House of Commons Journal Volume 3: 6 January 1644

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 3, 1643-1644. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Die Sabbati, 6 Januarii, 1643.


League and Covenant.

ORDERED, That the Committee for his Majesty's Revenue, &c. shall have Power to tender the solemn National League and Covenant to all such as are, or shall be, employed by or under them: And that all such, who shall refuse to take the said Covenant, shall not be admitted to any Employment by or under them.

Ryley's, &c. Design.

Sir H. Vane and Mr. Solicitor, and Sir Arth. Heselrig, report the Design of Mr. Theoph. Ryley, Scout Master of the City, Colonel Reade, Sir Basil Brooke, Mr. Violett, and others, concerning Letters, a Petition, and Propositions, touching Accommodation, &c. And the particular Examinations of the said Parties; and a Letter from his Majesty to the Lord Mayor, Court of Aldermen, &c.: and two Letters from the Lord Digbye, to Sir Basil Brooke, of the Twenty-ninth of December, and the Second of January; were all read.

Resolved, &c. That the Matter of this Report contains a seditious and Jesuitical Practice and Design, under the fair and specious Pretence of Peace (having its Rise and Fountain from known Jesuits and Papists) to work Divisions between the Parliament and City of London; to raise Factions in both, thereby to render them up to the Designs of the Enemy; and tending also to the Breach of the publick Faith of this Kingdom unto our Brethren of Scotland, engaged by the late solomn Covenant and Treaty, entered into by both Nations; thereby, not only to weaken us in our united Forces against our Popish and common Enemy, but also to embroil the Two Nations in unhappy Differences.

Resolved, &c. That this House doth approve of what has been done in the Discovery of this Design, by Sir H. Vane jun. Mr. Solicitor, and Sir Arth. Heselrigg; and do give them publick Thanks for their Care and Diligence: And do refer the further Examination of this Business to the Committee formerly appointed for the Discovery of the late horrid Plot in the City; with the Addition of Sir Arth. Heselrigg:, And are to examine this Business to the Bottom.

Ordered, That the Lords be acquainted with this Design, and with the whole Proceedings of it, and of the Discovery of it, at a Conference: And the Lords desired, that a Committee of both Houses may be appointed to communicate this Business to the City, at a common Hall, on Monday next, at One of Clock; and to communicate the Proclamation for assembling the Members of both Houses to meet at Oxan, on the Two-and-twentieth of January.

Message to Lords.

Sir Rob. Harley is appointed to go to the Lords, to desire a Conference concerning some Papers, and some Discoveries of great Importance.

He likewise carried up to the Lords the Order for the Commissioners of the Great Seal to pass the Grants of such Places, as are in the Disposal of the Committee for the Revenue; and the Order for adding of Mr. Reynolds and Sir Arth. Heselrig to the Assembly of Divines.

Publick Offices.

"Ordered, That the Commissioners for the Great Seal shall pass the Grants of all such Offices and Places, as are, or shall be disposed of by the Committee for the Revenue; and are or were in their Nomination by the Ordinance of Parliament, of the One-and-twentieth of September last 1643; or were in the Gift or Recommendation of the Lord Treasurer of England, and Chancellor of the Exchequer, or either of them: And the Fiat, or Warrant, of the said Committee, or any Five of them, shall be sufficient Authority for the said Commissioners to seal the same."

Ordered, That the Lords Concurrence be desired herein.

Archbishop of Canterbury.

Mr. Serjeant Wilde went up to desire the Lords, that there might be a Committee appointed; who, in the Presence of some Members of this House, may examine the Witnesses against the Archbishop of Canterbury, upon Oath.

Person committed.

Resolved, &c. That Sir Basil Brooke be forthwith committed Prisoner to the Tower; and there kept close Prisoner, till the House take further Order.

London Common Hall.

Alderman Penington, Lieutenant of the Tower, is appointed to desire the Lord Mayor to call a Common Hall, to meet on Monday next, at One of Clock.

Answer from Lords.

Sir Rob. Harley brings Answer, That the Lords do agree, to the Addition of Mr. Reynolds and Sir Arth, Heselrig to the Assembly of Divines; - to a present Conference, by Committees of both Houses, in the Painted Chamber: And, as to the Order for the Commissioners of the Great Seal to pass Grants of Offices, in the Disposal of the Committee of his Majesty's Revenue, they will send Answer by Messengers of their own.

King's Proclamation for Members to attend at Oxford.

Ordered, That the Proclamation for calling the Members of both Houses to meet and assemble at Oxen, on the Two-and-twentieth of January, be communicated at this Conference, and likewise to the City, at a Common Hall, on Monday next.

Call of the House.

Ordered, That the House be called on the Two-and-twentieth of January.

Person ordered in Custody.

Ordered, That Walkerley the Stationer he taken into Custody, and so kept, till he discover the Messenger that brought the Letters and Proclamations from Oxon, and left them at his House.

Person committed.

Ordered, That Captain Longueville be committed Prisoner to the Tower, being taken in Arms against the Parliament.

Lords desire a Conference.

A Message from the Lords, by Sir Rob. * and Mr. Page;

The Lords desire a Conference, by Committees of both Houses, presently, in the Painted Chamber, if it may stand with the Conveniency of this House, touching Matters of great Importance, that concern the Safety of the Kingdom.

Archbishop of Canterbury's Trial.

A Message from the Lords, by Serjeant Whitfield and Dr. Aylett;

The Lords have put off the Archbishop of Canterbury his Trial till Tuesday come-Sevennight.

Message from Lords.

A Message from the Lords, by Sir Edw. Leech and Dr. Aylett;

The Lords desire to put this House in mind of the Arrears of the Earl of Stamforde, which, some time since, they sent down hither; of which he has, as yet had no Effect.

They have received Three Petitions, from the Countess of Clare, the Countess of Westmerland, and the Countess of Cleeveland; which they think very reasonable: And desire your Concurrence.

Answers to Lords.

Answer returned by the First Messengers; That this House has considered their Lordships Message; and will give a present Meeting, at a Conference, by Committees of both Houses, as is desired.

Answer returned by the Second Messengers; That this House has considered their Lordships Message; and will send Answer by Messengers of their own.

Grants to Scott, &c.

Resolved, &c. That One hundred Pounds shall be bestowed upon Major Scott and Captain Cookram, in Testimony of their good Service to the State: And that it be referred to the Committee at Haberdashers Hall, to see this Hundred Pounds paid accordingly: And that the Lords Concurrence be desired herein: And that the Cornets taken in Derbyshire be communicated to the Lords at this Conference.

Persons sent for.

Resolved, &c. That Dr. Blechenden and Dr. Baker be forthwith sent for, as Delinquents.


Mr. Solicitor, Sir H. Vane jun. Sir Arth. Heselrig, Mr. Strode, are appointed Reporters and Managers of this Conference.

Canterbury Ministers.

Ordered, That the Names of such well-affected, able, and orthodox Divines, as are nominated by the Mayor and Corporation of Canterbury, to supply the Places of the Prebends and Preachers of the Cathedral there; and likewise a Note of the Churches in and about Canterbury, with the Names of such Ministers, whose Places it is desired might be better provided; be referred to the Consideration and Examination of the Committee for plundered Ministers.

Transporting Corn, &c.

Mr. Browne, Mr. Maynard, Mr. Recorder, Mr. Reynolds, Mr. Young, Mr. Cage, Mr. Vassall, Mr. Whitlocke, Mr. Greene, Mr. Hill, and all that will come, are to have Voices; (But especially recommended to Mr. Maynard, to take care of this Business);

This Committee is to consider, and prepare an Order to prevent, the Transportation of Corn, Butter, Cheese, Wool, and Fullers Earth; and how Magazines of Corn may be provided for the poorer Sort: And that no Corn be transported in the mean time: And that the Commissioners of the Customs do take care herein: And are to meet on Monday next, at Two of the Clock, in the Count of Wards, and report it on Wednesday: And Mr. Speaker is to put the House in mind thereof.

Letter from Lord Digbie.

Sir Henry Vane reports the Conference with the Lords:

That they desired to communicate to this House a Letter of the Lord Digbie's to Sir H. De Vic, dated at Oxford, 27 Decembris, 1643, calling the Parliament a pretended Parliament; and declaring it to be a Maxim of the King's Council, to insist upon the avowing this Parliament to be no Parliament: And, in That Letter, he sent one of the Proclamations, requiring the Members of both Houses to meet at Oxford, 22 Januarii 1643: Which were read: And, did desire That Proclamation might be kept upon Record; in regard it came inclosed in my Lord Digbye's Letter.

Sir H. Vane jun. & sen. Mr. Recorder, Sir John Clotworthy, Mr. Reynolds, Sir Anthony Irby, Mr. Maynard, Sir Wm. Strickland, Sir Gilb. Gerard, Mr. Cage, Sir Philip Stapilton, Mr. Whittacres, Mr. Solicitor, Sir Peter Wentworth, Sir Tho. Middleton, Sir Arthur Hasilrick, Mr. Rowse, Sir Robert Harley, Mr. Browne, Mr. Lisle;

This Committee, or any Six of them, are to meet with a proportionable Number of the Lords; to consider of the Letter of the Lord Digbie's, and the Proclamation therein inclosed; and to report the same to the House.

Resolved, That this Letter of the Lord Digbye's shall be communicated to the City, at a Common Hall: And that Observation thereof be made by the Committee appointed to go to the Common Hall, so far forth as it hath Relation to this Business.

Resolved, That Thomas Violett shall be committed close Prisoner to the Tower.

Resolved, That Mr. Rylie shall be committed close Prisoner to the Tower.

Ordered, That the Committee appointed this Day to examine this new Design, are to examine this new Business to the Bottom.

Term not to be adjourned to Oxford.

A Proclamation, to adjourn Hilary Term to Oxon, was this Day read; and ordered to be communicated, at a Common Hall on Monday next; and there declared, That this House will take care the Courts be kept here at Westminster, and not removed: And the Commissioners of the Great Seal are to issue out a Proclamation accordingly.

Resolved, That the Judges, Clerks, and other Officers of the several Courts at Westminster, be enjoined to reside here, and attend the Courts, and not to go to Oxon, notwithstanding his Majesty's Proclamation for adjourning the next Term thither.

Resolved, That a Proclamation be prepared to pass under the Great Seal, to require all Judges, Clerks, Officers, &c. to attend the Term here, under a great Penalty: And Mr. Reynolds is to prepare the same.

Money for Army.

Ordered, That the Commissioners of Excise do forthwith advance Four thousand Pounds, according to the former Ordinance, in regard of the great Extremities that Sir Wm. Waller's Army is in.

Petition read.

The humble Remonstrance and Petition of ..... Excise was this Day read; but nothing done upon it.

Recruiting the Army.

Ordered, That the Grand Committee for recruiting my Lord General's Army do meet on Monday Morning next, to take the same into further Consideration.