House of Commons Journal Volume 6: 24 January 1651

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 6, 1648-1651. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Die Veneris, 24 Januarii, 1650.


Delinquents Estates.

THE House, this Day, resumed the Debate upon the Amendments to the Bill for Sale of Delinquents Estates.

The Question being propounded, That a Committee be appointed for receiving the Claims in this Bill:

The House was divided.

The Yeas went forth.

Sir John Bourcher, Tellers for the Yeas: 26.
Sir Thomas Jervois, With the Yeas,
Mr. Bond, Tellers for the Noes: 19.
Sir Wm. Armyn, With the Noes,

So it passed with the Affirmative.

The Question being propounded, That the Committee of Obstructions be the Committee;

And the Question being put, That that Question be now put;

The House was divided.

The Noes went forth.

Lord Grey, Tellers for the Noes: 25.
Sir Wm. Masham, With the Noes,
Sir Henry Mildmay, Tellers for the Yeas: 24.
Major General Harrison, With the Yeas,

So it passed with the Negative.

The Question being propounded, That the Number of the Committee be Nine;

And the Question being put, That that Question be now put:

It passed with the Negative.

Resolved, That Mr. Long, Mr. Richard Edwards, Major Salwey, Major Lister, Mr. Dormer, Mr. Edwards, Mr. Thomas Challener, Mr. Smyth, Mr. John Corbett, Mr. Leman, Mr. Salwey, Mr. Carey, Colonel Marten, Sir John Bourchier, Mr. Robinson, Mr. Blagrave, Alderman Allen, Mr. Say, Mr. Edward Ash, Mr. Henry Nevile, Sir Henry Mildmay, Mr. Browne, Sir Wm. Constable, Mr. Ellis, Sir Tho. Widdrington, Mr. Lechmere, Mr. Trenchard, Mr. Holland, Sir Wm. Brereton, Mr. * Nevile, Mr. Attorney General, Mr. Solicitor General, Mr. Gurdon, Mr. Ralegh, Mr. Hodges, Mr. Bond, Mr. Moyle, Mr. Clement, Mr. Robert Goodwin, Lord Lisle, Colonel Thompson, Sir Wm. Masham, Colonel Harvey, Mr. James Challoner, Mr. Nutt, Mr. Garland, Colonel Downes, Mr. Pury, Sir Wm. Allanson; or any Five of them, be the Committee for receiving the Claims in this Bill.

Embassy from Portugall.

Ordered, That the Answer to be given to the Publick Minister from Portugall be reported on Wednesday Morning next.

Embassy from Spaine.

Mr. Challoner reports from the Committee that were appointed to go to the Lord Ambassador of the King of Spaine, The Proceedings of the said Committee; and of their Delivery of the Parliament's Answer and Letter to the King of Spaine, with the other Paper; and the Lord Ambassador's honourable Reception of them; and his Answer given to the said Committee.

Court of War.

The House being informed, that there were divers Officers of the Army at the Door;

They were called in: And, being come to the Bar, Lieutenant Colonel Goff declared, That they were commanded by the Court of War to make this Application to the Parliament: And presented therewith a Petition, with a Paper annexed.

Which (after they were withdrawn) were both read; the said Petition being intituled, "The humble Petition of the Court of War, sitting at Whitehall."

Resolved, That this Business be taken into Debate on Tuesday Morning next, the first Business.

Resolved, That the Officers be called in: And that Mr. Speaker do acquaint them with the former Vote.

And they being called in, and come to the Bar, Mr. Speaker did acquaint them, That the Parliament hath received the Petition, and read it; and appointed to take it into their serious Consideration on Tuesday Morning, the first Business; and commanded him to tell them so.

The House, according to former Order, adjourned itself to Tuesday Morning next, Eight of Clock.