House of Commons Journal Volume 3: 21 September 1643

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 3, 1643-1644. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Die Jovis, 21 Septembris, 1643.


Transactions with Scotland.

UPON the Report from the Committee of the Navy to whom the Eleventh Proposition of the Scotts Propositions was referred;

It was Resolved, upon the Question, That this House doth assent to the said Eleventh Proposition, with this Explication; viz.

That the Earl of Warwick do nominate the Commanders of the Ships to be employed for the Defence of the Coasts of Scotland, with the Approbation of the Committees of both Kingdoms; and that his Lordship do give general Instructions to the several Commanders of the said Ships, that they from time to time do observe the Direction of the Committees of both Kingdoms.

Money, &c. seized.

Ordered, That the Sixty-four Pounds Fifteen Shillings and Nine Pence, or thereabouts, and the Books, Papers, and Debentures, seized in the Cofferer's Lodgings at Whitehall, belonging to Sir Hen. Vane; shall be forthwith restored to Sir Hen. Vane; and that Captain Withers be required to deliver the same accordingly.

Army Affairs.

Ordered, That Colonel Long, Mr. Holland, and Sir Rob. Harley, do go to Sir Wm. Waller, and acquaint him with the Information this House has received of my Lord General's Army being engaged in Fight; and to hasten away: And that the Committee of the Militia give all Assistance to his Dispatch away.

Wood for the City.

Ordered, That Mr. Smith and Mr. Whittacres do forthwith go into the Committee Chamber; and perfect the Ordinance for providing of Wood for the City.

Leave of Absence.

Ordered, That Mr. Marlott shall have Leave to go into the Country for Ten Days: And that the Committee in Sussex do take Care for Payment of Captain Higgon's Troop, that he may be presently dispatched away to the Army.

Members deserting Parliament.

Mr. Ashe, Mr. Blakeston, Mr. Asheton, Sir Rich. Onsloe, Sir H. Vane, Mr. Bond, Mr. Prideaux, Mr. Rous, Sir Fr. Popham, Mr. Barwis, Mr. Goodwyn, Mr. Pury, Sir Edw. Aiscough, Mr. Strode, Mr. Fountaine, Mr. Pelham, Mr. Saloway, Mr. Ashehurst, Mr. Bainton, Mr. Gurdon, Mr. Lisle, are added to the Committee appointed to consider of the Sequestring the Estates of the Members that are absent, and do Disservice to the Parliament: And are to meet when and where they please.

King's, &c. Revenue.

The Ordinance for the due and orderly Receiving and Collecting of the King's, Queen's, and Prince's Revenue, and the Arrearages thereof, was read; and assented unto; and ordered to be sent up to the Lords for their Concurrence.

Mr. Bond carried it up, before a Copy could be made of it.

The Covenant.

Sir Gilb. Gerard reported from the Committee appointed for that Purpose, some Considerations concerning the taking the Covenant: And, first, he reported the Title Page unto it, in hæc verba; viz.

"A Solemn League and Covenant for Reformation and Defence of Religion, the Honour and Happiness of the King, and the Peace and Safety of the Three Kingdoms of England, Scotland, and Ireland." With Three Texts of Scripture to be subjoined; viz.

Jer. 50: 5. Come let us join ourselves in a perpetual Covenant, that shall not be forgotten.

Prov. 25:5. Take away the Wicked from before the King: and his Throne shall be established in Righteousness.

2 Chron. 15:15. And all Judah rejoiced at the Oath: For they had sworn with all their Heart, and sought him with their whole Desire; and he was found of them; and the Lord gave them Rest round about.

This Title was voted, and approved of, and assented unto; and the Covenant ordered to be forthwith printed and published, with this Title Page unto it.

The Rest of the Report, and the other Considerations concerning the taking of the Covenant, were appointed to be resumed into Debate To-morrow Morning.

Pynchon's Petition.

Ordered, That the Petition of Mr. Pynchon be referred to the Committee for Obstructions of Justice.

The Covenant.

Ordered, That this Business of taking the Covenant be taken into further Debate To-morrow Morning.

Assembly of Divines.

Ordinance for the Divines of the Assembly to adjourn to another Place, read; and assented unto; and entered at the End of this Day.


Ordered, That Mr. Serjeant Wilde do bring in an Ordinance for the enabling the Ministers and all others, for receiving their Tythes.

Assembly of Divines.

Ordered, That it be recommended to the Committee for Sequestrations, and to the Committee where Mr. Trenchard has the Chair, to provide Monies and other Things necessary for the Assembly of Divines.

Palmer's Petition.

Ordered, That the humble Petition of Herbert Palmer, one of the Assembly of Divines, be referred to the Committee at Haberdashers Hall.

Assembly of Divines.

Ordered, That the Assembly of Divines be desired so to dispose of themselves the next Fast Day, as to preach then in the City, Suburbs, and Parishes within the Bill of Mortality, in Places most convenient, upon the taking of the national Covenant, which is that Day to be tendered to the People.

King's Revenue.

Mr. Bond reports, the Lords do agree to the Ordinance for the King's Revenue.

The Covenant.

That the Ministers do prepare the People the next Lord's Day in their Sermons, in the City and Suburbs, for the taking the Covenant the next Fast Day; intimating, if any have Scruples, they may in the mean time repair to the Ministers for Resolution.

Taking of Lynne.

Resolved, &c. That this House doth acknowledge the Service done by the Earl of Manchester, in the taking of Lynne, to be a great and advantageous Service to the Commonwealth: And that the Committee for the Safety do write Letters to my Lord of Manchester, in Acknowledgment of the said Service.

Resolved, &c. That my Lord General be desired to grant his Commission to the Earl of Manchester, to be Governor of the Town of Lynne: And the Earl of Manchester be desired to make Captain Walton his Deputy Governor.

Associated Counties.

Ordered, That Sir Henry Mildmay and Sir Nathaniel Burnardiston do prepare Letters to be sent from this House, and signed by Mr. Speaker, to the particular Committees of the Six associated Counties; to stir them up to send in, with all Speed, the Supply of Men assigned upon the several and respective Counties.

Message from Lords.

Message from the Lords, by Sir Rob. Rich and Mr. Page;

That the Lords desire this House to join in a Warrant to fetch Wardrobe Stuff from his Majesty's several Wardrobes, to furnish Somersett House for the French Ambassador; and Six Load to Oxford, for entertaining of him there: Likewise, Fifty Pounds, Imprest Money, to be paid to the Party that is to do this Service, and provide Necessaries for it.

They have commanded us to return unto you the Instructions and Letters of Credence concerning Denmark Business; and concur with you therein: And that they may be dispatched with all Speed; and that Copies thereof be kept.


Answer returned by the same Messengers; That they will send an Answer, by Messengers of their own.

French Ambassador.

Ordered, That it be referred unto Sir Henry Mildmay, to call unto him the Officers of the Wardrobe; and to take care, that Somersett House be furnished, and made fitting to receive the French Ambassador; and that no Goods of the King's be removed to any other Place, than for the Service aforesaid.


Ordered, That the Ordinance for Sequestrations, in the associated Counties, be read To-morrow.

Imprest Men.

A Clause, concerning such imprest Men of the Six associated Counties as shall withdraw themselves from the Service without Licence, to be added to the late Ordinance for the said Counties, was read: and assented unto; and ordered to be added accordingly.

Assembly of Divines.

Whereas by an Ordinance of Parliament for the calling of an Assembly of godly and learned Divines, to be consulted with by the Parliament, it is, amongst other Things, ordained, That the respective Persons in the said Ordinance nominated, shall meet and assemble themselves at Westminster, in the Chapel called King Henry the Seventh's Chapel, on the First Day of July 1643; and after the first Meeting (being at the least of the Number of Forty) shall from time to time, sit, and be removed from Place to Place, as by both Houses of Parliament shall be directed: Now, in regard the said Lords and Commons are informed, that many of the Persons, now assembled, are very aged and infirm, in the Dispositions of their Healths; and that the Chapel aforesaid, where they are assembled, will prove inconvenient, in respect of the Coldness of the Chapel, the Winter now approaching; and prejudicial to the Healths of the Persons assembled: It is therefore Ordered and Directed, by the said Lords and Commons, That the Persons assembled shall have Power to adjourn themselves, from the said Chapel, unto a Place called Jerusalem Chamber, in the College of Westminster, in the City of Westminster; and shall, from time to time, sit, meet and assemble, in the said Place, to confer and treat amongst themselves of such Matters and Things, as shall be proposed unto them by both or either of the Houses of Parliament; according to the Purport of the said Ordinance.