House of Commons Journal Volume 3: 20 September 1643

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 3, 1643-1644. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Die Mercurii, 20 Septembris, 1643.


Ashteed Rectory.

ORDERED, That Mr. Rous do bring in an Order for investing Mr. Kinge in the Rectory of Ashteed in the County of Surry, by way of Sequestration.

French Ambassador.

Ordered, That a Letter be written to the Deputy Lieutenants of the County of Kent, that any Two, Three, or Four of them do take Order, that the Count D'Harcourt, Ambassador Extraordinary from the Crown of France, may have fair and civil Reception upon the Way of his Passage, as is fit for a Gentleman of his extraordinary Employment and Quality: And Sir Edw. Master is appointed to prepare this Letter.

Goods seized.

Ordered, That Mr. Holland and Mr. Gurdon do search what the Goods are that are seized by the Sequestrations of Westminster, belonging to Mrs. Arpe, Madam Vantlett, and Mrs. Plance; and report to the House what they are.

Whitehall, &c.

Ordered, That Mr. Wheeler be added to the Committee appointed to be present at the Searching of Whitehall, Somersett House, and St.James's.

Br. Barnett, Minister.

Ordered, That the Chapter of Paules do present Mr. John Davenish to the Living of Brian Barnett in the County of Middlesex, become void by the Death of the late Incumbent Nathaniel Rames.

The Covenant.

An Ordinance to require the Members of either House, that have any Charge in the Armies raised by Authority of Parliament, to declare publickly, at a Conference, their Approbation and Consent to the Covenant of firmer uniting the Two Kingdoms of England and Scotland, before their Departure to their Charges, was this Day read; and, by Vote upon the Question, assented unto.

Message to Lords.

Sir Rob. Pye is appointed to carry up this Ordinance: The Ordinance concerning the associated Counties: The Ordinance to enable the Assembly of Divines to treat upon a Discipline, and Church Government.

Transactions with Scotland, &c.

Upon the Report from the Committee appointed to consider of the Papers, Propositions, and Results, sent from the Commissioners of both Houses now in Scotland, touching the Business of putting a Garison of Scots into Berwick; touching the Payment of the Arrears to the Scots Army in Ireland; and touching the Aid desired of the Scots by both Houses; and their condescending unto it; and the Manner of it; and the Propositions of the Scots thereupon; and the State and Resultupon the whole Matter;

It was Resolved, upon the Question, That this House doth hold, that a present Cessation of Arms with the Rebels in Ireland is destructive to the Protestant Religion, dishonourable to the English Nation, prejudicial to the Interests of all the Three Kingdoms; and therefore to declare, they neither do nor can consent or approve of any Treaty of a Cessation with the Rebels, pretended to be begun by the King's Commission.

Resolved, &c. That Letters shall be written to the Justices of Ireland, to the Officers of the Army, to the Soldiers of Lemster, and to the Officers and Soldiers of the other Provinces of Munster, Ulster, and Connaught; expressing their Reasons against a Cessation.

Transactions with Scotland.

Resolved, &c. That a Declaration shall be brought in on the Heads proposed to induce a weekly Provision for the victualling the Army in Ireland.

Resolved, &c. That Letters shall be sent into Scotland, reciting what is done; and Duplicates sent to them of the Letters of the Declaration and the Opinion of the Houses, concerning the Cessation.

Resolved, &c. That this House holds it fit, that Sixty thousand Pounds be paid to our Brethren of Scotland, towards the Payment of the Arrears due to the Scots Army in Ireland; whereof Thirty thousand Pounds formerly assigned to the Scots out of the Monies that come in upon the Sequestrations is to be accounted Part: And likewise, that Ten thousand Cloths be provided for that Army in Ireland; and likewise, that Six thousand Eight hundred Seventy-seven Pounds Five Shillings and Seven Pence be paid to Mr. Cunningham, or his Order, for Arms furnished to the Army in Ireland.

The Propositions and Result, concerning Berwick, of the Fifth of September, from the English Commissioners, and the Committees of the Convention, were put to the Question; and, by Vote upon the Question, approved of, and assented unto.

The Reasons and Grounds, of September the Fifth, why a Garison of the Scotish Nation, upon this Occasion, should be settled in Barwick, were put to the Question; and, by Vote upon the Question, approved of; and assented unto.

The Answers of the Committees of both Kingdoms of England and Scotland unto the Queries, sent from the Mayor and Corporation of Barwick, by Two of their Number, Mr. Clerke and Mr. Pratte, upon Occasion of the said Towns declaring for the King and Parliament of England, at the Desire of the English Commissioners, were put to the Question; and, by Vote upon the Question, approved of; and assented unto.

Resolved, &c. That a Declaration be sent to Berwick, with the Opinion and Approbation of both Houses, of their declaring for the King and Parliament; and of what they have done in pursuance thereof; and a Letter of Thanks.

Resolved, &c. That a Declaration be prepared and sent to the Kingdom of Scotland, expressing the Reasons of putting a Garison, at this Time, upon this Occasion, into the Town of Berwick.

The Propositions agreed on between the Commissioners of both Houses, now in Scotland, and the Committee of the Convention of the Estates in Scotland, upon the coming in of our Brethren of Scotland, were this Day, particularly and one by one, read; and particularly voted: And Resolved, As to the First Proposition, That this House doth agree unto it, with the Covenant, amended as now it is: And, as to the Sixth and Seventh Propositions, they do consent unto them, in this Manner; that is to say, To pay the Hundred thousand Pounds, as soon as they shall be enabled, either upon their own Credit, or upon the Credit of both Kingdoms.

Ordered, That the Eleventh Proposition be referred to the Consideration of the Committee for the Navy, where Sir H. Vane has the Chair: Who are to meet upon it this Afternoon; and to report it To-morrow Morning.

The rest of the Propositions were voted, and assented unto, as they came from Scotland.

Resolved, &c. That it is necessary, that One hundred thousand Pounds be forthwith raised by way of Loan; whereof Fifty thousand Pounds to be raised within Six Days.

Letters from Hamburgh.

Ordered, That the Letters from the State of Hamburgh, be, in an especial Manner, referred to the Committee of the * *; to examine Matter of Fact, and to give a speedy Relief to the Petitioners.

Answer from Lords.

Sir Rob. Pye brings Answer, that the Lords do agree to the Ordinance concerning the Covenant; and the Ordinance concerning the associated Counties: And as to the Ordinance concerning the Assembly of Divines, they will send Answer by Messengers of their own.

Harecourt's Petition.

Ordered, That Mrs. Harecourt's Petition be referred to the Consideration of the Committee for Obstructions of Courts of Justice.

Lords desire a Conference.

A Message from the Lords, by Sir Edw. Leech and Dr. Aylett;

That the Lords do desire a Conference concerning the Preservation of the West of England: And that, at the same Conference, one Lord may declare himself concerning the Covenant.


Sir Walter Erle is to desire the Lords, that at the next Conference this House may impart something concerning Denmark.

Lady Murray's Corps.

Ordered, That the Lady Sophia Murray her Corps be permitted to pass into Scotland to be there interred; and that a Warrant be granted for the free Passage thereof, and those that attend the same.

Kinkeate's Pass.

Ordered, That Robert Kinkeate shall have a Warrant to pass to Oxford, to obtain a pass for the Lady Annandale, to pass with the Corps of her Daughter into Scotland.


Sir Walter Erle reports, that the Lords will give a present Meeting, as is desired: And

Mr. Pym, Mr. Reynolds, and Sir Gilbert Gerard, are appointed Managers of this Conference.

Military Affairs.

Mr. Pym, reports, "That the Earl of Warwick did recommend to the Consideration of this House the State of the West: For, if the Isle of Wight should be lost, it would be in Danger, unless you send Forces into those Parts; which must preserve Portesmouth and Southampton: And to hasten Sir Wm. Waller out of the Town."

"Then the Earl of Stamford told us, That the King's Forces in the West are much scattered; and a Thousand Horse will secure the West, if they be timely sent down."

The Covenant.

Mr. Reynolds reports, "That at the same Conference, the Earl of Denbigh said, he was desirous to give some Account of his Thoughts concerning the Covenant: That, for his Part, he did never oppose the Body, nor the main Scope or Sense, of the Covenant: It was true, at some Expressions in the Words, he did scruple; which he did rather demur upon, than deny his Assent to the Covenant: But he would rather rely on the Wisdoms of both Houses, than to have any Breach. That he had prepared himself to go in this Employment, and to go out of Town this Afternoon; and hopes he has expressed himself so, to give Satisfaction."

Ordnance Stores.

Ordered, That One hundred Barrels of Musket Powder belonging to the Navy, and remaining in the Tower, shall be forthwith disposed of for the Use of Sir Wm. Waller: And that One hundred Barrels be delivered to the Officers of the Ordnance, by Warrant from the Committee of the Safety, for the Service of the Navy.

Army Affairs.

Ordered, That the Committee of the Safety do take special Care to furnish Sir Wm. Waller with such Things as are necessary for his March.

Sir Arthur Hasilrig and Mr. Nicoll are appointed to speak with the several Committees this Afternoon, to hasten all Things concerning Sir Wm. Waller.

Ordered, That Sir Walter Erle's Horse Troop, some Part whereof was heretofore raised in the County of Dorset at his own Charge, shall for the present be put under the Command of Captain Wm. Sidenham, and be joined to his Troop: Who therewith is to march with Sir Wm. Waller in his intended Expedition: And afterwards, in case that both the said Troops shall be employed for the Defence of the said County, so much of Sir Walter Erle's Troop as shall be then remaining, shall be restored to Sir Walter Erle, if it shall happen that he come to be there employed.

The Covenant.

Resolved, &c. That this House is not satisfied with the Answer of the Earl of Denbigh, concerning the Covenant.

Ordered, That the Committee of the Safety do acquaint the Earl of Denbigh with this Vote.

Wood for the Poor.

Ordinance for providing of Wood for the Poor of the Cities of London and Westminster was read.

London Militia.

Ordered, That Colonel Long and Sir Walter Erle do go to the Militia in London; and desire them to take care double Guards be kept in all the Outworks, for a short time.

The Covenant.

The Lords and Commons considering the great Necessity and Importance of uniting the Two Kingdoms of England and Scotland in a solemn and religious Covenant, for the Defence of the true Reformed Protestant Religion, and of the Laws and Liberties of both Kingdoms; and for Reformation in this Church, agreeable to God's holy Word; have for that Purpose in both Houses agreed upon a Form of a Covenant; and do thereupon declare, that they cannot confide in such Persons to have or execute Place or Authority in the Armies raised by them, who shall not approve and consent unto the Covenant: And thereupon have Ordered, That such Members of either House as are to undertake any Charge or Command in any of the Armies raised by Authority of both Houses, before their Departure from the Houses to their Charge, shall publickly, at a Conference of both Houses, declare their Approbation of the Draught or Form of Covenant passed in both Houses, and their full Purpose to take and observe the same; and, until such publick Declaration, shall forbear to enter upon any such Charge or Command.

Loan from the City.

The Reasons to induce the City to furnish One hundred thousand Pounds, by way of Loan, for the Service of bringing in our Brethren of Scotland, were read, in hæc verba; and, by Vote, approved of, and assented unto; and ordered to be sent unto the Lords for their Concurrence; together with all the other Votes, upon the Papers, Results, and Propositions from Scotland; viz.