House of Commons Journal Volume 3: 27 July 1643

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 3, 1643-1644. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Die Jovis, 27 Julii, 1643.


St. Mary at Hill Rectory.

AN Order for sequestring the Rectory of St. Mary at Hill, London, from Dr. Baker, the present Rector; and putting in Jo. Lea, Batchelor in Divinity, a godly, learned, and orthodox Divine; who is hereby appointed to officiate the Cure in all the Duties thereof, and to preach diligently every Lord's Day, and to receive the Profits thereof for his Maintenance; was this Day read; and, by Vote upon the Question, assented unto.

Allhallows Lumber Street Rectory.

An Order for sequestring the Rectory of Allhallows Lumber Street, and Profits thereof, from Mr. Jo. Weston; and putting in Mr. Jo. Cordall, a godly, learned, and orthodox Divine; who is thereby appointed to officiate and discharge the Cure in all the Duties thereof, and to preach every Lord's Day, and to receive the Profits thereof for his Maintenance.

Tewing Rectory.

An Order for sequestring the Rectory of the Parish Church of Tewing in the County of Herts' and the Profits thereof; and putting in Young Dixie, Master of Arts, a godly, learned, and orthodox Divine; who is thereby appointed to officiate the said Cure in all the Duties thereof, and to preach diligently every Lord's Day, and to receive the Profits thereof for his Maintenance.

Colonel Goring.

Ordered, That the Keeper of the Lord Peter's House do keep Colonel Goring close Prisoner, and suffer no Man to speak with him.


Ordered, That the Committee for plundered Ministers shall nominate none to any Parsonage or Benefice, but such as shall first be examined by the Assembly of Divines, or any Five of them, and approved of by Certificate under their Hands: And the Assembly is desired to appoint a Committee to this Purpose.

Scandalous Ministers.

Ordered, That the Committee for plundered Ministers shall have Power to consider of the Informations against scandalous Ministers, though there be no Malignancy proved against him; and shall have Power to put out such as are scandalous, their Scandals being proved against them.

Lord Fairefaxe's Propositions.

Ordered, That the Committee appointed to consider of the Lord Fairefaxe his Propositions, or any Four of them, shall have Power to meet, and consider: And that Sir Anth. Irby be added to this Committee.

Exchange of Prisoners.

Upon Receipt of the Certificate of the Lord Forth, General of the King's Forces, that, upon the Releasement of Dr. Turner, and his Servant Rob. Terrent, Prisoners to this House in Compter, Southwarke, Mr. Gregory, and his Servant, Caleb Selfe, Prisoners in Oxon, shall be discharged; It is Ordered, That Dr. Turner, and his Servant, a Rob. Terrent, be forthwith released and discharged; and that be shall have Mr. Speaker's Warrant for himself, and his Servant, to go to Oxon: And that my Lord Forth be desired, likewise, to give Mr. Gregory, and his Servant, a Pass, to pass freely and securely to London, or such other Place as he shall desire.

The like Order to be made for the Exchange of James Stanfeild for Andrew Collis, now Prisoner at Oxforde; and that a Pass be granted to go thither.

Ordered, That Mr. Shapcott, a Prisoner to the Parliament, in the Compter, Southwarke, be released from his Imprisonment, by way of Exchange for Mr. Freeman, a Prisoner to the King's Forces in the West, upon Certificate from the Chief Commanders of the Forces in the West, that they do allow of the Exchange: And that, upon his Discharge, Freeman shall be released.

Ordered, That Captain Wingate and Mr. Holland do prepare a Letter to be sent to my Lord General Essex, concerning the Exchange of Prisoners upon the late Letter from my Lord Forth concerning that Business; and to know what his Lordship has done in that Business: And that they send the Letter from the Prisoners at Oxon to my Lord General.

Lady Fairefaxe.

Ordered, That Mr. White, Agent to the Lord Fairefaxe, do write to my Lord Fairefaxe, and desire him to send to my Lord Newcastle, to release the Lady Fairefaxe, by a short Day set down; or else, that Order shall be taken for seizing and making Prisoners of all the Ladies, Wives to any Lords or others that are in actual War against the Parliament: And that the Committee for Examinations do take a care to present a List of all the Ladies whose Husbands have been, or are, in actual War against the Parliament.

Sir W. Waller.

Upon the Report from the Committee appointed to consider of the Londoners late Petition, it was Resolved, &c. That Sir Wm. Waller shall be recommended to my Lord General, as a Person fit to command in chief all the Forces to be raised upon the Petition of the Londoners, lately presented to this House; and that his Excellency be desired to issue out his Commission to that Purpose; and that a Letter be forthwith written by my Lord General, touching this Business.

The House, taking notice of the great and good Service done by Sir Wm. Waller, and his continual approving of his good Affections to Religion and the Commonwealth, do order Mr. Speaker, in Acknowledgment thereof, to give Sir Wm. Waller hearty Thanks:

Which was accordingly done by Mr. Speaker.

Council of War.

Ordered, That it be referred to the Committee of Five with the Addition of Sir Wm. Waller, to nominate a Council of War; and to prepare Instructions for that Council.

London Petition.

Ordered, That Sir Wm. Waller be added to the Committee appointed to consider of the Londoners late Petition.

Message to Lords.

Sir Jo. Clotworthy went up to the Lords with this Message; to desire them to pass the Ordinance concerning Newcastle; and the Power of the Militia within the Line; and concerning Mr. Maurice Thompson's appointing Deputies or Treasurer in Holland: And to deliver to the Lords a new Ordinance for the weekly Assessment in the Counties: And to acquaint them, that this House agrees to the Ordinance concerning Surrey.

Transactions with Scotland.

Mr. Corbett, whom both Housesemployed into Scotland, was called in to the House; and at the Bar gave this Account; That he had delivered, according to his Instructions, the Papers given him in Charge by both Houses; and that he had received Two Declarations, one from the general Convention of the Estates and Kingdom of Scotland, and one from the General Assembly of the Kirk of Scotland. The one he received from Lord Lowdon, Chancellor of Scotland; the other from the General Assembly: The which he was commanded to present to both Houses of Parliament.

Mr. Corbett was again called in: And being demanded, if he had any thing else from Scotland in Charge to say, replied, he had only some Papers concerning the Earl of Antrim.

Message from Lords.

A Message from the Lords, by Sir Rob. Riche and Mr. Page;

The Lords have commanded us to deliver unto you this Paper, which is a Case represented unto their Lordships by the Spanish Ambassador: The Case is between Joshwa de Selua and Two English Merchants: They desire your Resolutions upon it.

They have likewise received a Letter from the Lord Chancellor of Scotland; together with a Certificate from the Earl of Roxborough, and the other Lords, of the Six, accused by both Houses.

They do desire a Conference by Committees of both Houses presently, in the Painted Chamber, if it may stand with the Conveniency of this House, concerning a Printer committed by this House.


Answer returned by the same Messengers; that this House has considered their Lordships Message; And, as to that Part concerning the Case, and concerning the Papers from Scotland, they will send Answer by Messengers of their own: And, as to the Conference, they will give a present Meeting, as is desired.

Raising Horses.

Mr. Pym presented from the Committee, a Letter to be sent into the several Counties, concerning the raising and listing of Horses, upon the late Ordinance, was this Day read; and, by Vote upon the Question, assented unto; and presently carried up to the Lords for their Concurrence.

Declarations from Scotland.

He was likewise appointed to desire, that at the next Conference, this House may communicate Two Declarations they have received from Scotland; the one from the general Convention; the other from the General Assembly of the Church.

Raising Horses.

Resolved, &c. That all the Members of this House, that are Deputy Lieutenants of the County of Essex, do forthwith go down into the County of Essex, to advance the Service of raising and listing Horse, upon the late Ordinance for raising and listing Horses in the several Counties mentioned in the said Ordinance.

The Question being put, whether any time should be prefixed to Sir Wm. Massam for his Stay in Essex, upon the Service of raising and listing of Horses;

It passed with the Negative.

Answers from Lords.

Sis Rob. Harley brings Answer, that the Lords do concur in the Letter, and do agree, that, at this Conference, the Declarations come out of Scotland may be communicated.

Sir Jo. Clotworthy brings Answer, that he delivered the Message; and, as to the Particulars he carried up, the Lords will send an Answer, by Messengers of their own.

Archbishop of Canterbury.

Ordered, That Mr. Dr. Turner shall be examined this Night, or To-morrow, concerning the Charge against the Archbishop of Canterbury: And that the Care of this Particular be recommended to Sir Rob. Harley.

Richardson's Petition.

Ordered, That the Petition of Mrs. Richardson, and a distressed Irish Widow, be referred to the Committee for Irish Affairs.


Mr. Serjeant Wilde reports the Conference with the Lords:

That the Lords do desire, that Wright, the Printer to their House, whom this House has imprisoned, may be released; for that they have Occasion to make use of him: But, if he hath committed any particular Contempt against this House, they would not bear him out in That.

Mr. Pym, Mr. Noble, Sir Ro. Parkhurst, Sir Rob. Harleigh, Mr. Browne, Mr. Martyn;

This Committee is to prepare Heads for a Conference to be had with the Lords, concerning the Matter of the last Conference, about the releasing of Mr. Wright, the Printer.

Governor of Colchester.

The House being informed that divers of the Gentry in Essex, and Inhabitants of Colchester, were at Door, with a Petition, they were called in: And a Minister, in the Name of the rest of the Petitioners, presented the Petition; humbly desiring the House that they would appoint a worthy Member of their own House to be Governor of the Town of Colchester.

After they had withdrawn awhile,

Mr. Speaker told them, in the Name of the House, that the House had read their Petition; that it was Business of great Concernment, and they will seriously consider of it; that they know the Gentleman, that they desire to be their Governor, to he a Man of Merit. That the great Affairs of the House will not permit, at this time, to take it into Consideration; but they will do it very speedily; and send an Answer by such of the Petitioners as shall stay in Town: And do desire the rest to go down to attend the great Business in the Country, for raising of Horse, &c. And, lastly, that the House doth return Thanks to them, for their Expression of so great Care of the Preservation of that Place.

Exhibits in Holland.

Ordered, That Mr. Whittacres report, To-morrow, the Business concerning the Exhibits in Holland.

Isle of Ely.

Ordered, The Report concerning the Isle of Ely be made To-morrow.


Ordered, That the Report concerning Ireland be made To-morrow.

Insurrection in Kent.

Two Letters, from the Deputy Lieutenants in Kent, were read; informing the House of the taking Five hundred more of the Mutineers in Kent, and the total routing of the rest.

Ordered, That Sir Tho. Walsingham have Reparation for his Losses, out of the Estate of some of those Persons in Kent that lately rise in Arms against the Parliament.

Resolved, That Mr. Farnaby shall be sent for, as a Delinquent; and that it be recommended to the Committee for Sequestrations, to sequester the Estate of those Persons that have been in Arms in Kent against the Parliament: And that Mr. Glyn do bring in an Ordinance concerning this Business, and the recompensing those that have suffered by this Insurrection in Kent.

Contract for Suddles, &c.

Ordered, That Benjamin Potter, Daniel Holleenby, Daniel Potter, and Ellis Parry, Saddlers, who, on the Two-and-twentieth of June 1642, made a Contract with the Commissioners for Irish Affairs, to deliver a Proportion of Saddles, with their Furniture, at the Rate of Five-and-forty Shillings the Piece; having all this Time failed in Performance of their Bargain, and received for One hundred of the said Saddles Two hundred and Twenty-five Pounds (their Disappointment herein being to the great Prejudice of that Service): The said Saddlers are hereby required to deliver unto the Committee for Irish Affairs, at Grocers Hall, where Sir Jo. Clotworthy has the Chair, the Hundred Saddles, with their Furniture; otherwise, forthwith to repay the Two hundred and Twenty-five Pounds, delivered them at the making of the Bargain for the said Saddles; this Provision so much importing the present Service of that Kingdom.

Relief of Ireland.

Ordered, That the Assembly of Divines do effectually recommend to the Classes of the Churches of the United Provinces, by such Arguments of Piety and Religion as may most prevail, the Employment of Adam Lawrence; Dirrick Van Oost, Maurice Thompson, and Nich. Corsellas, Merchants, who are sent from both Houses of Parliament to solicit them for the Relief of Ireland, where the Protestant Cause is so much concerned, and so many Thousands of them have been massacred by the cruel and inhuman Popish Rebels of that Kingdom; who have been and still are notoriously countenanced by the Jesuitical Party, throughout the World.