House of Commons Journal Volume 3: 12 July 1644

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 3, 1643-1644. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Die Veneris, Julii 12, 1644.


Francis' Claims.

ORDERED, That it be referred to the Committee for Plymouth, to take some Care for giving Satisfaction for the Nine hundred Pounds laid out by Mr. Francis, late Mayor of Plymouth, for the Service of the Parliament; and charged and accepted by this House to be paid: And that all Proceedings at the Suit of Paul Timberland against the said Mr. Francis, for the same Monies, be staid in the mean time: And the said Mr. Timberland, his Counsel, Attornies, Solicitors, and others whom it may concern, are hereby injoined to take notice of this Order, and to forbear Proceedings against the said Mr. Francis upon the said Suit.

Burleigh House.

Ordered, That Mr. Knightly do prepare a Letter to be sent to my Lord Grey, to desire him to take a care of Burleigh House; and to acquaint him, that there is a Day appointed for hearing the Cause against Colonel Wayte: And that the House cannot recal their Order.

House for Rigby.

Ordered, That it be referred to the Committee of Sequestrations, of Middlesex, London, and Westminster, and the committee . . Haberdashers Hall; to provide a convenient House for Colonel Alexander Rigby and his Family.

Military Affairs, &c.

A Letter from the Leaguer before Yorke, of July the Sixth, from the Earl of Leven, the Lord Fairefaxe, and the Earl of Manchester, brought by Captain Steward; who likewise brought up Forty-nine Colours, so many as, upon the sudden, could be recovered from the Soldiers.

He likewise brought up a Letter from his Majesty to the Earl of Newcastle, of October the First, concerning the Lord Viscount Rocheford, and his submitting himself to the King.

He likewise brought up Two Commissions; the one to the Earl of Newcastle, to make him his Lieutenant General of the North; another to the Earl of Newcastle, to enable him to confer the Order of Knighthood upon such as he shall think to deserve.

Resolved, &c. That one hundred Pounds shall be bestowed upon Captain Steward, as a Gratuity for the Reward of his Pains in his Journey, and the good News he brought.

Resolved, &c. That the Hundred Pounds bestowed upon Captain Steward, shall be paid out of Haberdashers Hall: And that the Lords Concurrence be desired.

Message from Lords.

A Message from the Lords, by Sir Robt. Riche and Mr. Page;

The Lords have sent down a Petition from Philip Francis, late Mayor of Plymouth; the which they desire this House to take into Consideration. They have like-wise returned the Ordinance for raising a standing Army out of the associated Counties, to be employed in and about Oxon, and the Places adjacent, with some Amendments; and desire the Concurrence of this House in the Amendments.

The Amendments were read; and assented unto.

Mr. Francis his Petition was likewise read.


Answer returned by the same Messengers; That this House has considered their Lordships Message: And, as to the Petition of Mr. Philip Francis, they will send Answer by Messengers of their own: And do agree to the Amendments.

Francis' Claims.

Ordered, That the humble Petition of Mr. Philip Francis, directed to this House, be referred to the Committee of Plymouth, to take into Consideration the Relief and Satisfaction of the Petitioner.

Gratuity to Steward.

Captain Steward was called in: And Mr. Speaker, by the Command of the House, acquainted him, that his Message was very acceptable; and that, for a Gratuity, they have bestowed upon him an Hundred Pounds, and the Thanks of this House.

Lord Rocheford.

The Letter from his Majesty to the Earl of Newcastle, concerning the Lord Viscount Rocheford, was again read.

And an intercepted Letter from the Lady D'Aubigny to her Servant at Oxon; wherein there is mention of a Pardon to be procured; the which the Lord Rochford was to send one Reade for; the which Reade the Lord Rocheford did, at the Committee of both Kingdoms, confess to be his Servant; was likewise read.

Resolved, &c. That it doth appear, that the Lord Viscount Rocheford hath adhered to the Enemies of King, Parliament, and Kingdom, now in Arms against the Parliament.

Lord Hunsdon.

Resolved, &c. That John Cary, Baron of Hunsdon, eldest Son to the Earl of Dover, shall be forthwith accused of High Treason, for adhering to the Enemies of King, Parliament, and Kingdom, now in Arms against the Parliament.

Mr. Jephson is appointed to go up to the Lords, to accuse Jo. Cary Baron of Hunsdon, eldest Son to the Earl of Dover, in the Name of this House, and of all the Commons of England, of High Treason, for adhering to the Enemies of King, Parliament, and Kingdom, now in Arms against the Parliament; and to desire, that his Person may be forthwith secured.

Business deferred.

Ordered, That the Report concerning the Informations against Mr. Nicoll, be made first To-morrow Morning; and then the Informations against the Earl of Stamford to be taken into further Debate and Consideration.

Army Supplies.

Resolved, &c. That a Thousand Pots, Backs, and Breasts, shall be forthwith provided for the Lord Fairefaxe his Forces: And that it be recommended unto the Committee for the Lord Fairefaxe his Army, to take some Care of providing Monies for Payment of these Pots, Backs, and Breasts.

Warwick Castle, &c.

The humble Petition of Major Bridges, Governor of Warwick Castle, directed to the Committee of both Kingdoms, and now reported; desiring a Supply of Powder and Match for the Castle and Town of Warwick; was this Day read.

Ordered, That the Lieutenant of the Ordnance do forth-with furnish Thirty Barrels of Powder, and Two Ton of Match, for the Use of the Castle of Warwick; and Ten Barrels of Powder, and Two Fats of Match, for the Use of the Town of Warwick.

Army Affairs.

Mr. Crew reported from the Committee of both Kingdoms, the Copies of Two Letters to be sent from the Houses; the one to the Three Generals of the Armies before Yorke, upon the Occasion of the great Defeat, and utter Overthrow, given by their Forces to Prince Rupert's and the Earl of Newcastle's whole Army; the other to be written to the several Committees of the respective associated Counties, to quicken them to the sending of Supplies of Monies to the Earl of Manchester's Forces, that have deserved so well in this late great Action: The Letters were read; and, by Vote, upon the Question, assented unto; and ordered to be sent unto the Lords for their Concurrence.

Raising Forces.

Ordered, That the Ordinance for raising a standing Army of Horse and Foot, by Proportions set upon the associated and other Counties, be forthwith printed and published: And that the Gentlemen, Members of this House, that are of any of those Counties, on which Proportions of Horse or Foot are set, do take care to send down Copies of the said Ordinance to the several and respective Committees in the several and respective Counties, desiring them to take care, that the same may be put into speedy Execution.

States Ambassadors.

The Master of the Ceremonies came, and gave notice to the Serjeant; who informed the House, that the States Ambassadors were ready to present themselves to the House.

Hereupon the Serjeant was commanded to go with his Mace to the Council Chamber of the Court of Wards, where the Ambassadors reposed themselves, (being fitted for that Purpose): Who, with his Mace upon his Shoulder, conducted them from thence to the House of Commons; whither they were attended with the Master of the Ceremonies, divers Gentlemen of Quality, and their own Retinue.

The Master of the Ceremonies, the Gentlemen, and their Retinue, all but their Secretary, attended them no farther than to the Bar of the House of Commons; and then returned. The Serjeant came up with them to their Chairs, they coming from the Bar uncovered; and then laid down his Mace upon the Table.

The Ambassadors took their Chairs, there being Three purposely placed, at some Distance from the Table, for their Accommodation; after there had passed some mutual Expressions of civil Respects between Mr. Speaker, the House, and the Ambassadors, they took their Places.

The Heere Boreel first presented the Letters of Credence; superscribed,


"Des Ambassadeurs de l'Estat au Parlement du Royaulme d'Angleterre."

Then sitting in his Chair, covered, he expressed, in a large Discourse in French, the Affection of that State to the Good and Happiness of This, &c.: Presented the same in Writing, in French, to Mr. Speaker, together with a Memorial, upon the Occasion of some Ships taken by the Parliament Ships: And did further declare, in French, that, for the better and clearer Understanding of all, he had caused both the Proposition, and the Memorial concerning the Ships, to be translated into English: And the Proposition, translated, was read at large by their Secretary, standing in the middle of the House, not far distant from the Table: And then both Proposition and Memorial, translated into English, were delivered to Mr. Speaker.

This done, the like Expressions of civil Respects, by mutual Putting off the Hats, &c. being performed, the Ambassadors retired in the like Manner, and with the like Ceremony, as formerly; the Serjeant attending them with his Mace to the Council Chamber of the Court of Wards.

Resolved, &c. That Wednesday next shall be appointed for Mr. Speaker to make Report of the Letter of Credence, Proposition, and Memorial, this Day presented to the House by the States Ambassadors.


Ordered, That the Letter from Mr. Strickland to the Committee of both Kingdoms, concerning the Business of Graveling, be brought into the House To-morrow Morning.

Copies of Letters, &c.

Ordered, That the Clerk do take Copies of the Letter from the French Resident to Mr. Walth. Montagu; and of the Translation; and of the Examination of Hickman, that was the Messenger: And that then the Letter and Examination be returned to Sir H. Vane jun. to be delivered over, to be reported in the Lords House.

Colours, &c. taken.

Ordered, That the Colours, Commissions, and Letter, taken at the late great Defeat of Prince Rupert's great Army, and brought up by Captain Steward, be forthwith delivered unto him to present unto the Lords.