House of Commons Journal Volume 5: 6 June 1648

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 5, 1646-1648. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Die Martis, 6 Junii, 1648.


Spanish Ambassador.

ORDERED, That Sir Oliver Flemming, Master of the Ceremonies, do go to the Spanish Ambassador; and acquaint him, from this House, that their Desire is, that he will forbear to make any Bonfires, or Fires of Joy, at this Conjuncture of Time; when it is so dangerous to the Peace of these Parts to suffer any Concourse or Assemblies of People to meet upon any such Occasion.

Colonel Venne is appointed to acquaint the Committee of the Militia of London with this Order; and to return them the Thanks of this House for their Care herein.

Pontefract Castle.

A Letter from the Committee at Yorke, of 3 Junii 1648, touching the Betraying of Pontefract Castle, was this Day read.

Ordered, That this Letter be referred to the Consideration of the Committee at Derby House, to consider what Forces of the Army in Wales, or elsewhere, may be speedily sent into the North; and under what Officers Command of the Army, in regard of the General's Abode in these Parts.

Preserving Peace in Dorset.

Ordered, That William Savage Esquire, the Sheriff of the County of Dorsett, be required forthwith to repair into the County of Dorsett, to take care of that County, and of the Peace, and of the Preservation and Safety thereof.

Delinquents Estates.

An Ordinance for sequestering the Estates of Delinquents and Papists in the Counties of South Wales, and County of Monmouth, was this Day read the First and Second time; and, upon the Question, committed unto Mr. Samuel Browne, Mr. Waller, Mr. Hill, Mr. Long, Mr. Annesley, Sir Robert Pye, Mr. Say, Mr. Holland, Mr. Love, Sir Thomas Dacres, Sir Robert Harley, Sir Walt. Erle, Mr. John Corbett, Mr. Scawen, Mr. Lane, Mr. Greene, Mr. Boys, Mr. Oldsworth, Mr. Roll, Mr. Bence, the Knights and Burgesses of South Wales.

This Committee, or any Five of them, are to meet this Afternoon at Two of Clock, at Sir William Brunkar's House; with Power to bring Instructions with the Ordinance. Mr. Waller is to take care of it. And the Committee of the Army is to be added to this Committee.


Mr. Scawen reports a List of Officers and Persons to be added to the Train of Artillery, over and above the Establishment of the Twelfth of February last, with their several Entertainments: The which was read; and, upon the Question, assented unto; and ordered to be sent unto the Lords for their Concurrence.

Propositions to the King.

The House, according to former Order, proceeded to the Consideration of the Alterations, returned by the Lords, to the Three Propositions.

Resolved, &c. That this House doth agree to the Clause of Alterations, returned to the Three Propositions, with the Addition of these Words; viz. "and to such Acts of Parliament as shall be offered by both Houses for Confirmation thereof; then:" And then that Clause runs thus: "And after your Majesty's Assent given to the Three Propositions, now tendered to your Majesty, and to such Acts of Parliament as shall be offered by both Houses for Confirmation thereof; then both Houses of Parliament will treat with your Majesty concerning the future Settlement of the Government of the Church, and Settlement of the Militia, and upon the rest of the Propositions formerly tendered to your Majesty at Hampton Court."

Resolved, &c. That this House doth concur with the Lords in the following Clause; viz. "And the Houses of Parliament of England do desire, That such Propositions as shall be fit and necessary for the Kingdom of Scotland may be prepared, to be sent to his Majesty with all convenient Speed.

Colonel Strode is appointed to carry the Concurrence of this House to these Alterations; with this Addition.

Messages to Lords.

Sir Robert Pye is appointed to carry to the Lords, for their Concurrence, the Ordinance for settling the Militia in the County of Cornwall: The Ordinance for Six thousand Pounds, out of the Excise, for discharging Colonel Weldon's Engagements, the Governor of Plymouth: The Ordinance for settling the Militia in the County of Devon.

Sir Robert Harley, according to the Order Yesterday made, carried to the Lords, to communicate unto them, the Votes passed touching the Members of the House of Peers, of this House, and the Aldermen of the City of London, impeached by this House.

He likewise carried, for the Lords Concurrence, the Order touching the Privy Signet of Ireland.


Sir Robert Harley brings Answer from the Lords, that the Lords do agree to the Order touching the Privy Signet of Ireland.

Leave of Absence.

Ordered, That Mr. Holland have Leave to go into the Country.

Liverpoole Garison.

Ordered, That the Town of Leverpoole be provided for as other Garisons are in other Counties: And it is referred to the Committee of the Army to provide for the Fortification of the said Town accordingly.

Colonel Rosseter.

Ordered, That it be referred to the Committee at Derby House, to give a Commission to Colonel Rosseter, in the same Manner, and with the like Powers, as formerly.

The Lords Concurrence to be desired herein.

Belvoir Castle.

Ordered, That Colonel Rosseter be desired to take especial Care for the Safety of Belvoir Castle.