House of Commons Journal Volume 6: 4 January 1650

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 6, 1648-1651. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Page 343

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Die Veneris, 4 Januarii, 1649.


Gen. Ireton.

RESOLVED, &c. That Henry Ireton Esquire, Major General, of the Parliament's Forces in Ireland, be constituted and appointed President of the Province of Munster in Ireland, during the Pleasure of the Parliament: And that Mr. Attorney General be authorized to prepare a Patent, in common Form, to be passed under the Great Seal of England, to the said Major General Ireton, to be President of the said Province: And the Lords Commissioners of the Great Seal of England are hereby authorized and required to pass the same Patent under the Great Seal accordingly.


The House, according to former Order, proceeded this Day upon the Debate of the Amendments to the Act for Sequestrations.

Resolved, &c. That this Amendment to the Act touching Sequestrations; viz. "That all Leases and Copyhold Estates, made, or to be made, by such Papists, or other Delinquents, during the Time of the Sequestration, shall be void;" be committed, upon the Debate of the House, to Sir Arthur Haslerigg, Mr. Say, Mr. Scott, Sir Thomas Widdrington, Lord Commissioner Lysle, and Mr. Miles Corbett; or any Three of them: And they are presently to withdraw; and to bring it in presently.

A Clause was tendered to be added to this Act, in these Words: viz. "And be it further Enacted, by the Authority aforesaid, That all the Lands of Papists, that are under Sequestration for Delinquency or Recusancy, as also the Third Part that remains to the Recusant, shall be, and hereby are, discharged of and from all former Fines and Compositions for Recusancy, and of and from all the Arrears due upon the same since the said Lands have been under Sequestration: And the Barons of the Exchequer, and all other whom it may concern, are to take notice hereof:" Which was read the First and Second time; and, upon the Question, passed; and ordered to be Part of the Act.

Mr. Say reports from the Committee appointed to withdraw, the Resolution of that Committee upon the Clause committed; viz. "That all Leafes, or Copyhold Estates, made or granted, or to be made or granted, by any Delinquent since his Delinquency, shall be, and is hereby declared (as to the State) to be void, and of none Effect; And that all Leases, or Copyhold Estates, made or granted, or to be made or granted, by any Papist, since the Time of the Sequestration of his Estate, or any Part thereof, by Force of any Ordinance of Parliament, shall be, and is hereby declared (as for Two Parts thereof to the State) to be void, and of none Effect:" Which was twice read:

And the Question being put, That the House doth agree with the Committee herein:

It passed with the Negative.

Another Clause was tendered to the said Act; viz. "And be it further Enacted, by the Authority aforesaid, That the said Commissioners for Compositions shall have full Power, and are hereby enabled, by themselves, or such as they shall appoint, to require and take the Accompts of all Treasurers, Collectors, Solicitors, Sequestrators, Sub Collectors, or others who have received, or ought to have paid, either Monies, Rents, Issues, or Profits, of Lands, Goods, or Chattels, whatsoever, of, for, or by reason of, any Delinquency or Sequestration of Papist, or other, since the Twenty-fifth Day of March 1642: And the said Commissioners for Compositions are hereby commanded to take care, that what Monies, Issues, Rents, or Profits, shall appear to be upon their several and respective Accompts, be forthwith paid in to the publick Treasury of Goldsmiths Hall accordingly: And such Person or Persons, as aforesaid, who shall refuse to give in and perfect his or their Accompt or Accompts, or in any fort disobey this Clause for Accompts, as aforesaid, shall be proceeded against in such manner as the Act or Acts granted to the Committee or Commissioners of Accompts for the Commonwealth, doth direct: And the Commissioners for Compositions at Goldsmiths Hall are hereby authorized to put the same in Execution:" Which was twice read; and, upon the Question, rejected.

The rest of the Amendments being agreed; the Bill, with these Amendments, was, upon the Question, agreed; and ordered to be ingrossed.

Constable's Claims.

The humble Petition of Sir William Constable, with a Paper thereunto annexed, intituled, "the State of Sir William Constable's Cafe," were this Day read.

Resolved, Upon the Question, by the Parliament, That the Inheritance of the Manor of Holme, with the Appurtenances, the Inheritance of Sir Marmaduke Langdale, wherein Sir Wm. Constable Boronet hath an Estate for Life, and the Lady Constable an Estate for Life, in Remainder, in Part thereof, for her Jointure, be settled upon the said Sir Wm. Constable, and his Heirs; reserving the Fee-farm Rent of One hundred and Thirteen Pounds Four Shillings and Five-pence to the State, in Consideration of Seven hundred and Fifty Pounds, Part of One thousand Pounds granted to him by Ordinance of Parliament, of the Second Day of April 1645, out of the said Manor; as also of the Sum of One thousand Pounds yet arrear unto him the said Sir Wm. being Part of One thousand Nine hundred and Eighty-four Pounds, of his Arrears for Pay charged, by Ordinance of Parliament, upon the Lands of Wm. Middleton Esquire, in North Dusseild, he being a Papist in Arms; and in full discharge of the aforesaid Sum, and all Arrears; and that Mr. Stephens do bring in a Bill to that Purpose.


Ordered, That the House, at the Rising, do adjourn till Tuesday Morning.

The House adjourned itself until Tuesday Morning next, Eight of Clock, accordingly.