House of Commons Journal Volume 5: 15 September 1647

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 5, 1646-1648. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Die Mercurii, 15 Septembris, 1647.


Latham's Petition.

ORDERED, That Mr. Latham's Petition be read, To-morrow Morning, the first Business.

Court of Wards.

An Ordinance for making Recompence to the Lord Viscount Say and Seale, late Master of the Court of Wards, Sir Benjamin Rudyard, Knight, late Surveyor of the Court of Wards, Sir Rowland Wandesford Knight, late Attorney of the Court of Wards, and Charles Fleetwood Esquire, late Receiver General of the Court of Wards, out of the Lands and Possessions of the Earl of Worcester, and Francis Lord Cottington, in lieu of their respective Places, and of their Damages and Losses sustained for their Affections to the Parliament, was this Day read the Second time; and, upon the Question, committed unto the Committee for the Officers of the Court of Wards; with the Addition of Colonel Birch, Mr. Stapilton, Sir John Evelyn of Wiltes, Mr. Swynfen, Mr. Lawrence, Mr. John Goodwyn, Mr. Dove, Mr. Selden, Sir Wm. Armyn, Mr. Weaver, Mr. Scott, Sir Henry Mildmay, Sir Arthur Hesilrige, Mr. Knightley, Sir Wm. Strickland, Mr. Ashhurst, Colonel Bossevile: And are to meet upon it this Afternoon at Two of Clock; and are to report it this Day Sevennight, between the Hours of Ten and Twelve: And have Power to send for Parties, Papers, Records.

Ordered, That Mr. Swynfen do, this Day Sevennight make Report of the other Officers of the Court of Wards.

Delinquents Estates.

An Ordinance for sequestering the Estates of such Persons as have compounded at Goldsmiths Hall, and their Fines allowed by both Houses, and have given Security, and not paid in the Second Moiety of their Fines, according to their Security by Bond, was read; and, upon the Question, passed; and ordered to be sent unto the Lords for their Concurrence.

Mr. Edward Ashe is appointed to carry it to the Lords.

Leave of Absence.

Ordered, &c. That Mr. Grantham a Member of this House, shall have Leave to go into the Country.

Petitions presented.

The House being informed, That divers Petitioners were at the Door, with Petitions;

They were called in:

The First presented a Petition, styled, The humble Petition of divers well affected Citizens of London, and others.

Others were called in; and presented a Petition from the Inhabitants of the County of Oxon.

Others were called in; and presented a Petition from the Inhabitants of the County of Herts.

The said several Petitions were all read.

Colchester Petition.

The humble Petition of sundry Aldermen, and other well affected Inhabitants of the Town of Colchester, was read; and referred, upon the whole Matter, and every Particular thereof, unto Sir Wm. Massam, Sir Arth. Hasilrigge, Mr. Miles Corbett, Sir Henry Mildmay, Mr. Weaver, Colonel Scott, Mr. Brewster, Mr. Lawrence, Mr. Ball, Sir Wm. Constable, Alderman Pennyngton, Colonel Rainsborough, Mr. Wheeler, Colonel Harvey, Sir Martin Lumley, Mr. Salwey, Mr. Leman, Mr. Nath. Fienis, Lieutenant General Cromwell, Mr. John Browne, Mr. Bois, Mr. Ashhurst, Mr. Gourdon, Mr. Scott, Mr. Wm. Massam: And they are to examine the whole Proceedings that were, upon a Petition, mentioned in the said Petition, to be preferred to this House, in February last, from the County of Essex; and upon what Grounds the said Petition was framed; by whom; and what Additions and Alterations were made in it; by whom; and where: And this Committee, or any Five of them, are to meet this Afternoon at Three of Clock, in the Exchequer Chamber: And have Power to send for Parties, Witnesses, Papers, Records: And are to report with all convenient Speed.

Message to Lords.

Mr. Edward Ash carried to the Lords, for their Concurrence, the Ordinance for sequestering the Estates of such Persons as shall not pay in the Moiety of their Fines, according to their Compositions: The Order for Twenty Pounds, out of the Receipts at Haberdashers Hall, to the Lady Pigott Widow: The Order for a Hundred Pounds out of Haberdashers Hall, to the Widow Pinade.

The Lords were up, before he came thither.

Irish Affairs.

Ordered, That the Committee for the Affairs of Ireland, at Derby House, be required to send into Ireland, for such Persons, as, by the Committee for examining the late Force upon the Houses, shall be nominated unto the said Committee.

Army Proposals.

Sir Henry Vane junior reports from the Commissioners residing with the Army, that since Friday last they had treated with the Commissioners of the Army, upon their Proposals; and had shewed them, Where any thing in those Proposals were against the Votes or Declarations of the Houses: That the Commissioners of the Army will very speedily deliver them to the Commissioners of Parliament in such manner as they desire them to be presented to the Houses.


Ordered, That To-morrow Morning, the first Business, and nothing to intervene, the House do take into Consideration the Report made last Week, by Mr. Scawen, concerning an Establishment to be made for the Forces to be kept up in England, and to be sent into Ireland.


Ordered, That the Ordinances, concerning the Payment of Tythes, be referred to the Consideration of a Committee, to consider of the Grievances that arise to the Subject by those Ordinances; and how they may be redressed; viz. unto Mr. Bois, Mr. Marten, Mr. Nath. Fienis, Sir Gilbert Gerard, Major Salwey, Sir John Temple, Mr. Wheeler, Sir John Evelyn of Surrey, Mr. Ashhurst, Colonel Birch, Lieutenant General Cromwell, Colonel Thompson, Sir Robert Pye, Mr. Trenchard, Mr. Ball, Mr. Swynfen, Mr. Hungerford, Mr. Stephens, Mr. Lister, Mr. Gourdon, Colonel Harvey, Mr. Harrington, Sir Henry Vane junior, Sir Arthur Hesilrige, Mr. John Browne, Mr. Annesley, Mr. * Bacon, Colonel Bossevile, Sir Wm. Armyn, Mr. Weaver, Mr. Reynolds, Alderman Atkins, Mr. Dove: And are to meet To-morrow at Two of Clock, post meridiem, in the Exchequer Chamber.

Business deferred.

Ordered, That, To-morrow Morning, the first Business, notwithstanding any former Order, the House do take into Consideration the Matter of the Petition this Day preferred, styled, The humble Petition of divers wellaffected Citizens of London, and others: And that, immediately after, the House do take into Consideration the Report formerly made by Mr. Scawen, concerning the Forces for England and Ireland, and the Garisons.