House of Commons Journal Volume 5: 19 April 1648

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 5, 1646-1648. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Die Mercurii, 19 Aprilis, 1648.


Westminster College.

ORDERED, That Mr. Denys Bond be added to the Committee for the College of Westminster, in the place of Sir John Clotworthy.

The Lords Concurrence to be desired herein.

Leave of Absence.

Ordered, That Mr. Stockdale, a Member of this House, shall have Leave to go into the Country, for Recovery of his Health.

Deane Forest.

An Ordinance for the Preservation of the Timber in the Forest of Deane, was this Day read; and, upon the Question, passed; and ordered to be sent unto the Lords for their Concurrence.

Sir Robert Pye is appointed to carry it to the Lords.

King's Cabinets, &c.

A Warrant from the King to Mr. Jolly, to deliver his Ivory Cabinet to Mrs. Wheeler, was read: And

It is Ordered, That it be referred to the Committee for Whitehall, to examine the whole Business, what Cabinets, or Papers, or other Matters of Value, have been delivered, by what Authority, to whom and by whose Hands, and to confer with Mrs. Wheeler upon this Business; to take an Inventory of what Cabinets, Furs, or other Matters of Value, are remaining; and to take some good Course for the Preserving thereof; and to report all to the House: And have Power to send for Parties, Witnesses, and Papers.

Defaulters in Musters.

An Ordinance for giving Authority to the Deputy Lieutenants of the County of Kent to punish Defaulters at Musters, by Fine upon the Delinquents, was this Day read the First time; and appointed to be read the Second time To-morrow, next after the Reports at Goldsmiths Hall.

Transactions with Scotland.

A Letter from the Commissioners of both Houses of Parliament, from Edinburgh, of Aprilis, 15 1648, with a Paper inclosed, of 14 Aprilis 1648, delivered by the Commissioners in to the Parliament of Scotland, reinforcing their Demands, and Desires of an Answer to their former Papers, and enlarging their Demands as to Colonel George Wray; and an Answer of the Parliament of Scotland, of * Aprilis 1648; were all this Day read.

Ordered, That it be referred to the Committee at Derby House, to meet this Afternoon; and to consider of the Papers delivered in by the Commissioners of both Houses to the Parliament of Scotland; of the Instructions and Authorities given to the Commissioners upon which the Demands in their Papers are grounded; the Answer of the Parliament of Scotland to their Papers; and likewise to consider of the Act of Pacification; the Union between the Kingdoms, as it is now settled by Treaties, and the Covenant; and, upon Consideration of all, to state the whole Matter of Fact to the House To-morrow Morning.

Ordinance for Ireland.

Ordered, That the additional Ordinance for Ireland, appointed for this Day, be read To-morrow Morning, after the Business of the Scotts Papers.

Message to Lords.

Sir Robert Pye carried to the Lords, for their Concurrence, an Ordinance for Preservation of Timber in the Forest of Deane: The Order for adding Mr. Denys Bond to the Committee for the College of Westminster.

Navy Loan, &c.

Sir Henry Vane junior reports from the Committee of the Navy, the Answer to the present Commissioners, touching the Loan of Thirty thousand Pounds.

Mr. Green reports Estimates, from the several Offices, of the Navy Debts.

Ordered, That it be referred to the Committee of the Navy, to offer to the Persons now proposed, that if they will lend the Sum of Thirty thousand Pounds upon the same Security offered, and stand to the last Order of the House concerning the Out Ports; and will pay to the now Commissioners all that is owing to them, according to the Declaration and Ordinance of Parliament before their Entry, and to accept the same Salary allowed to the former Customers; the said Persons shall be accepted to be Commissioners of the Customs.

Message to Lords.

Ordered, That Mr. Knightley do go to the Lords, and desire a Conference, by Committees of both Houses, so soon as may stand with their Lordships Conveniency, touching the Commander of the Ship Antelopp, nominated by this House; the Ship being gone to Sea without a Commander.

He likewise carried to the Lords the Order for Addition of Robert Harley, and Robert Kirle, Esquires, to the Committee for Sequestrations in the County of Hereford, &c.

Navy Appointments.

Ordered, That it be referred to the Committee of the Admiralty and Cinque Ports, to send to Colonel Edward Popham and Colonel Lidcott, and receive their Answer touching the Ships they are appointed to command; and, in case of their Refusal, to nominate others to supply their Commands; and to Report them to the House.

Answer from Lords.

Sir Robert Pye brings Answer, That the Lords do agree to the Particulars carried by him.

Gerard's, &c. Accompts.

Ordered, That, To-morrow Sevennight, the Accompts of Sir Gilbert Gerard, Sir Henry Vane junior, and Mr. Peck, be reported.

Insurrection in London.

Ordered, That Alderman Pennyngton and Alderman Atkyn do attend the Service of Examining the late Insurrection in the City of London; to the end that Examinations in that Business may be taken upon Oath.

Mitton's Accompts.

The humble Petition of Colonel Thomas Mitton, was this Day read.

Resolved, &c. That the Sum of Five thousand Pounds be forthwith advanced and paid unto Colonel Thomas Mitton, upon Account: And that he be referred to the Committee of Accompts; to state and certify his Accompts.

Ordered, That it be referred to Mr. John Corbett, Mr. Foxwist, Mr. Humphry Edwards, and Sir Gregory Norton, to consider of some Delinquent or Delinquents, not yet discovered, or compounded with, out of whose Fines or Estates the said Sum of Five thousand Pounds may be raised, and paid to the said Colonel Thomas Mitton: And that they prepare and bring in an Ordinance to that Purpose.

Grant to Gen. Skippon.

Ordered, That it be referred to Sir Anthony Irby, Mr. Myles Corbett, Mr. Solicitor, and Mr. John Stephens, or any Two of them, to consider of and bring in an Ordinance for settling Lands, to the Value of One thousand Pounds per Annum, upon Major General Philip Skippon, and his Heirs for ever, in Fee-simple; to be a Mark upon him, and his Posterity, in Testimony of the very faithful and good Service performed by him to this Kingdom and Parliament; according to a former Order of this House, of 1 Decembris 1645.

Strangewaies' Fine.

The humble Petition of Sir John Strangewaies Knight, now Prisoner in the Tower of London, was this Day read; and likewise an Order of 16 Martii 1647, whereby the Fine of Ten thousand Pounds was set upon him, for discharging the Sequestration of his Estate, and taking off his Delinquency.

Resolved, &c. That this House doth accept of the Fine of Ten thousand Pounds of Sir John Strangwaies, and his Son, in full, for Pardon of their Delinquency, and Discharge of the Sequestration of their Estates; [and from the Payment of any Fifth, or Twentieth Part (fn. 1) ]; the said Ten thousand Pounds to be thus paid; viz. Five thousand Pounds in Hand, and Five thousand Pounds at Three Months End: And they are to give Security to the Committee of the Navy, such as shall satisfy them, for the Payment of the latter Five thousand Pounds: And that, upon the Payment of the first Five thousand Pounds, and Security so given, as aforefaid, for the Payment of the other Five thousand Pounds, the said Sir John Strangwaies, and his Son Gyles Strangwaies, to be discharged of their Imprisonment; and Sir John to have Liberty to go into Dorsetshire, or where else he please; and his Son to have the Liberty of the late Lines of Communication, and Twenty Miles Distance thereof; and, after the Payment of the whole Ten thousand Pounds, Mr. Giles Strangwaies to have his full Liberty: And the Committee of the Navy is to prepare and bring in an Ordinance concerning this Business, accordingly: And Sir Walter Erle is desired to acquaint Sir John Strangwaies with this Order.

The Lords Concurrence ordered to be desired 28 Aprilis 1648.

Answer from Lords.

Mr. Knightley brings Answer, That the Lords do agree to the Order for Addition of Robert Harley, and Robert Kyrle, Esquires, to the Committee of Sequestrations in the County of Hereford, &c.; and have appointed a Conference, upon the Matters desired, To-morrow at Eleven of Clock.


  • 1. Added per Ord' Vicesimi Aprilis 1648.