House of Commons Journal Volume 3: 28 March 1644

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 3, 1643-1644. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Die Jovis, 28 Martii, 1644.


Sir William Uvedale.

ORDERED, That it be referred to the Committee of Portesmouth, forthwith to certify the State of the Health of Sir Wm. Uvedale.

The Covenant.

Resolved, That the Clause in this Order concerning the tendering of the Covenant, shall be omitted.

Grounds of Peace, &c.

According to an Order made on Tuesday last, the House resumed the Debate and Consideration of the Report of the Conference with the Lords, concerning the Reference of the Grounds of Peace; and of the Papers from the States Ambassadors.

Resolved, &c. That this House doth adhere to their former Vote, of referring the Considerations of the Grounds of Peace, and the Papers from the States Ambassadors, to the Committee of both Kingdoms.

Ordered, That this Vote be delivered at a Conference with the Lords: And that the Committee formerly appointed to prepare Reasons upon this Business, do meet this Afternoon; and present Reasons to the House, To-morrow, to be delivered to the Lords at a Conference.


Resolved, That Fifteen hundred Pounds shall be allowed, and forthwith provided, for the setting forward the Train of Artillery; to be issued out of Haberdushers Hall: And

It is Ordered, That Sir Walt. Erle and Sir Jo. Meyrich do confer together, and give an Account To-morrow, into whose Hands it is fit that these Monies should be paid; for the better and speedier carrying on the Work, and for bringing the said Monies to Account in a regular Way.

Ordnance Office, &c.

Ordered, That it be referred to the Committee appointed to prepare the Establishment of the Lord General's Army, to examine and consider of the Abuses in the Office of Ordnance, and the Office of the Armory; and to think of some expedient Way of regulating that Office, and preventing those Abuses; and of bringing that Office into the ancient and regular Way, such as may be for the Advantage and Profit of the State.

Sir . . . . Vane sen. Mr. Reynolds, and Mr. Rolle, are added to this Committee.

Balfour's Petition.

Ordered, That the humble Petition of Sir Wm. Balfour Knight, this Day read, be referred and especially recommended, to the Committee of his Majesty's Revenue, to satisfy the Petitioner his humble Requests, after that the Engagements now upon the King's Revenue, by former Orders, shall first be satisfied.

Reformado Officers.

Ordered, That it be referred to the Committee for the Scotts Reformado Officers, to perfect the List: And to consider what Monies will be able to pay them so much as may carry them Home into their own Country: And they are to confer with the Scotts Commissioners in this Business: And that the Pay of the English Reformado Officers be likewise put into such a Way by the said Committee, that the House may take speedy Order for their Satisfaction.


Ordered, That the Committee concerning Leicestershire be revived; and to sit from time to time.

Leave of Absence.

Ordered, That Mr. Cage shall have Leave to go into the Country, and to stay there some five or six Weeks.

Reformado Officers.

Ordered, That the humble Petition of divers Reformado Officers, whose Names are contained in a List annexed, be referred to the Consideration of the Committee for Reformado Officers.

Northampton Garison.

An Ordinance for raising Monies by a weekly Tax, for Six Months longer, to begin from the Twenty-fifth of March, for Maintenance of the Garison of Northampton, was this Day read; and, by Vote, passed, upon the Question; and ordered to be sent unto the Lords, for their Concurrence.

State of Ireland.

Ordered, That Mr. Reynolds do make Report of the State and Condition of the Kingdom of Ireland, on Saturday Morning next, the first Business, peremptorily.

Army Pay.

Ordered, upon the humble Petition of Colonel George Booth, of Dunham Massy in the County of Chester, Esquire, That One thousand Pound be allowed and paid to the said Colonel Geo. Booth, upon Account, towards the Payment of his Regiment, out of the Revenue of the Court of Wards, next after the Assignments already made out of the said Court shall be satisfied.

Loan from Long.

Ordered, That the Two thousand Pounds, lent by Mr. Long to Sir Tho. Middleton, for the Advance of his Forces, shall be repaid out of the first Monies that shall come in upon the Collections of Monies for Sir Tho. Middleton.

Collection of Money.

Ordered, That the Collectors in the several Parishes, do forthwith bring in to the Committee at Grocers Hall, a List of all such Monies as have been collected or subscribed for Sir Tho. Middleton; and that the Collectors do proceed in the said Collections; and that the Constables of the several Wards do go along with the Collectors, for the bringing in of the said Monies.

Dawes' Goods.

Ordered, That the Proceedings of the Committee at Haberdashers Hall for the seizing of the Goods of Sir Tho. Dawes, be stayed, as for this Afternoon: And that the Committee do give Account hereof to the House To-morrow.

Brooke's Petition.

Ordered, That the humble Petition of Colonel Henry Brooke, this Day read, be referred to the Committee of Cheshire: And are to meet on Monday in the Afternoon, at Two Clock, in the Exchequer Chamber.


Ordered, That it be referred to the Committee of Cheshire, to consider of furnishing Colonel Geo. Boothe with Arms, according to his Desire.

Sir William Brereton.

Ordered, That Sir Wm. Brereton do, To-morrow Morning, bring in a List of all the Impediments that hinder him, that he cannot go down into his Country, without which he cannot possibly go; and likewise the Day certain when he will go, if those Things so absolutely necessary shall be furnished.

Northampton Committee.

It is Ordained, by the Lords and Commons, in Parliament assembled, That Wm. Lord Fitz Williams, Edward Mountague Esquire, Sir John Dreyden, Sir Christopher Yelverton, Sir Gilbert Pickering, Baronets, Zouch Tate, John Crew, Richard Knightley, Esquires, Members of the House of Commons, Sir Rowland St. John Knight of the Bath, Sir Edward Nicolls, Sir John Norwich, Baronets, Sir Humfrey Orme, Sir Richard Samwell, Sir Samuel Davers, Knights, Richard Knightley of Fawzley, Robert Mildmay, John Barnard, Edward Harby, Edward Onlie, John Cartwright, Philip Holeman, Richard Samwell, Edward Farmer, John Wyrley, Edward Shugborough, Edw. Hanbery, Wm. Lisle, Thomas Elmes, John Cleypoole, Francis Quarles, John Norton, John Breton, and John Thorneton, Esquires, and the Mayor of the Town of Northampton for the time being, or any Three or more of them, residing in the Town of Northampton, for the furnishing of Arms and Ammunition, making of Fortifications, and Payment of the Garison's Officers and Soldiers, and other publick necessary Charges, for the Defence and Preservation of the said County from Plunder and Ruin, shall or may, from time to time, during the Space of Six Months, to commence from the Twenty-fifth Day of this Instant March, raise, in the said Counties, such Sums of Money as shall be by them or any Three or more of them, thought necessary for the Uses aforesaid (the same to be rated and assessed in like sort as was the Four hundred thousand Pounds granted by Act this present Parliament); not exceeding the Sum of Six hundred Pounds a Week. And, for the better levying of the said Sums of Money, the said Committee or any Three or more of them, then residing in the Town of Northampton, shall or may nominate and appoint Treasurers, Collectors, and Assessors, in the said County, for assessing, receiving, and collecting, the said Sums of Money; and shall and may grant Warrants under their Hands, to any Constable or other Person or Persons, as well Soldiers, when Need shall require, as others, to raise and levy the said Sums so to be assessed and taxed as aforesaid, upon all such Persons upon whom any such Sums shall be so assessed and set, that do refuse or neglect to pay the same, by way of Distress and Sale of the Goods of the Persons so assessed and refusing, and Two-pence for every Shilling that shall not be paid upon Demand, to bear the Charge of those that distrain: And in case any Opposition be made, or no Distress can be found, the said Committee or any Three or more of them, residing in Northampton as aforesaid, shall or may commit such Person or Persons refusing to pay, or not having a sufficient Distress to be found as aforesaid, to some common Gaol within the said County; there to remain, until Payment be made of such Sum and Sums of Money as aforesaid: For which Sums so to be raised, the said Committee shall be accountable to both Houses of Parliament, and to none else. And if any shall refuse or neglect the Execution of such Warrants as shall be directed to them, by virtue of this Ordinance, it shall be lawful for the said Committee residing as aforesaid, or any Three of them, to punish such Person refusing or neglecting, by Fine, not exceeding Five Pounds, to be levied as aforesaid. Provided, that where it shall appear to the said Committee or any Two of them, residing as aforesaid, that any Person hath been over-rated to the Tax upon the Bill of Four hundred thousand Pounds, an Abatement may be made in the Tax of such Person, by the said Committee or any Two of them, residing as aforesaid, according to their Discretions. Provided also, that this present Ordinance shall be no Hindrance to Taxes made by any former Order.