House of Commons Journal Volume 5: 22 July 1647

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 5, 1646-1648. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Die Jovis, 22 Julii, 1647.


Report deferred.

ORDERED, That Mr. Bossevile do, on Thursday next, make Report from the Committee of the North, of the Business concerning Mr. Lister.

Soldiery in Surrey.

Ordered, That Mr. John Goodwyn do prepare and bring in an Ordinance for charging so much Money upon the County of Surrey, as the Gentlemen of that County shall, upon their Credits, advance, for paying and disbanding the Soldiers of that County: And that the Committee of Accompts for that County pay the Committee of the County such Monies as they have received, or shall receive from the said County, towards the Pay of the said Soldiery.

Leave of Absence.

Ordered, That Mr. * Marten, a Member of this House, shall have Leave to go into the Country.

Ordered, That Mr. Dove, a Member of this House, shall have Leave to go into the Country.

Relief of Freeman, &c.

Ordered, That the Sum of Twenty Pounds be paid by the Committee of Lords and Commons, for Advance of Monies, at Haberdashers Hall, unto Paul Freeman, Robert Woodall, Richard Nimlin, Alice Freeman Widow, Margarett Fletcher Widow, poor People, that suffered great Losses, by having their Houses burnt in the County of Yorke, to help them to bear their Charges, in their Return to their own Country.

The Lords Concurrence to be desired herein.

Payment to Shoemakers.

Ordered, That Mr. Tate do prepare and bring in an Ordinance for the Sale of some Fifty Pounds per Annum, of some Papists Estates in Arms; and, out of it, to make Payment of certain Monies unto certain poor Men, Shoemakers of the Town of Northampton, for Ware they have furnished for the Service of the Publick.

Trained Bands, &c.

A printed Paper, stiled, the humble Petition of the Citizens, Commanders, Officers, and Soldiers of the Trained Bands and Auxiliaries, the young Men and Apprentices of the Cities of London and Westminster, Sea Commanders, Seamen, and Watermen; together with divers other Commanders, Officers, and Soldiers, within the Lines of Communication, and weekly Bills of Mortality; with a Protestation, or solemn Engagement, annexed, bearing the same Title; was this Day read.

Alderman Pennington, Colonel Ven, Mr. Blakiston, Mr. John Gourdon, Sir Peter Wentworth, Sir Wm. Massam, Mr. Fowell, Mr. Jennour, Mr. Leman, Alderman Atkin, Mr. Whittacre, Mr. John Ashe, Mr. Edward Ashe, Mr. Challoner, Sir Henry Heyman, Sir Walter Erle, Mr. Myles Corbett, Mr. Snelling, Sir Arthur Hesilrig, Mr. John Corbett;

This Committee, or any Five of them, is appointed to examine and inquire, What Engagement or Combination has been entered into, by any People, to the Disturbance of the Peace of the Parliament and Kingdom: And have Power to send for Parties, Witnesses, Papers, Records: And are to meet upon it this Afternoon at Two of Clock, in the Court of Wards; and so de die in diem.

Proposals from the Army.

According to the Order Yesterday made, the House took into Consideration the particular Proposals last sent from the Army.

Resolved, &c. That this House doth declare, That there appears not to them any Cause for calling, drawing, or inviting any Forces into this Kingdom; and that they do not intend to call, invite, or draw-in any Forces whatsoever into the same: And doth declare, That such Person or Persons as shall endeavour to invite, draw or call in any Forces into this Kingdom, without the Authority of both Houses of Parliament, are Traitors; and shall suffer Punishment as Traitors to the Kingdom.

The Lords Concurrence to be desired herein.

Sir John Evelyn of Wiltes is appointed to carry it to the Lords.

He likewise carried the Order for Twenty Pounds, out of Haberdashers Hall, for certain poor People of Yorkshire.

Army Committee, &c.

The Amendments, returned from the Lords, 20 Julii 1647, to the Ordinance for reviving and continuing the Committee and Treasurers of the Army; which were only in point of the Dates; were read; and, upon the Question, assented unto.

Invalid Soldiers, &c.

Sir John Evelyn likewise carried to the Lords, the Ordinance for one Moiety of the Fines of the Excise, and of the Sixth Part of the additional Excise, for Relief of poor Widows, and maimed Soldiers.

Army, &c.

Ordered, That, in Answer to the Second Proposition, the Commissioners with the Army do acquaint the Com missioners of the Army, what Course the House has taken for satisfying the Army in the Point of Pay: And as to that Part that concerns the Accompt of Weavers Hall, it is referred to the Committee of the Army, to examine and state it to the House.

Ordered, That it be referred to the Commissioners with the Army, to treat and consider with the General and Commissioners of the Army, how the great Charge that the Kingdom is at, in the Pay of the Army, the Garisons, and other Forces now put under the General's Command, may be lessened, and so disposed, that Ireland be speedily relieved; and that those Forces that go into Ireland and the Army and Garisons that shall be kept up here, be paid and provided for, out of the Threescore thousand Pounds per mensem Assessments: And they are to give an Accompt hereof, from time to time, to this House.

Irish Affairs.

A Letter from the Commissioners at Dublyn, from Dublyn, of 16 Julii 1647, was this Day read: And

It is Ordered, That Sir John Temple do forthwith go to the Commissioners with the Army; and, with them, acquaint the General and the Commissioners of the Army with this Letter, and such other Extracts of Letters, and other Matters, as the Committee for Ireland shall judge may advantage and promote the speedy Relief of Ireland: And they are effectually to pass and promote the speedy sending Forces into Ireland: And the Committee for Ireland is appointed to meet this Afternoon; and to dispatch away Sir John Temple with all Speed.

Ordered, That the Business of Ireland be taken into Consideration, the first Business, To-morrow Morning.

Trained Bands.

The humble Petition of the Trained Band of the Ward of Portsoken, without Algate, whose Names are subscribed, concerning Captain John Haies, their Captain, a Man of Fidelity, being removed; and one Edward Wallis put over them as their Captain, who deserted the Service when there was Occasion; was this Day read.

The humble Petition of the Inhabitants of the Ward of Walbrooke in London was read; representing, That their Captain, a deserving Man, and his faithful Officers of the Trained Band, are removed.

Ordered, &c. That the House do meet this Afternoon, at Two of Clock, and resume the Consideration of the Proposition last sent from the Army, concerning the Militia of the City of London, the first Business.

Petitions referred.

Ordered, &c. That the several Petitions of Officers, Soldiers, Women, Irish Protestants, and other poor distressed Poeple, be referred to the Consideration of the Committee where Mr. Knightley hath the Chair: Who are to examine and state the Condition of the Petitions; and to report their Opinions, what they think sit to be done upon them; and how and what fitting Relief may be had, and raised for them respectively: And they are to meet de die in diem; and make Report with all convenient Speed.

Post meridiem.

Leave of Absence.

ORDERED, &c. That Mr. William Strode, a Member of this House, shall have Leave to go into the Country.

London Militia.

The Question was propounded, That the Militia of the City of London be restored into the Hands it was formerly in before the last Change: And that an Ordinance be forthwith brought in to this Purpose:

And the Question being put, Whether this Question shall be now put;

The House was divided.

The Noes went forth.

Mr. Wheeler, Tellers for the Noe: 46.
Mr. Gewen, With the Noe,
Mr. Morley, Tellers for the Yea: 77.
Mr. Stapleton, With the Yea,

So that the Question passed with the Affirmative.

Resolved, &c. That the Militia of the City of London be restored into the same Hands it was formerly in before the last Change: And that an Ordinance be forthwith brought in to this Purpose.

Mr. Maynard, Mr. Wm. Stephens, and Colonel Venn, or any Two of them, are to prepare and bring in this Ordinance To-morrow Morning.