House of Commons Journal Volume 3: 8 September 1643

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 3, 1643-1644. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Die Veneris, 8 Septembris, 1643.


Buckingham Assessments.

RESOLVED, &c. That Henry Beake, Christopher Egleton, Anth. Carpenter, Esquires, Hen. Harris Gentleman, Tho. Theede Serjeant Major, Jo. Deverell, Geo. Baldwyn, Gentlemen; be added to the Committees for Buckinghamshire, for the weekly Assessments; and shall have as much Power and Authority as any of the other Committees named for that County, have, might, or ought to have.

The Lords Concurrence to be desired herein.

Pass for Carlell.

Ordered, That Mr. Carlell, Agent to the Duke of Geldres, and Count of Egmont, who is travelling to the Diet in Germany, shall have Mr. Speaker's Warrant to carry with him these Parcels of Plate following; viz. a Bason and Ewer, a great Salt with a Cover, a great Cup with a Cover, and a Plate, Two Bottles, Six Knives with silver Hafts, a Spoon, Two Candlesticks with a Pair of Snuffers, a little Salt, another little Cup, and a Cup to drink Strong Water; all Silver, and some Part gilt.

Keeper of Newgate.

Ordered, That the humble Petition of Henry Woollaston, Keeper of Newgate, this Day presented to the House, be referred to the Consideration of the Committee at Haberdashers Hall, to consider of some Relief for the Petitioner.

Austy Rectory.

An Order for Sequestring the Rectory of the Parish Church of Austy in the County of Herts, whereof Dr. Montfort is Rector, to the Use and Benefit of James Stansfield, a Master of Arts, a godly, learned, and orthodox Divine; who is hereby required and authorized to officiate the said Cure, as Rector, and to preach diligently to the Parishioners; and to receive the Profits thereof; was this Day read; and, by Vote upon the Question, assented unto.

Risley's Petition.

Ordered, That the humble Petition of Peter Risley, this Day presented to the House, be referred to the Consideration of the Committee for the Affairs of Ireland, where Mr. Jo. Goodwyn has the Chair.

Dallington Vicarage.

An Order for sequestring the Vicarage of Dallington, in the County of Sussex, whereof Zackary Tutsham is now Vicar, to the Use and Benefit of Jo. Zackary, Master of Arts, a godly, learned, and orthodox Divine; who is thereby authorized and required to officiate the said Cure, and to preach diligently to the Parishioners; and to receive the Profits thereof; was this Day read; and, by Vote upon the Question, assented unto.

Money for Army.

Ordered, That Sir Walth. Erle do inform the Committee at Haberdashers Hall of the two several Sums of Money he this Day informed the House: And the Committee for the Safety is to take care, that so much of the said Monies assessed in Dorsettshire, be allowed to Sir Walth. Erle, as shall be sufficient to recruit his Troop, Captain Sydenham and Captain Newdigate's Troops; and to pay off the Tenth Part of their Arrears; and that they take care, upon the Receipt of their Monies, that they discharge their Quarters.

Ryley's Assessment.

Ordered, That Mr. Ryley, one of the Clerks of the Records in the Tower, who, upon all Occasions, hath done good Service to the Parliament, shall be discharged of the Twenty Pounds assessed upon him for his Twentieth Part.

Leave of Absence.

Sir Wm. Lewes has Leave to go into the Country, and to be absent from the Service of the House, for the Space of Ten Days.

Sir Wm. Litton has Leave to go into the Country, and to be absent from the Service of the House, for Eight Days.

Proceedings concerning Hotham.

Resolved, &c. That the Members of the House that know any thing concerning the Proceedings of Captain Hotham, that he had done in Disservice to the State, be enjoined to discover the whole Truth of what he knows concerning him.

Ordered, That Mr. Hotham be required peremptorily to attend the House To-morrow Morning; and that he be brought in the same Manner as he was appointed to be brought this Day, by Mr. Gurdon and Mr. Rolles: And that they do visit him, that they may give an Account of the State of his Health.

And it is Ordered, That he may have Liberty to have the Advice of Dr. Argent, or Dr. Ridgely.

Morley's Sequestration.

Resolved, That Sir Wm. Morley, upon the Payment of Six hundred Pounds presently to the Garison of Portesmouth, and Four hundred Pounds within Fourteen Days after to the same Garison, shall be discharged of the Sequestration of his Lands, and be restored to the Possession thereof.

Victualling Ships, &c.

Whereas there are Two Prize Vessels, laden with Corn, one called the Mary of Topsham, the other a small Barque of Tinmouth, have been sent into Portesmouth by Captain Wm. Thomas, Captain of the Eighth Whelp; and, by the Care of the Committee of Parliament at Portesmouth, the Corn unladen and put into Cellars; which, in respect of the Perishableness, is fit to be sold: And whereas the Committee for the Admiralty have informed this House, That the Charles, Swiftsure, and the Eighth Whelp, now at Portesmouth, are out of Victuals: It is this Day Ordered, That the said Committee at Portesmouth do deliver unto Captain Moulton, Captain of the Swiftsure, upon Account, Three hundred Quarters of the said Corn, for Supply of that Ship, and the Charles, with Victuals, so far as the same will extend: And that the Remainder of the said Corn, or Proceed thereof (if any be sold) be delivered to Captain Wm. Thomas, upon Account; wherewith he is to revictual the said Whelp, and pay off his Men, according to such Order as he shall receive from the Committee for the Admiralty.

Prisoner released.

Ordered, That Captain Ioelyn, now Prisoner to the Parliament, shall be released, upon giving Security to return, and enter himself Prisoner again, if he cannot, within a convenient Time, procure the Discharge of * Oland, Prisoner to the King's Forces: And the Committee for Prisoners is to take this Security.

Proceedings concerning Hotham.

Captain Hotham was called in to the Bar; the Serjeant standing with the Mace within the Bar: And Mr. Speaker told him, That if he had any thing to say, the House gave him Leave to speak. Whereupon he made a long Narration of the whole Carriage of Affairs, from the first Time he took Possession of Hull, to the Time of his Commitment; acknowledging he had committed many Errors and Offences, but nothing to betray the Trust reposed in him by the Parliament.

Whereupon he withdrew.

Captain Hotham being called in again; Mr. Speaker commanded him to inform the House, from whom of the Committee of the Safety he received the Letter he mentioned in his Narration, touching the Lord Savile's and Sir Wm. Savile's Willingness to come into the Parliament: He answered, It was writ by Sir Hen. Vane senior, or junior, he knew not whether; which was to let him know, that the Committee did not approve of that way of Composition with them, but wish'd him to go on in the way he was.

Captain Hotham was again called in; And being required by Mr. Speaker to inform this House, if he can tell, what Monies, Treasure, or other Goods, my Lord Say, Mr. Pym, or any other Member of either House, have transported beyond Sea; he answered, He knew of none, nor ever heard of any that knew any such Thing.

Whereupon he withdrew.

Resolved, &c. That Captain Hotham shall be discharged from being any longer a Member of this House, during this Parliament.

Ordered, That Captain Hotham be remanded to the House from whence be came, to be there kept in safe Custody, as formerly, until this House take further Order.

Holt's Petition.

Ordered, That the Petition of Alexander Holt, and the whole Business concerning the Matter contained in that Petition, be heard To-morrow Morning, the first Business: And all Parties are to take notice of this Order.

Hotham's Family.

Ordered, That Captain Hotham's Wife and Children, with their Necessaries, have Warrant to come up to London.

Assembly of Divines.

The House being informed, that divers Divines of the Assembly were at the Door, they were called in; and one, in the Name of the rest, said, he was sent from the Assembly to represent, That Doctor Burgesse hath been with them, and made a publick Acknowledgment to the Assembly of his Offence, with which the Assembly is fully satisfied; and do recommend him to this honourable House, to be received again into their good Opinions: For, by the Vote of the House, he cannot be admitted into the Assembly again, till this House, as well as the Assembly, be satisfied.

Grant to Wharton.

Ordered, That the Treasurers at Guildhall do forthwith pay unto Nicho. Loftus Esquire, Deputy Treasurer at Wars for Ireland, to be paid to Sir Tho. Wharton Knight, in full of an Ordinance of both Houses 1 Augusti, 1643, the Sum of Two hundred Pounds, out of the Monies which shall, next after the Monies ordained upon former Ordinances be satisfied, come in upon the Assessment of the Twentieth Part.

Dr. Burgess' Petition.

The humble Petition of Cernelius Burgess, Clerk, was read this Day in the House.

And the Question being put; Whether this House was satisfied with his Petition;

It passed with the Negative.

The Divines were called in: And Mr. Speaker told them, That though the Assembly had received Satisfaction, yet this House was not satisfied: And by the Order Dr. Burgesse was suspended, till this House and the Assembly was satisfied.


A Message from the Lords, by Sir Edw. Leech and Dr. Aylett;

The Lords agree to this Ordinance of Excise, with this Amendment; viz. In the Eleventh Article leave out the Words, "the House of Commons," and instead thereof add these Words, "both Houses of Parliament."

Resolved, &c. That this House doth assent to this Amendment.

Answer returned by the same Messengers; that this House doth agree to this Ordinance, with the Amendment.

Ordinance to be printed.

Ordered, That the Clerk of this House do appoint Usbands to print the Ordinance for Excise: And the Committee for the Excise is to take care in the printing thereof.

Loans from the City.

Ordered, That it be referred to the Committee at Haberdashers Hall, to inquire what Sums of Money the City is behind of the Hundred thousand Pounds Loan, or of any other Loans; and what Persons do owe the same.


Ordered, That a Report be made To-morrow concerning the Antinomians.

Killing Deer.

Ordered, That it be referred to the Committee for Examinations, to consider of the Business concerning the killing of Deer, in Enfeild Chase and Park; and to send for Parties, Witnesses, &c.