House of Commons Journal Volume 4: 7 March 1646

Pages 466-468

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 4, 1644-1646. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Die Sabbati, 7 Martii, 1645.


REsolved, &c. That the Committee of both Kingdoms shall grant a Pass to Monsieur de Montereul, to pass with his Retinue into Scotland by Oxford, or otherwise, if the Commissioners of Scotland shall consent; taking his Engagement not to return hither.

* * * * (fn. 1).

Letters from Mr. Rushworth, of 2 and 3 Martii 1645, from Bodmyn, and other Parts of Cornewall, were this Day read.

Ordered, That the Committee of the West do forthwith pay unto the Messengers that brought the Letters from Mr. Rushworth, from Bodmyn, the Sum of Twenty Pounds for his Pains.

Whereas Thursday next is, by former Order, appointed for a Day of Publick Thanksgiving, for the great Mercy of God, in giving Success to the Parliament's Forces against the Enemy at Torrington in Devonshire: And whereas, sithence the Appointment of the said Day of Thanksgiving, the Parliament's Forces, in several Parts of the Kingdom, have given the Enemy divers Defeats, and gained several Strengths, which are now in the Possession of the Parliament: It is thereupon Ordered, That the respective Ministers, within the Limits where the said Day of Thanksgiving is appointed to be observed and kept, do make mention of these several Mercies and Successes, and stir up the People to a due Thankfulness for the same: And to the end the said Mercies and Successes may be the better taken notice of, Mr. Rous, Sir Peter Wentworth, Mr. Gourdon, and Mr. Alderman Pennington, are to collect the same; to the end the Ministers may be acquainted with the Particulars thereof: And the Lord Mayor of London is desired to take care, that the Ministers may have timely Notice of this Order.

Mr. Holles, according to former Order, carried this Day to the Lords the Ordinance concerning Church-Government, accompanied with all the Members of the House; the Speaker leaving the Chair in the Interim: And was to acquaint the Lords, That the Votes, lately sent to them concerning Church-Government, were most, if not all, included in this Ordinance.

Mr. Holles brings Answer, That the Lords conceive the Message, brought up by him, to be a Business of great Weight: They will take it into serious Consideration; and send Answer by Messengers of their own.

Resolved, &c. That Six Weeks Pay be charged upon the Receipts of the Excise, in Course, with Interest after the Rate of Eight Pounds per Centum for the Forbearance thereof, to be paid at every Six Months, for all the Forces in the Field under Colonel Massie, Commander in Chief of the Western Associated Forces. And

It is Ordered, That it be referred to the Committee of the West, to consider, What Sum this Six Weeks Pay will amount unto; and to bring in an Ordinance to charge it upon the Excise, in Course, accordingly: And that they do take care and employ their Endeavours for the speedy Raising of these Monies.

Resolved, &c. That it be referred to the Committee of the West, to consider, What Garisons are fit to be kept in the Western Association.

Resolved, &c. That it be likewise referred to the Committee of the West, to consider, What Forces are fit to be kept in those Garisons that shall be thought fit to be continued.

Resolved, &c. That it be referred to the Committee of the West, to consider, Whether any Forces, and, if any, what Forces for the Field are fit to be kept in the West.

Resolved, &c. That it be referred to the Members of this House that are of the Committee of the West, to consider, How these Forces may be maintained, having regard to the publick Charge.

Resolved, &c. That the Report from the Committee of the West, sent from the Lords to this House the Two-andtwentieth of January last, concerning an Establishment for Major-General Massie's Forces, being to set a Charge upon the Counties, ought to be rejected, the Message expunged out of the Books of this House, and no Record kept thereof.

Resolved, &c. That the Lords have made a Breach of the Privilege of this House, to vote the said Report first in their House, and enter the same in their Books; and in sending it to this House, by a Message, desiring the Concurrence of this House therein; the said Report being concerning Raising of Monies.

Resolved, That a Conference be desired with the Lords concerning this Business; and Satisfaction desired of them, by expunging the Entries thereof out of their Books.

Mr. Samuel Browne, Mr. Prideaux, Mr. Recorder, Mr. Nicholas, are to prepare Reasons to be offered to the Lords at a Conference, concerning the Breach of the Privilege of this House, about the Report from the Committee of the West, concerning the Establishment for Colonel Massie's Forces.

Sir John Evelyn of Wiltes carried to the Lords, for their Concurrence, the Order for Sir Wm. Brereton to command the Forces drawn into the Field, for the Safety of these Parts of the Kingdom, for Three Months: The Order for giving Power to the Lord Lisle to grant Commissions to Officers for Raising of Two Regiments of Foot, and One of Horse: The Ordinance for Five thousand Pounds for the Garisons of the Isle of Ely, out of the Excise: The Order for adding Mr. Button and Mr. Edmund Herbert to the Committee for Gloucester Association: And the Order for Twenty Pounds, out of Haberdashers-Hall, to the Messenger that brought the Letters from Cardiff.

Resolved, &c. That this House doth nominate and approve of Thomas Middleton Esquire to be Governor of Chirke-Castle in the County of Denbigh: And that the Members of both Houses that are of the Committee of both Kingdoms, do grant him a Commission accordingly.

The Lords Concurrence to be desired herein.

A Message from the Lords, by Sir Edwara Leech and Mr. Page;

The Lords have commanded us to deliver unto you this Order: It is for Mr. Whitlocke to have the late Lord Littileton's Books: It moved first from you; and they agree; with these Alterations:-An Order to authorize Colonel Dolbyer to execute Martial Law: To which they desire your Consent to it; and that it may be signed by the Speakers of both Houses:-A Report from the Scotts Commissioners, for the Payment of Fifteen thousand Pounds per mensem to their Army: Which the Lords refer to your Consideration:-A Petition of Colonel Ogle's: Which is recommended by the Committee of both Kingdoms: The Lords have agreed to it; and desire your Concurrence:-A Petition of Mr. Charles Clerke: Whereupon the Lords have made this Order; to which they desire your Concurrence:-A Petition of Colonel Welden's: Which the Lords have agreed; and desire your Concurrence.

The Lords desire to put you in mind of a Petition of Mr. Lestrange, which they formerly sent you: The Gentleman is sick, and desires but some Liberty to recover his Health; therefore the Lords desire you to take it into speedy Consideration: And of a Petition of Mr. Ellison, which they likewise formerly sent unto you; and desire you will take it into Consideration: And of Sir Marmaduke Lloyde's Petition; which they desire likewise you would take into Consideration.

The Amendments to the Order for Mr. Whitelock to have the late Lord Littleton's Books were read; and, upon the Question, assented unto.-

The Letter to the Emperor of Russia was read; and assented unto, with One Amendment; as also, that the Speakers of both Houses should sign it: And

Ordered, That the Lords Concurrence be desired to the said Amendment.-

Resolved, &c. That, as to . . . rest of the Particulars of this Message, this House will return Answer by Messengers of their own.

Ordered, That the Paper from the Scotts Commissioners be taken into Consideration on Wednesday Morning next.

Ordered, That the Letters and Articles concerning the Rendering of the Garison of Ashbey de la Zouche be read on Monday Morning, the first Business.

Answer returned by the same Messengers, That this House has considered their Lordships Message: And as to the Amendments to the Order for Mr. Whitelock to have the late Lord Littleton's Books, they do agree: And, as . . the rest, they will send Answer by Messengers of their own.


  • 1. Here is an Entry erased; and, in the Margin, is written "D. letur per Ordinem hodie factum."