House of Commons Journal Volume 5: 13 May 1648

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 5, 1646-1648. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Die Sabbati, 13 Maii, 1648.


Tumult at Bury.

A LETTER from Bury St. Edmunds, of 12 Maii 1648, was this Day read: And

It is Ordered, That it be referred to the Committee at Derby House, to meet upon it this Morning; and to report their Opinion, What they think fit to be done upon it.

They are further to consider, Whether it may not be fit, that some Gentlemen of that Country may be desired to go down thither, to settle these Distempers.

The Gentlemen of the said Country are desired to go to the Committee at Derby House, to give them their best Advice and Information in this Business.


Mr. Bulkley reports an Ordinance for settling the Militia in the several and respective Counties of England and Wales: The which was read the First and Second time.

The Question being put, That, before the House proceed to Reading of the Names of the Persons to be Commissioners in this Ordinance, they shall consider of general Characters to limit those Persons.

The House was divided.

The Yeas went forth.

Sir John Bamfeild, Tellers for the Yea; 67.
Mr. John Ash, With the Yea,
Mr. Annesley, Tellers for the Noe: 91.
Mr. Tate, With the Noe,

So that the Question passed with the Negative.

The Question was propounded, That the Notes of Names to be Commissioners in this Ordinance shall be subscribed by the Members of the respective Counties:

And the Question being put, Whether this Question shall be now put;

It passed with the Negative.

Tumunlt at Bury.

Sir Gilbert Gerard reports from the Committee of Lords and Commons at Derby House, an Order this Day made: The which was read; and, upon the Question, assented unto, and was in hæc verba; viz.

"Ordered, That it be reported to the House, That this Committee hath desired some of the Gentlemen of Suffolke to go down to Bury, to use their Endeavour to appease the Tumult there; and have likewise taken care that some Forces be ready to give Assistance unto them, in case those Gentlemen sent down shall find it needful: And that it be reported to the House, as the Opinion of this Committee, That no Capitulation be made with those that have made this Tumult; but, in case of their absolute Submission, that an Indemnity may be granted unto them for what they have done in this Business.

Ordered, That it be referred to the Committee at Derby House, to give Instructions to the Gentlemen that they have desired to go down to Bury St. Edmonds.

Reports, &c. deferred.

Ordered, That the Report touching the Duke of Yorke, and touching the Stores, be made on Monday Morning next, peremptorily, the first Business; And that, next after those Reports, the Ordinance concerning Colonel Hamond, Governor of the Isle of Wight, be read.

Sheriffs Accompts.

Ordered, That, on Thursday next, the Ordinance touching the Sheriffs Accompts be read: And all the Gentlemen of the House, of the Long Robe, are desired then to attend at the House.

Leave of Absence.

Ordered, That Mr. Bulkley have Leave to forbear his Attendance; he being to enter into a Course of Physick for Recovery of his Health.


Ordered, That, at the Committee where Mr. Bulkley is in the Chair, Mr. Boys do take especial Care of the Business touching the Militia.

Ordered, That the Members of the House for the several Counties do repair to the Committee of the Militia; and deliver in Names of Commissioners to be of the Militia for the several Counties.

Deans and Chapters Lands.

Ordered, That the Ordinance touching the disposing of Deans and Chapters Lands be read on Friday Morning next.


Ordered, That, on Monday Morning, the Report touching the Soldiers be made.


Ordered, That the additional Ordinance for Ireland be read on Thursday Morning next.

Advances for Army Service.

An Ordinance for securing Twenty thousand Pounds, with Interest, after the Rate of Eight Pounds per Cent. advanced by the Treasurers at Wars for the Service of the Army, was this Day read the First and Second time; and, upon the Question, passed; and ordered to be sent to the Lords for their Concurrence.

Letter from Newcastle.

A Letter from Newcastle, 9 Maii 1648, from Sir Arthur Hesilrige, was this Day read: And

It is Ordered, That it be referred to the Committee at Derby House: And that the said Committee do present their Opinions, upon the whole Matter, to the House, on Monday Morning next.