House of Commons Journal Volume 4: 3 June 1645

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 4, 1644-1646. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Die Martis, Junii 3, 1645.


SIR Thomas Widdrington reports, from the Committee to whom was referred the Consideration of the Petition of Thomas Lenthall, Francis Lenthall, John Marston, and other Merchants, Owners of the Ship called The Hopewell, the State of the Matter of Fact in that Petition: The which was, concerning the Ship Hopewell, freighted with Tobacco and other Goods, in October 1638; and, being in her Voyage, outward-bound, upon Margarett-Road in the Downs, Information was given from one Geeres, being then in another Ship upon the Downs, by a Letter from Geere unto one Fletcher, That this Ship was bound for Barbary; and Fletcher gave Sir Wm. Russell Notice thereof: And thereupon a Warrant was procured from Secretary Coke, directed to Sir John Pennington, to stay this Ship; and the Ship was stayed accordingly upon Margarett-Road; which is proved to be altum mare. The Ground of this Stay was upon a Patent, dated the Eighteenth of May, in the Fourteenth Year of the King; which the Committee conceives to be a Patent of Monopoly.

Upon the whole Matter, the House doth agree with the Committee; and doth Order, That the Judges Delegates do proceed in this Cause, with Effect, to Sentence, without further Stop at the Common Law.

Resolved, &c. That this House doth declare, That the Place of Provost of the College of Eaton is no Place or Office within the Intention or Words of the Ordinance that discharges the Members of either House to hold any Office or Command, Military or Civil, bestowed or conferred by Parliament.

The Lords Concurrence to be desired herein.

Mr. Nicoll carried to the Lords, for their Concurrence, the Vote for Sir John Northcott and Mr. Bond to be of the Committee for Plimouth, Lyme, and Poole: The Vote for Mr. Nurse, now Mayor of Gloucester, Alderman Singleton, and Colonel Blunt, to have the Command of the Garison of Gloucester, and of the Forces and Garisons there: A Declaration, That the Provost of Eaton College is not a Place within the Ordinance to discharge the Members from Commands Military and Civil.

Orderrd, That Sir Thomas Widdrington do report the Ordinance concerning the Auditor and Comptroller of the Excise this Day Sevennight.

Ordered, That Mr. Rous do, on Friday Morning next, make Report concerning the Family of the King's Children.

Mr. Rigby reports, from the Committee appointed to consider of the Necessities of the Members, a List of the Names of several Members, as that Committee thought fit to be presented to the House to have a weekly Allowance of Four Pounds, according to the Order of 14 Maii 1645.

The Names were read: And

It is thereupon Ordered, That Mr. Bulstrod Whitlock, Mr. Thomas Fountaine, Mr. Edmund Dunch, Mr. Arundell, Mr. Godolphin, Mr. Harris, Mr. Francis Buller, Mr. Erysey, Sir John Hippesley, Mr. Hallowes, Mr. Walter Young, Sir John Young, Mr. Whaddon, Sir Samuel Roll, Mr. Charles Pym, Sir John Northcot, Sir Edmund Fowell, Mr. Wm. Whittacre, Mr. Rose, Mr. Gyles Green, Mr. John Browne, Sir Walter Erle, Mr. Thomas Erle, Sir John Clotworthy, Mr. Edward Stephens, Mr. Thomas Pury Alderman, Mr. Nathanael Stephens, Mr. Broxholme, Mr. Wm. Ashurst, Mr. John Moore, Mr. Alexander Rigby, Mr. Henry Herbert, Sir John Dryden, Mr. Richard Knightley, Mr. Gilbert Millington, Mr. Robert Scawen, Mr. John Blakiston, Sir Thomas Widdrington, Mr. John Goodwyn, Mr. Michael Noble, Sir John Corbet, Mr. Richard Whitehead, Mr. Wm. Jephson, Sir Tho. Jervois, Mr. Rich. Jervoies, Sir William Lewes, Mr. John Lisle, Mr. Henry Campian, Mr. Edw. Dowes, Mr. Button, Mr. George Serle, Mr. Thomas Hodges, Mr. Wm. Purefoy, Mr. Godfrey Bosevile, Sir Edward Hungerford, Mr. Wm. Wheeler, Mr. Anthony Nicoll, Mr. Thomas Moore, Mr. John Ashe, Tho. Lord Viscount Wenman, Mr. Humphry Sallwey, Mr. John Wilde Serjeant at Law, Sir Martin Lister, Sir Phil. Stapilton, Sir Wm. Allenson, Mr. John Allured, Mr. Simon Theloall, Mr. Benjamin Weston, and every of them, shall have the weekly Allowance of Four Pounds per Week, for their present Maintenance, according to the Directions and Limitations in the said Order of 14 Maii 1645.

Ordered, That the Ordinance concerning Mr. Pyme's Estate be taken into Consideration on Thursday next.

Ordered, That Four Pounds per Week shall be allowed, by the Committee of the Revenue, to the eldest Son of Mr. Pyme, and Mrs. Catharine Pyme, his younger Daughter unmarried, until the Ordinance concerning Mr. Pyme's Estate be taken into Consideration, and Money can be thereupon raised for their Support, or until the House take further Order.

Ordered, That the Report formerly made by Mr. Scawen, concerning Accompts of the Scotts and English Officers laid aside, be taken into Consideration on Friday Morning next, peremptorily.

Ordered, That it be referred to the Committee of the Revenue, to consider of making Allowance unto Sir Robert Pye, in Consideration of the Perquisites of his Office, now disposed of by the Committee of the Revenue, for the Benefit of the Publick.

It is further Ordered, That it be referred to this Committee, to consider, What Allowance is fit to be made to the Two Tellers of the Exchequer that have remained here, and shewed their Affections to the Parliament, in Recompence of their Places; the which Places are now disposed of by the Committee of the Revenue.

Ordered, That the Committee formerly appointed to go to the Commissioners of Excise, upon the Loan of Twenty thousand Pounds upon the Credit of the Excise, do go this Afternoon to treat with the Commissioners of Excise, and others, upon the Loan of the said Twenty thousand Pounds: And that the said Twenty thousand Pounds, and whatsoever thereof shall be advanced, shall be employed for the Pay of such Forces, and of such Provisions, as shall be employed for the Blocking-up of Oxon.

Ordered, That it be referred to the Gentlemen of this House, that are of the Isle of Wight, to consider how Three hundred Men may be levied there, and armed and paid.

An Ordinance for securing and reimbursing the Commissioners of Excise One thousand Pounds, advanced by them, for the Service of the Garison of Ely, was this Day read; and, upon the Question, passed; and ordered to be sent to the Lords for their Concurrence.

Ordered, That the Regiments of Sir Michael Livesay and Colonel Rosseter be referred to the Committee for the Army where Mr. Scawen has the Chair; to recruit them.

Ordered, That it be referred to the Committee of both Kingdoms, this Afternoon, to discharge the Two Trumpeters that were sent hither upon Messages; and to take some Course for discharging the Expences of their Diet.

Ordered, That, on Saturday Morning next, peremptorily, Mr. Lisle do make Report of the Business concerning the Collieries in the Bishoprick of Duresme.

Ordered, That the Committee of both Kingdoms do, this Afternoon, write a Letter to Sir Thomas Fairfax, to desire him forthwith to send a Trumpeter, to know what Prisoners there are at Leicester, and of what Quality; what Persons lie wounded; and to think of Exchanges.

Ordered, That the Committee of the Army hath Power to adjourn when they please, and to what Place they will; and to sit when they will, at such times as the House sits not.

Ordered, That the Ordinance for Sale of Delinquents Estates, and the Ordinance for bringing in the Sequestrations, be read To-morrow Morning: And that the rest of the Day be spent in taking the Business concerning Monies into Consideration: And that no other Business do intervene.

And it is further Ordered, That Mr. Baynton do then also report the Ordinance concerning the taking the Accompts of the Kingdom: And that this Ordinance shall be the first reported; the Ordinance for Sale of Delinquents Estates the next; and then the Ordinance concerning the Sequestrations, and an Ordinance for Nine thousand Pounds in Serjeant Wild's Hands.

Ordered, That Mr. Nicholas do report the Impeachment against the Earl of Stamford, and others, on Friday Morning.

Ordered, That the Two thousand Pounds, formerly agreed on for Lieutenant-General Cromwell, be forthwith sent down to him to the Isle of Eley.

Ordered, That Thirty Barrels of Powder, and Match and Bullet proportionable, be furnished out of the publick Stores, and sent to the Isle of Ely to Lieutenant-General Cromwell.

Ordered, That the Committee, formerly appointed to consider of the Petition of Hertfordshire, do meet this Afternoon at the Place usually appointed.

Ordered, That Sir John Henderson, now Prisoner in the Tower, be forthwith discharged from his Imprisonment: And that immediately he do thereupon quit this Kingdom, and go beyond Seas, and return no more into England: And that the Committee of both Kingdoms do write to the King of Denmark, to give him Satisfaction, Why the said Sir John Henderson hath been detained here.

Ordered, That the Report concerning Colonel Butler, now Prisoner in the Tower, be made on Saturday Morning next: And that it be taken into Consideration, What Allowance shall be fit to be made to him for his Maintenance during his Imprisonment: And that Mr. Speaker do put the House in mind thereof.

A Message from the Lords, by Doctor Aylett and Doctor Heath;

The Lords have commanded us to bring you this Petition of Lieutenant-General Middleton's: It was commended to their Lordships from the Committee of both Kingdoms; and the Lords do recommend it to this House.

The Petition was read: And

It is thereupon Ordered, That Lieutenant-General Middleton shall have Two hundred Pounds paid him, upon Account, in Part of his Arrears: And that he have a free Pass to repair to his Charge in the Scotts Army.