House of Commons Journal Volume 3: 22 April 1644

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 3, 1643-1644. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Die Lunæ, 22 Aprilis, 1644.


Cambell's Assessments, &c.

ORDERED, That the Horses, seized from Mr. Cambell, a Member of this House, be forthwith restored: And that the Business, concerning his Assessment in Essex, be referred to the Consideration and Examination of the Committee for Examinations; and that the Parties, that seized the Horses, do attend the Committee for Examinations.

Gloucester Garison.

A Letter from Colonel Massie, Governor of Gloucester, of April 10, 1644; and a Petition of the Citizens, Officers, and Soldiers, in the Garison of Gloucester; and a Remonstrance, termed and styled, the present State and Condition of the Garison of Gloucester, of Aprilis 16. 1644; were all this Day read:

Captain Backhowse, and Captain Hunt, were called in: And Mr. Speaker, by the Command of the House, acquainted them, how sensible the House is of the great Services done by the Governor, Officers, and Soldiers, of the Garison of Gloucester; and how they have respected the Commonwealth, rather than their own Particulars: They are likewise sensible, how many have quitted that Place, and have gained Advancement and Estates by Employments in other Places, whiles these Gentlemen have stuck to their Charge: That they do intend to take it into a special Consideration, when it shall please God to bless them so far, as to carry on this great Work: That, for the Condition of the City and Garison, and the Remedies they desire, they will take them into a serious and speedy Consideration, for the Relief of that City and Garison: And desire the Officers of that Garison, that are now in Town, to make their speedy Repair thither, now that they have presented the Condition of the City; which the House has engaged to take into a speedy Care for their Relief.

Vintners Arrears.

Mr. Green and Mr. Pury are to prepare an Order, for requiring the Vintners to pay in the Arrears, in their Hands, of the Peny and Two-pence the Quart, which they have not paid the King: And likewise the Restitution Monies, of such Monies as they have received more from the Subject, than the Peny and Two-pence: And to compound with such as will compound; and to present it to the House: And for applying Two Thirds of the Monies, as shall be raised hereby, upon Account, for the Relief of Gloucester; and One Third, upon Account, towards Payment of the Arrears to my Lord Lisle, according to former Order.

Declaration on King's Proclamation.

Mr. Whitelock reports the Declaration, to be printed with the Proclamation set-forth at Oxon, the Fifteenth of April, in hæc Verba; viz.

The Lords and Commons, assembled in the Parliament of England, do observe, that the same Counsels, now predominant at Oxon, which have contrived and effected the Destruction of Ireland by Fire and Sword, do farther labour to bring the like Desolation upon this Kingdom; and, in pursuance thereof, have dared to publish this unparalleled Paper, in the Form of a Proclamation, threatening Destruction by Fire and Sword, under the Title of preserving the Country: The Lords and Commons do thereupon declare, That they will use their hearty Endeavours, with the Hazard of their Lives and Fortunes, to prevent these Miseries, whereof they are most sensible; and have taken Order, that considerable Forces shall speedily advance for the Defence and Protection of the People: Wherein they desire the Assistance of their Countrymen, and humbly pray to God for his Blessing.

Resolved, &c. To be printed with the Proclamation: And that the Lords Concurrence be desired herein: And to be carried up by Mr. Whitelock.

Absent Members.

Ordered, That the Committee for absent Members do examine the Case of the Absence of Sir Wm. Uvedale; and peruse the Orders made concerning absent Members; and report the State of his Absence at the next Sitting of the House.

Propositions for Peace.

Mr. Reynolds reports, from the Committee, the Amendments to the Ordinance for enabling the Committee of both Kingdoms to prepare Propositions for a safe and well-grounded Peace: The which were read, and assented unto; and ordered to be amended accordingly; viz.

Be it Ordained by the Lords and Commons, assembled in Parliament, That the Committee of both (fn. a) Houses, as a joint Committee with the Commissioners and Committee of Scotland, be hereby enabled to prepare Propositions for a safe and well-grounded Peace: The same to be presented to both Houses of Parliament, and to the Convention of the States of Scotland, or their Committee: And are to be brought into one or both Houses, on Friday come-Sevennight, the Twenty-sixth of April, 1644, or sooner, if it may be, sitting the Houses; to be there reviewed and considered of; and then, by the mutual Advice and Consent of both Kingdoms, to be perfected. Provided always, That the Power given unto the said Committee by this Ordinance, shall continue no longer than during the Time herein limited, for the bringing in of the said Propositions.

Ordered, That a Conference shall be desired with the Lords; and the Amendments to this Ordinance delivered at this Conference.

Message to Lords.

Mr. Whitelock carried up to the Lords the Declaration, to be added to the Proclamation set forth at Oxon, Aprilis 15, 1644; and to desire, that the said Proclamation, with the said Declaration subjoined, be forthwith printed.

He was likewise to desire a Conference, by Committees of both Houses, so soon as will stand with their Lordships Conveniency, concerning some Alterations to be made in the Ordinance concerning Grounds of Peace.

Message from Lords.

Message from the Lords, by Sir Edw. Leech and Mr. Page;

That the Lords have received a Petition from the Garison of Gloucester, that presents the State of that Country and Garison; and hold fit it should have present Relief; and think fit further to acquaint you, that they have put off the Trial of the Bishop of Canterbury till Thursday next.

Associated Counties.

Ordered, That the House do take into Consideration, at the next Sitting of the House, how the Associated Counties shall be repaid the Monies they advance for Draught Horses.

Answer from Lords.

Mr. Whitlocke brings Answer, That the Lords do agree to the Vote upon the Proclamation, and to the printing of it: And agree to a present Conference, as is desired.


Mr. Reynolds and Mr. Whitlocke are appointed Managers.

Advance from Excise.

Ordered, That Mr. Greene do carry up the Ordinances for authorizing the Commissioners of Excise to advance Twenty thousand Pounds.

Lord Clanneboy.

Upon the humble Petition of James Lord Viscount Clanneboy, recommended from the Committee of both Kingdoms; It is this Day Ordered, That the Regiment of Foot, formerly under the Command of the Petitioner's Father, the Lord Viscount Clanneboy, lately deceased, shall be under the Command of the Petitioner James Lord Viscount Clanneboy; who is hereby appointed Colonel of the said Regiment, to employ the same in the Service of the Parliament against the Irish Rebels: And it is especial recommended to the Commander in Chief, that is, or shall be, placed over the Brittish Regiments in Ulster, to grant him a Commission accordingly.

Duke Piclomini.

Ordered, That, in regard the House do not sit these Two or Three Days, that the whole State of the Business concerning Duke Piclomini, be referred to the Consideration of the Committee of both Kingdoms, to consider what is fit to be done in it; and to report their Opinions to the House.

Artillery Train, &c.

Ordered, That the Committee of the Western Gentlemen, and the Committee of the Associated Counties, do meet this Afternoon, to consider of the Payment of the Train of Artillery; and that the Committee of the Western Gentlemen do their best Endeavours, for the present procuring of Five thousand Pounds, to be sent to Sir Wm. Waller: And that likewise they do take care for the Safety of the Town of Poole.

Naval Affairs.

Ordered, That the Commanders and other Officers, and others, taken aboard the Henry of Dover, be brought to the Downs to my Lord Admiral, or put aboard such Ship as my Lord shall appoint: And my Lord Admiral is desired to convey them hither.

Ordered, That it be referred to the Committee of the Navy to declare, that the Ships and Goods of all the Strangers, that traffick to any of the Ports not within the Power of the Parliament, shall be seized, and taken for good Prize: And that the Committee of the Navy do take care, that some Ships may be speedily sent for the Defence of the Coasts of North Wales.

Affronts to Committees, &c.

The House being informed, that divers Gentlemen, Ministers, and Freeholders, of the County of Surrey, were at the Door, and desired to prefer a Petition to the House;

They were called in; and did prefer a Petition;

The which was read:

There was likewise a Petition presented from the Committee, that usually sits at the Bear at Bridge Foot;

The which was likewise read: And both ordered to be referred to Sir Henry Hayman, Sir Peter Wentworth, Mr. Browne, Sir Thomas Jervoice, Mr. Blakiston, Sir Rob. Pye, Mr. Ashherst, Mr. Holland, Mr. Goodwyn, Mr. Knightley, Mr. Drake, Sir Martyn Lumley, Sir Walter Erle, Lord Grey, Mr. Lisle, Serjeant Wilde, Mr. Holles, Sir Rob. Harley, Mr. Skinner, Sir Wm. Brereton, Mr. Hoyle, Sir Tho. Barrington, and Mr. Grimston, to examine the State of the whole Matter of Fact depending upon these Petitions; and the particular Affronts done to any of the Members, or Committees, of this House; to compose all Differences if they can; and to report the whole Matter to the House: And are to meet on Friday next, at Two of Clock in the Afternoon, in the Court of Star Chamber: And have Power to send for Parties, Witnesses, Papers, Records: And all Persons interested in this Business, are enjoined to forbear any Proceedings that may occasion any Disturbance in the mean time.

Delinquents Timber.

Ordered, That Mr. Wm. Jeffery, of Colchester, formerly appointed for the Felling of Underwood belonging to Delinquents; Edward Boate, one of the Master Shipwrights at Portsmouth; and Joseph Pett, Thomas Eastwood, John Ducy, Christopher Malam, Shipwrights; be added unto the Commissioners and Master Shipwrights for the Felling of the Timber of Delinquents, appointed by Ordinance of Parliament for the Use of the Navy.

Ordination of Ministers.

Ordered, That the Rules and Papers, delivered from the Assembly of Divines, concerning Ordination of Ministers, be read at the next Sitting of the House.

The Covenant.

Ordered, That all Persons whatsoever, belonging unto, or that have any Dependence upon, the Collegiate Church of Westminster, do take the National Covenant in the said Church, upon Saturday next, at Four of the Clock in the Afternoon: And Dr. Smyth, or Mr. Gibson, are desired to administer the same, and see it subscribed according to former Directions.

Loan from Excise.

Whereas the Commissioners of Excise are desired, by the Lords and Commons, forthwith to advance Ten thousand Pounds, by the way of Loan, for the present settingforth of my Lord General's Army; It is this Day Ordered, by the said Lords and Commons, That the said Commissioners of Excise, upon their Payment of the said Ten thousand Pounds, by way of Loan, as aforesaid, unto the Treasurer at Wars, for the Purposes as aforesaid, shall be secured out of the Receipts of the Excise: And have Power to reimburse themselves, out of the successive Monies that come in upon the said Receipts.

Army Pay.

Ordered, by the Lords and Commons, assembled in Parliament, That the Commissioners of Excise do forthwith pay, unto the Treasurer at Wars, Ten thousand Pounds, being in pursuance of an Ordinance made for the monthly Pay of the Army, under the immediate Command of my Lord General, the Earl of Essex: And that a Copy of this Order, together with an Acquittance, under the Hand of the said Treasurer at Wars, shall be a sufficient Warrant and Discharge to the said Commissioners of Excise, for the Payment thereof.


  • a. The Words printed in Italick are scored under in the Original Journal; and in the Margin there is wrote, "Memorandum, That these Lines underlined, were all added by the Report from this Committee."