House of Commons Journal Volume 5: 19 January 1648

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 5, 1646-1648. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Die Mercurii, 19 Januarii, 1647.


Grant to Borlase.

UPON a Report from the Committee for the Affairs of Ireland, at Derby House, representing the very sad Condition of Sir John Borlase the elder;

Resolved, &c. That the Sum of Three hundred Pounds be advanced and paid, upon Account, to Sir John Borlase the elder, for his present Relief and Subsistence.

Resolved, &c. That the Sum of One hundred Pounds, Part of the said Sum of Three hundred Pounds, be charged upon the Monies coming in at Haberdashers Hall; and paid forthwith, by Order of the said Committee, unto the said Sir John Borlase the elder:

The Lords Concurrence to be desired herein.

Ordered, That it be referred to the Committee for the Affairs of Ireland, at Derby House, and the Committee for the Irish Affairs, at Star Chamber, to consider, How the Two hundred Pounds, Remainder of the said Three hundred Pounds assigned to the said Sir John Borlase the elder, may be paid and satisfied unto him.

Proceedings against Stowell, &c.

Ordered, That Mr. Solicitor be enjoined to proceed, with what Effect and Speed he can, to the Tryal of Sir John Stowell, Mr. Jenkins, and Sir Lewis Dive: And that Mr. Samuell Browne, Mr. Maynard, Mr. Hill, Mr. Prideaux, Mr. Ellis, Mr. Lislibon Long, Mr. Nicholas, or any Two of them, be added to him, to assist him in this Business: And that they do proceed to an Outlawry, for Treason, against Sir Lewis Dive; who, being committed for Treason, is escaped out of Prison.

Ordered, That Mr. Beck be appointed Solicitor to attend these Gentlemen, and to prosecute these Tryals. And

It is further Ordered, That this Committee be authorized and have Liberty, to advise and consult with the Judges upon these Matters, as they shall see Occasion.

Irish Adventurers.

Ordered, That the Residue of the Monies come in or to come in to the Hands of the Vice Treasurer for Ireland, out of Grocers Hall, upon the late Ordinance for Increase of Adventurers for Ireland, be by him forthwith sent into the Province of Munster, as Part of the Ten thousand Pounds formerly ordered to be sent into that Province, out of the first Monies raised or to be raised for Ireland.

The Lords Concurrence to be desired herein.

Colonel Jephson is appointed to carry it to the Lords.

Col. Lee.

A Letter from the General, from Windesore, of 18 Januarii 1647, was this Day read.

Ordered, That it be referred to the Members of this House, of the Northern Committee, to examine this Business mentioned in this Letter; and to send for Lieutenant Colonel Lee, and for Witnesses.

Proceedings concerning Lilburne, &c.

Resolved, &c. That Lieutenant Colonel Lilburne, and Mr. Masterson the Minister of Shoreditch, be called in: And that the said Minister be required to make the like Narrative of the Matters he made Yesterday.

Resolved, &c. That Lieutenant Colonel Lilburne shall be acquainted, without withdrawing, That he may give his Answer to the Matters charged against him.

Lieutenant Colonel John Lilburne was brought in to the Bar by the Lieutenant of the Tower.

Mr. Masterson was likewise called in; and did make the like Narrative as Yesterday; only some Particulars were omitted.

Lieutenant Colonel John Lilburne, having Liberty given him, did begin to speak, with some Preamble to his Discourse: Was commanded to withdraw a little.

Ordered, That when Mr. Masterson shall be again called in, he be put in mind, by Mr. Speaker, of those Particulars which were omitted by him in the Narrative now made, of what he made Yesterday.

Ordered, That Lieutenant Colonel Lilburne be acquainted by Mr. Speaker, That he hath Liberty to make Answer to the Matters charged against him; and, for the Manner of it, it is left unto himself.

Mr. Masterson and Lieutenant Colonel Lilburne were again called in: And Mr. Masterson, being acquainted with the Particulars omitted, did relate the same Things as Yesterday he did.

Then Lieutenant Colonel Lilburne, after some Salvo premised by him of his Right as an Englishman, did make a long Narrative of what passed at that Meeting; and, among other Things in his relation, did absolutely and positively deny, that he did say or use any such Expression, That they would make use of an Address to this House, or own this House, for a Colour or Cloak only: And then, with some Expressions and Desires concerning himself, concluded his Discourse.

The House being informed, That the Lieutenant of the Tower desired to say something to the House;

He was called in; and acquainted the House, That he received formerly an Order from the House, for giving Liberty to Lieutenant Colonel Lilburne to attend his Occasions, and to return to the Tower at Nights: That Yesterday he received an Order for repealing the said former Order; and another Order requiring him to bring him to this House this Morning at Nine of Clock: He desired this House to consider, That if they intended he should take him with him to the Tower, that they would take some Course that might enforce him, in case of Refusal; in regard he had said, both to his Keeper, and himself, That he would not go, but by Force: That there were many of his Friends here with him; and that He was here alone.

Mr. Masterson and Mr. Wildeman were called in: And Mr. Masterson repeated some Part of his former Narrative, which related to Mr. Wildeman.

Mr. Wildman, having Liberty to speak, began with a Salvo of his Right as an Englishman.

Whereupon, being required to withdraw; the House gave Order to Mr. Speaker, to let Mr. Wildeman know, That he had Liberty to give his Answer to the Matters charged against him: And for the Manner of it, they left it to himself.

Mr. Wildeman and Mr. Masterson were again called in: And Mr. Speaker acquainted Mr. Wildeman with the Directions of the House.

And then Mr. Wildeman used many Words to this Purpose; That, out of his Respects to this House, not in way of Answer to what that other Gentleman had said, he would make an ingenuous and true Narrative of what passed at That Meeting: And made a long Discourse thereof.

The House being informed, That Lieutenant Colonel John Lilburne desired to say something more to this House;

He was called in; and did express to the House, That he understood, that this House had Yesterday revoked that Order they formerly granted, whereby he enjoyed some Liberty, out of Prison to follow his Occasions; that his Sufferings had been long time very great; that He and His lay under great Necessities; that he could not submit to that Authority that committed him; that, rather than return, he would chuse to have his Head cleft by one of the Halberdeers; and did earnestly desire, that he might continue in the same Condition of their Favours as formerly he did.

Transporting Soldiers.

Resolved, &c. That Power be given to the General, to give Warrant to such Commanders and Officers as he shall think fit, to transport such of the Supernumeraries, now to be disbanded, as shall desire to go with them, into the Parts beyond the Seas: And that he take such Security as he shall think fitting, that they will act nothing to the Prejudice of the Parliament; And that the General take Order, That the Persons transported by this Warrant may be inlisted; and that one Copy of those Lists be sent to the Ports whence they shall be transported; and another Copy of the said Lists sent to the Committee of this House for Prisoners.

Proceedings concerning Lilburne, &c.

Two printed Papers; the one intituled, "The mournful Cries of many Thousand poor Tradesmen, who are ready to famish through Decay of Trade;" the other, sent in by Lieutenant Colonel Lilburne, upon a Demand of a Copy thereof by the House, intituled, "The earnest Petition of many freeborn People of this Nation;" and directed, "To the supreme Authority of England, the Commons, in Parliament assembled;" were read.

Resolved, &c. That this Business concerning Lieutenant Colonel John Lilburne and Mr. John Wildeman be referred to a Tryal at Law in the King's Bench.

Ordered, That the Care of bringing this Business to Tryal at the King's Bench, be referred to Mr. Solicitor, and the Members of this House that are of the Long Robe, that are joined this Day with Mr. Solicitor, to take care of bringing other Persons named in that Order to Tryal: And that Mr. Beck be likewise appointed to solicit the Prosecution of this Business: With the like Power to consult the Judges in this Business as in the other, as they shall have Occasion.

Ordered, That, on Saturday Morning next, the Order concerning Lieutenant Colonel John Lilburne be read.

Resolved, &c. That the Word "treasonable" be inserted in the Question touching the Commitment of Lieutenant Colonel Lilburne.

Resolved, &c. That Lieutenant Colonel John Lilburne be committed to the Tower, in order to his Tryal, according to Law, for treasonable and seditious Practices against the State.

Resolved, &c. That Mr. John Wildeman be committed to the Fleet, in order to his Tryal, according to Law, for treasonable and seditious Practices against the State.