House of Commons Journal Volume 5: 5 May 1647

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 5, 1646-1648. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Die Mercurii, 5 Maii, 1647.


Leave of Absence.

ORDERED, &c. That Sir Nathaniell Barnardiston shall have the Leave of this House to go into the Country.

Peck's Claims.

Mr. Miles Corbett reports from the Committee at Haberdashers Hall, to whom the Petition of Mr. Henry Peck was referred, the State of the Matter of Fact laid down in the said Petition, concerning a Debt owing unto him by Sir Sackville Crowe, and secured unto him upon Sir Sackvile Crowe's Interest, in a Lease granted from the Crown of the Iron Works in the Forest of Deane: The which State of the Matter of Fact was read.

It is Ordered, upon the Question, That this whole Business concerning Mr. Peck, be referred to the Consideration of the Committee of the Revenue: And it is recommended unto them to take it into speedy Consideration; and to report it, with all convenient Speed, between the Hours of Ten and Twelve: And all Persons that are concerned in this Business, may be heard before the said Committee, herein.

Grant to General Cromwell.

An Ordinance for settling divers Manors, Advowsons, Lands, and Tenements, late the late Earl of Worcester's, in the County of Gloucester, upon Oliver Cromwell Esquire, Lieutenant General of the Horse in the Army under the Command of Sir Thomas Fairefaxe, and his Heirs for ever, was this Day read the First and Second time; and, upon the Question, committed unto Mr. Lisle, Sir Gilbert Gerrard, Mr. Hen. Pelham, Mr. Marten, Mr. Hen Herbert, Sir Christopher Yelverton, Sir John Evelyn of Wiltes. Sir John Maynard, Sir Roger North, Mr. Knightley, Mr. Wm. Pierrepont, Mr. Strode, Sir Robert Pye, Sir Robert Harley, Sir Tho. Widdrington, Mr. Nath. Fyenis, Mr. Swinfen, Mr. Doyley, Mr. Samuel Browne, Sir Thomas Dacres, Mr. Lawrence, Mr. Nath. Stephens, Mr. Jennor, Mr. John Stephens, Sir John D'Anvers, Mr. Walter Longe, Mr. Rose, Mr. Holles, Mr. Weaver, Mr. Dove, Mr. Kerle, Mr. Solicitor, Sir Wm. Massam, Sir Henry Vane, Mr. Hoyle, the Knights and Burgesses for Hampshire, Gloucestershire, and Monmouthshire: And are to meet upon it To-morrow at Two post meridiem, in the Exchequer Chamber: And have Power to send for Parties, Witnesses, Papers, Records: And all Persons concerned may be heard before the Committee.

Ordered, &c. That the Commissioners of the Great Seal of England do pass a Commission of Survey, under the said Great Seal, to Persons of Integrity, in the Counties of Gloucestershire and Monmouthshire, to inquire, upon Oath, and to return particular Surveys of the Values of the Manors, Lands, and Hereditaments, mentioned in the foresaid Ordinance, to be granted unto and settled upon Lieutenant General Cromwell, and his Heirs, for ever.

Grant to General Fairefaxe.

Ordered, &c. That the Ordinance for settling of Lands, to the full Value of Five thousand Pounds per Annum, upon Sir Thomas Fairefaxe, and his Heirs, for ever, be read on Tuesday Morning next, the first Business; and nothing to intervene: And Mr. Speaker is to put the House in mind hereof.

Poor Protestants.

Resolved, &c. That the Moiety of the Collection of the next Fast Day, in the Cities of London and Westminster, and Liberties, and in all the Churches and Chapels of England and Wales, be employed for the Relief of such poor English and Irish Protestants as are come out of Ireland, and are in or about the Town of Barnstaple: And that the Monies so collected be paid in to Mr. Michaell Herring here at London.

It is further Ordered, That Mr. Dodderiche do prepare an Ordinance for the encouraging and bringing-on these Contributions for these charitable Ends; and for ordering the receiving and paying in these Monies; and the Disposing of them to the charitable Uses aforesaid.

Message to Lords.

Sir Roberet Harley carried to the Lords, for their Concurrence, an Order for the Committee at Derby House to send down a List of such Persons as they have inlisted for Ireland, unto the Sheriff of the County of Oxon: An Order for Commissioners of Oyer and Terminer to issue for Tryal of Persons that have committed Robberies or Spoils, in the Names of Soldiers, in Com. Oxon. An Order for issuing Commissions, under the Great Seal, of Oyer and Terminer, for the several Counties, for Tryal of such Persons as rob and spoil the Counties under the Names of Soldiers: An Order for Commission to Colonel Rainsborough, for reducing Jersey: An Order for paying a Debt to Mr. Daniell Potter, out of the Receipts at Goldsmiths Hall, in Course: An Order for Three thousand Pounds to Alderman Pennington: An Order for One thousand Pounds to the Lady Vere.


Sir Robert Harley brings Answer, That, to all the Particulars carried to them by him, the Lords will send Answer by Messengers of their own.

Loan from the City.

Mr. Holles reports the Opinion of the Common Council, upon the Resolutions of both Houses communicated unto them, touching the Monies formerly lent to be secured, and the Securities to be given upon the Proposition of borrowing Two hundred thousand Pounds: The which was read; and was in hæc verba; viz.

Commune Concilium tent' in Camera Guildhall' Civitatis London, Die Lunæ, tertio Die Maii 1647, Annoque Regni Regis Caroli Angl, &c. 23°, coram Johanne Gayer, Milite, Domino Majore, &c.

TO this Common Council came divers Honourable Persons, Members of both Houses of Parliament, and presented several Resolutions from the said Houses, made on Saturday the First of this Instant May, upon the humble Answer of this Court, lately returned to the Honourable House of Commons, to the Proposition formerly made by the Lords and Commons, for the Borrowing of Two hundred thousand Pounds for the Service of England and Ireland, upon the Security offered by the Parliament, and expressed in the said Proposition and Answer: Upon reading of which Resolutions thus now presented, differing from the former Proposition, this Common Council do humbly present their great Doubt, that the said Two hundred thousand Pounds will not be advanced, unless the Fines and Composition of Delinquents, made and to be made at Goldsmiths Hall, or elsewhere, to be paid in Course, may be added and put in for Security, as hath been formerly propounded, for the Encouragement of the Lenders; but is now omitted in these Resolutions.

And this Court is of Opinion, That the Adding of Thirty thousand Pounds more unto the said Two hundred thousand Pounds; to be raised and secured as the said Two hundred thousand Pounds; and to be divided amongst the poor and decayed Citizens, and other Persons . . . . . : And that the Receipts at Goldsmiths Hall, and of the Excise, may not be further anticipated: And that Treasurers may be named by the Common Council, to receive and pay these Monies, that the same be not issued but only for the Disbanding of the Army, and for the Service of Ireland, and for the decayed Citizens, and other poor Persons, as is humbly propounded in this Court's former Answer; of all which no Notice is taken in the said Resolutions: And that the Lords and Commons will be pleased thus to declare; the same will be a great Encouragement to advance the said Monies.

And this Court doth conceive, That, if the Proposition for Security, by the Lands and Estates of Papists in Arms, and Delinquents excepted from Pardon, shall be omitted, the same will not hinder the Raising of the said Monies.


The Question was propounded, That the House shall insist upon their former Resolutions, touching the Security for the Two hundred thousand Pounds to be now borrowed:

And the Question being put, Whether this Question shall be now put;

The House was divided.

The Yeas went forth.

Sir John Evelyn of Wiltes, Tellers for the Yea: 91.
Mr. Boys, With the Yea.
Mr. Longe, Tellers for the Noe: 104.
Mr. Knightley, With the Noe,

So that the Question passed with the Negative.

Resolved, &c. That the Moiety of all Compositions made or to be made with Delinquents, according to the Orders, Ordinances, or Instructions, of one or both Houses of Parliament, already made, for compounding with Delinquents at Goldsmiths Hall, shall, after the Engagements, already charged upon the said Compositions, are satisfied, be added to the Security. Provided always, That the Houses do notwithstanding declare, That it is their Intention to reserve a Power to the Commissioners at Goldsmiths Hall, to compound with Delinquents for Impropriations, according to such Orders or Instructions as they have or shall receive from both or either House of Parliament, for the Benefit and Advancement of the Ministry.

Ordered, &c. That, To-morrow Morning, the first Business, the House do resume the further Consideration of the Report this Day made from the Common Council, by Mr. Holles.