nottingham, and Derby, to send what Forces they can, with all Conveniency they can, to my Lord Fairefax.

Resolved, &c. That my Lord Fairefax shall be desired to go in Person, if he can, with the best Strength he has, to the Aid of Captain Hotham, in the East Riding of the County of Yorke; if not, to send a Thousand Foot, at least, or more, if he can spare them, to oppose the Army under the Command of the Earl of Newcastle.

Ordered, That the Committee for the Safety of the Kingdom do prepare and send away these several and respective Letters, according to the Sense of the Votes aforesaid.

Conference desired.

Sir Peter Wentworth is appointed to go to the Lords, to desire a Conference by Committees of both Houses, so soon as may stand with their Lordships ....; concerning some Propositions touching the Army.

Treaty with the King.

A Message from the Lords, by Sir Robert Riche and Mr. Page;

The Lords have sent down the Answer they received from my Lord General, concerning the Articles of the Cessation: They doubt not but this House has received a Copy of the like.

They desire the Committee, formerly appointed, may meet this Afternoon at Three of Clock, in the Painted Chamber, to consider of this Answer from my Lord General likewise.

Answer returned by the same Messengers; That this House has considered their Lordships Message; and has appointed, That the Committee, formerly appointed to consider of the Articles of Cessation, shall meet this Afternoon at Three of Clock, in the Painted Chamber, as is desired, to consider of this Answer returned by my Lord General.


Sir Peter Wentworth brings Answer, That the Lords will give a present Meeting, at a Conference, by Committees of both Houses, presently, in the Painted Chamber, as is desired.

Sir Philip Stapilton, Mr. Pym are appointed Managers of this Conference.

Committee to Common Council.

A Message from the Lords, by Sir Robert Riche and Mr. Page;

The Lords do agree in all the Votes brought up to them at this last Conference; and to send to my Lord Mayor to call a Common Council, to meet To-morrow at Ten of Clock: And that they have appointed Three of their Members to go to that Common Council; and desire this House to appoint a Committee of a proportionable Number.

Mr. Pym, Sir Wm. Armyn, Sir Walth. Erle, Sir Robert Harley, Sir Martin Lumley, Sir Christ. Yelverton;

This Committee is appointed to go with a Committee of a proportionable Number of the Lords, To-morrow at Ten of Clock, to the Common Council: to desire of the City a present Supply of Money and other Assistance, for the Army now ready to march.

Answer returned by the same Messengers; That this House has resolved to send a Committee, of a proportionable Number, to the Common Council, as is desired.

Baily's Petition.

Ordered, That it be referred to the Committee for the Safety of the Kingdom, to consider of the Petition of Mr. Baily; and to issue their Warrants for Payment of the Monies mentioned in his Petition, if they see Cause for it.

Warrant to Marquis of Vieuville.

Ordered, That the Marquis of Vieuville shall have Mr. Speaker's Warrant to transport Himself, and his Family, beyond Seas; he carrying no prohibited Goods with him: And that the Persons Names, who are to go with him, be particularly inserted in the Warrant.

Ship Cæsar.

Ordered, That the Ship Cæsar, whereof Mr. Harris is Master, shall be forthwith stayed and employed in the Service of this Kingdom: And that it be referred to the Committee of the Navy, for Employing of her accordingly.

Weekly Assessments.

Ordered, That all the Members of the House that serve for the County of Essex shall join in signing the Letters and Warrants for the weekly Assessments in that County.

The like Order is appointed for all the rest of the Counties.

Lawson's Claims.

Ordered, That the humble Petition of Captain Robert Lawson (desiring, That he may have Satisfaction of the Sum of Thirteen hundred Pounds, laid out by him for the Relief and Subsistence of the Regiments under the Command of the Lord Conoway, Colonel Chichester, &c. as by Certificates my appear), this Day read in the House of Commons, be referred to the Committee for the Affairs .....; to take into a speedy Consideration; and to give Order for the Petitioner's Relief.

Irish Affairs.

Upon a Report this Day made from the Committee for the Affairs of Ireland, who have taken into Consideration the great Debts owing to divers Persons, for Victual, and other Necessaries delivered upon the Publick Faith of this Kingdom, for the Relief of the Army in Ireland;

For the better Payment thereof .... do Order, That the Knights of every Shire, and Burgesses of each Town, do write unto every particular County and Town to take a speedy Accompt of the Monies levied upon the Act of Contribution for Relief of that Kingdom: And that there be a true State of such Accompt forthwith sent unto the Committee, appointed to take Care of the Affairs of Ireland; and the Money levied, or to be levied, thereupon, paid into the Hands of such Treasurers as by that Act are appointed to receive the same.

And it is farther Ordered, That Mr. Wheeler, a Member of this House, and such others as were joined with him in the Receiving or Disposing any of those Monies, or any other Monies for the Service of Ireland, may deliver into the House a true and perfect Account thereof.

The Committee is appointed to prepare Letters to this Purpose, and for this Service.


Ordered, That the Consideration of the Order this Day reported from the Committee for the Affairs of Ireland, made in the Case of Captain Lodovick Dick and Mr. Tho. Cunningham, Owners of a Ship and Frigate, designed in July last for the Service of Ireland, by Contract with the Committees for Adventurers, for the additional Forces by Sea for the Reducing of that Kingdom; but have been wholly employed, by Order of the Committee for the Safety of this Kingdom, for Securing of the Coasts of England; be referred to the Committee for the Navy.

Mary Abchurch Parsonage.

Upon the humble Petition of the Inhabitants of the Parish of Mary Abchurch in London, complaining of Benjamin Stone Parson of the said Parish, and also of the Parish of Clement's East Cheap, to be a Person very scandalous; and that, for his Delinquency, he stands committed by this House; and desiring, That during his Absence, that Mr. John Rawlinson, an orthodox Divine, and driven from the City of York by the Cavaliers, may supply the Cure of the said Parish: Whereupon

It is Ordered, That an Order for a Sequestration be brought in, to lett the Profits belonging to the said Mr. Benjamin Stone, as Parson of the said Parish of Mary Abchurch, until it be settled on the said Mr. Rawlins: And that he be authorized, till the Pleasure of this House be further known, to supply the said Cure.

Weston Zoyland Minister.

Ordered, That the true Information and Certificate of divers of the Parishioners of Weston Zoyland, in Com' Somerset, be referred to the Committee of plundered Ministers: And, if it be true what is contained in this Information, that then the Committee present a Sequestration, for Mr. Prittie to supply the Cure of the said Mr. Holt.

Casks for Navy.

Ordered, That the Master, Warden, and Assistants, of the Company of Vintners do, with all Speed, serve his Majesty's Ships, now going forth for the Safety of the Kingdom, with Four hundred Ton of Cask, at Four Shillings per Ton, according to the Custom of former Times: And that they deliver the same unto the Commissioners of the Navy, to be disposed of amongst his Majesty's Ships, as they shall think fit.

Soldiers to repair to their Colours.

IT is this Day Ordered, by the Commons, in Parliament assembled, That my Lord Mayor be desired to take Care that Proclamation be made, by Beat of Drum, and Sound of Trumpet, in all Quarters of the City, and the Liberties thereof, strictly charging and requiring all Commanders, Officers, and Soldiers, of the Army under the Command of the Earl of Essex, upon Pain of Death, forthwith to repair to their Colours.

It is likewise Ordered, That the Captains and other Officers of the Trained Bands and Volunteers of the City of London do make diligent Search, and Inquiry, in all Places, for the Apprehending of such Soldiers, Officers, or others, as, after such Notice given by Beat of Drum, or Sound of Trumpet, as aforesaid, shall notwithstanding, not repair to their Colours; and such as they so apprehend, forthwith to send to the Army, to be proceeded with according to their Demerits.

The like Order for the Deputy Lieutenants of Middlesex, City of Westminster, and Liberties thereof, County of Surrey, and the Borough of Southwark, mutatis mutandis.

Searching for Printing Presses, &c.

IT it this Day Ordered, by the Commons, assembled in Parliament, That the Committee for Examinations, or any Four of them, shall have Power to appoint such Persons as they think fit, to search in any House or Place, where there is just Cause of Suspicion that Presses are kept, and employed in the Printing of scandalous and lying Pamphlets: And that they do demolish and take away such Presses, and their Materials, and the Printers Nuts and Spindles which they shall find so employed; and bring the Master Printers and Workmen Printers before the said Committee: And that the Committee, or any Four of them, shall have Power to commit to Prison any of the said Printers, or any other Persons that do contrive, or publickly or privately vend, sell, or publish any Pamphlet scandalous to his Majesty, or the Proceedings of both or either Houses of Parliament; or that shall refuse to suffer such Houses or Shops to be searched, where such Presses or Pamphlets, as aforesaid, are kept: And that the Persons employed by the said Committee shall have Power to seize such lying and scandalous Pamphlets as they find, upon Search, to be in any Shop or Warehouse, sold or dispersed by any Person whomsoever; and to bring the Persons that so kept, published, or sold the same, before the Committee: And that such Persons as the Committee shall commit, for any of the Offences aforesaid, shall not be released, till the Parties employed for the Apprehending of the said Persons, and seizing their Presses and Materials, be satisfied for their Pains and Charges: And all Justices of Peace, Captains, Officers, and Constables, are required to be assisting in the Apprehending of any of the Persons aforesaid, and in Searching of their Shops, Houses, and Warehouses: And likewise all Justices of the Peace, Officers, and Constables, are hereby required, from time to time, to apprehend such Persons as shall publish, vend, or sell, the said Pamphlets. And it is further Ordered, That this Order be forthwith printed and published; to the end that Notice may be taken thereof, that the Contemners of this Order may be left inexcusable for their Offence.

Cranbrook Vicarage.

WHEREAS Robert Abbot Clerk, late Vicar of Cranbrook, in the County of Kent, hath, by taking another Benefice, with Cure, in Hamshire, made the said Church void, as himself hath confessed: And the Presentation to the said Vicarage, now void, doth, in Right, belong unto the now Archbishop of Canterbury: And it is ordered, by the House of Peers, in Parliament, on Saturday the Three and twentieth Day of October, Anno Domini 1641, That the said Archbishop shall present, to the said House, the Names of such Persons as shall be by him nominated to those Ecclesiastical Benefices, Promotions, and Dignities, that are in his disposing; to be approved of first by the said House, before they be collated and instituted: And the said Archbishop hath not as yet named any Person to the said House, to be collated or instituted to the said Vicarage, being void; whereby the Cure of the said Church and Vicarage remaineth unserved; and the Souls of the Parishioners being about Two thousand Communicants in Number, a great People, are wholly neglected: Which the Lords and Commons taking into serious Consideration, For the Supply of an able and godly Minister in the said Church, to officiate the Cure there, until such Person as shall be nominated by the said Archbishop, and approved by the said House of Peers, be collated, instituted, and inducted, into the said Vicarage; and, for the Provision of fit Maintenance for the said Minister for the Officiating therein; do constitute ... ordain, That Thomas Plummer and Thomas Dike Esquires, Alexander Osbane senior, James Holden, Thomas Weller senior, Thomas Bigg senior, and John Robson junior, Parishioners of the said Parish of Cranbrook, or any Three of them, shall have Power and Authority, and they are hereby required, to sequester the Vicarage House, and all the Tythes, Rents, and Profits whatsoever of the said Vicarage; and to appoint Collectors for the Gathering and Receiving of them, as they, in their Discretion, shall think fit: And shall have Power to pay the same unto John Williamson Clerk, Master of Arts, a godly, learned, and orthodox Divine; who is hereby required, and appointed to preach every Lord's Day, and to officiate as Vicar, and to take Care for the Discharge of the Cure of the said Place in all the Duties thereof, until further Order shall be taken by both Houses of Parliament: And if any shall refuse to pay unto the said Sequestrators, or any Three of them, or to the Collectors by them appointed, any of the Rents, Duties, or lawful Fees, accustomed to be paid, upon Information thereof by the said Sequestrators, or any Three of them, unto either House of Parliament, the Lords and Commons do Declare, They will proceed against such Refusers according to their several Offences and Contempts.