House of Commons Journal Volume 5: 24 April 1648

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 5, 1646-1648. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Die Lunæ, 24 Aprilis, 1648.


Call of the House.

ACCORDING to former Order, the House was Called.

These Members following were excused:

Sir Francis Pyle, Mr. Richard Winwood, Mr. John Harris, Mr. George Kekewich, Mr. * Penrose, Mr. John Thomas, Mr. Henry Willes, Mr. John Moyle, Sir Christofer Yelverton, Mr. John Fielder, Mr. Richard Eresey, Mr. Thomas Dacres, Mr. Francis Hollis, Mr. Richard Tolson excused upon his Case, Mr. Thomas Cholmley, excused upon his Case, Mr. Henry Lucas, Mr. George Booth, Mr. Nath. Hallowes, Sir Nicholas Marten, Sir Samuell Clerk, Mr. Christofer Marten, Mr. Hugh Potter, Mr. John Elford, Mr. Robert Shapcott, excused and referred to his Case, Mr. Walter Young, Sir Edmond Fowell, Sir John Northcott, Sir Tho. Trenchard, Mr. Richard Rose, Mr. Wm. Siddenham, Mr. Thomas Ceely, Mr. Doyly, excused upon his Case, Mr. Nath. Fines, Mr. John Bowyer, Mr. * Green, Sir Wm. Allenson, Mr. John Anlaby, Sir Charles Egerton excused upon his Case, Sir Wm. Strickland, Mr. Henry Arthington, Mr. Wm. White, Mr. Edw. Wingate, Mr. Bennet Hoskins excused upon his Case, Mr. Edmond Weaver excused for his Case, Sir John Wray excused, Sir Edward Aiscough, Mr. Thomas Grantham, Mr. Thomas Hatcher, Mr. John Weaver, Sir Richard Haugton Baronet, Mr. Richard Shuttleworth senior, Mr. Wm. Haughton, Mr. Fell, Mr. Alexander Rigby, Mr. Rich. Shuttleworth sick, Sir Robert Napier excused for his Case, Lord Fitzwilliams, Sir Marten Lister, Mr. Gilbert Millington, Sir Wm. Lister, Sir John Potts Knight and Baronet, Mr. Thomas Toll sick, Mr. Owner, Sir Thomas Woodhowse, Sir John Fenwick, Mr. Wm. Fenwick, Mr. Robert Scawen, Mr. Selden, Mr. Michaell Noble, Mr. George Abbott, Mr. George Gallopp, Sir Wm. Uvedall, Mr. Button, Mr. Wallopp, Sir Charles Legrosse, Mr. George Horner, Sir Thomas Wroth, Mr. Thomas Hodges, Mr. Wm. Carent, Mr. Anthony Stapley, Mr. Herbert Springate, Mr. Arth. Onslowe, Mr. Hugh Rogers, Sir Nevill Poole, Mr. Tho. Hodges, Mr. Charles Fleetwood, Mr. John Crowcher, Mr. Wm. Purefoy, Mr. Richard Browne, Sir Henry Heymond, Sir Rich. Price excused upon his Case, Sir Tho. Middleton, Mr. Thomas Middleton, Mr. Edward Vaughan excused, . . . Sam. Thewell, Mr. John Jones, Sir Arthur Owen, Mr. George Devereux.

Sir John Palgrave, Sir Poynings Moore, Mr. Charles Riche, and Philip Lord Herbert, were absent upon their Call; and no Excuse for their Absence admitted.

Member for Cumberland.

A Letter from the Committee for the County of Cumberland, concerning Richard Tolson Esquire, a Member of this House, chosen Knight of the Shire for the said County, was this Day read.

Cases of Members.

Ordered, That on Monday Morning next, the first Business, nothing to intervene, the Committee for the Members of this House that have put in their Cases, do make their several Reports: And the said Committee is enjoined to meet this Afternoon; and afterwards, to sit de die in diem, in the mean time.

Transactions with Scotland.

Additional Instructions for the Commissioners of both Houses, now in Scotland, were read; and, upon the Question, assented unto; and ordered to be sent to the Lords for their Concurrence; viz. as followeth:

An additional Instruction for Charles Earl of Nottingham, Henry Earl of Stamsord, Bryan Stapilton, Robert Goodwin, Wm. Ashhurst, and John Birch, Esquires, Commissioners from the Parliament of England, to the Parliament of Scotland; or any Two of them.

WHEREAS both Houses of the Parliament of England have formerly given you Instructions to demand from the Parliament of Scotland, That Captain Wogan, and his Officers, that are Englishmen, and also the English Officers of any other Forces, that may be passed over out of this Kingdom into Scotland; as also all such Officers and Reformadoes, now in Scotland, as you shall find to have, at any time, served the King against the Parliament; may be all forthwith apprehended, secured, and delivered over to you, to be sent Prisoners into England; and that all the private Soldiers may be dismounted, dispersed, and sent Home: And whereas you have, in pursuance of the said Instructions, demanded Captain Wogan, and others; and have received from the Parliament of Scotland a Paper of the Twelfth of April, for an Answer to the said Demand; both which Demand and Paper you have transmitted to the Houses: Who have thereupon resolved, that the Answer given to you by the Parliament of Scotland, of the Twelfth of April, is not satisfactory: You are therefore hereby required and authorized to insist upon your former Demands, as to those Persons demanded, notwithstanding the said Answer; and to proceed further, as by your Instructions you are appointed.

A Letter from Edenburgh, of the Eighteenth of April 1648, from the Commissioners of the Parliament of England, now residing in Scotland, with a Paper inclosed, delivered by them to the Parliament of Scotland, replying to the Answer received by them from the Parliament of Scotland, were read.

Message to Lords.

Mr. Clive carried to the Lords, for their Concurrence, Order for the Redress of the grievous Oppression of the Subject, by taking Free Quarter, contrary to the Ordinances of Parliament; and of other Offences and Misdemeanors of the Soldiers: An additional Instruction for the Commissioners for the Parliament of England to the Parliament of Scotland: The Resolution, That the Answer of the Parliament of Scotland is not satisfactory.

And Mr. Clive was to put the Lords in mind of the Order for suppressing Tumults.

Sir Robert Nappier.

An humble Petition of Sir Robert Nappier Knight and Baronet, was tendered to be read; expressing, That he was ready at the Door, if the House pleased to call him in.

Ordered, That the Committee to whom, by the last Order, the Business concerning Sir Robert Nappier was referred, do make Report thereof on Monday Morning next.

Mayor of Oxon.

Ordered, That Mr. Nixon, now Mayor of Oxon, have Leave to go down to Oxon: And that the Thanks of this House be given to the said Mr. Nixon, for his good Service, and good Affections testified thereby to the Parliament.

Mr. Speaker gave the Thanks of this House to the said Mr. Nixon accordingly.

Call of the House.

Resolved, &c. That the House be Called this Day Fortnight.

Leave of Absence.

The Question was propounded, That no Leave be given to any of the Members of the House to be absent from the Service of the House, unless it be asked between Ten and Twelve of Clock:

And the Question being put, Whether this Question shall be now put;

The House was divided.

The Yeas went forth.

Sir Michaell Livesey, Tellers for the Noe: 90.
Colonel Ludlow, With the Noe:
Sir Walter Erle, Tellers for the Yea: 114.
Major General Skippon, With the Yea,

So that the Question passed with the Affirmative.

Resolved, &c. That no Member of the House shall have Leave given him to be absent from the Service of the House, unless Leave be asked between Ten and Twelve of Clock.

Answers from Lords.

Mr. Clive brings Answer from the Lords, That they do agree to the Order against Free Quarter: And to all the other Particulars of his Message, they will send Answer by Messengers of their own.

Mr. Pury brings Answer, The Lords do agree to the Ordinance for Marston Mosey; and the Ordinnance for Soldiers Debentures: To the rest of the Particulars of the Message sent by him, their Lordships will send Answer by Messengers of their own.