House of Commons Journal Volume 6: 4 February 1651

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 6, 1648-1651. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Die Martis, 4 Februarii, 1650.


Lord Ely.

RESOLVED, by the Parliament, That Mr. Nevil, Mr. Garland, Mr. Blagrave, Sir John Bourchier, Sir John Danvers, Sir Wm. Allanson, Mr. Pury, Mr. Boone, Mr. Robinson, Mr. Whittaker, Mr. Ralegh, Mr. Clement, be added to the Committee for the Business of the Lord Lostus Viscount Ely: And that the Quorum of that Committee be Five.

Embassy from Portugall.

Mr. Solicitor reports from the Committee that was sent to the publick Minister from the King of Portugall, with the Answer of the Parliament, That the Committee did accordingly deliver the Parliament's Answer to the said publick Minister; and his Reception thereof.

Mr. Speaker acquaints the House, by way of Report, of a Letter sent to him from the publick Minister of Portugall, sealed up, and superscribed thus; " Parliamento Reipublicæ Angliæ, with a Copy of the Powers given to him by the King of Portugall; together with a Translate of the said Letters and Powers.

Which were both this Day read.

Resolved, That it be referred to the Council of State, to consider of this Letter: And that they have Power to see the Originals of the Powers given by the King of Portugall to the said publick Minister; and to treat with the said Publick Minister; and to report their Proceedings and Opinion therein to the Parliament.

Resolved, That One Copy of this Vote be sent by Sir Oliver Fleming Knight, Master of the Ceremonies, to the publick Minister of the King of Portugall.

Correspondence with France.

Mr. Scott reports from the Council of State, A Letter from France, dated at Paris, the 25 Januarii/4 Februarii, 1651: As also, another Letter from Paris, dated 5 Februarii, 1651.

Which was this Day read.

Irish Affairs.

A Letter from the Commissioners of the Parliament in Ireland, from Waterford, January the Five-and-twentieth 1650, was this Day read.

Fee-farm Rents.

Mr. John Corbett reports Amendments to the additional Act for Sale of Fee-farm Rents: Which were this Day read the First and Second time. And, upon the Question,

Resolved, That, in these Amendments, the Time, which is already the First of February, be made the Sixth of February.

Resolved, That the Blank in the First Folio, Line *, be filled up thus; "Sixth Day of February 1650."

Resolved, That the Sum to be doubled, be Two hundred and Fifty thousand Pounds.

The Question being put, That this Bill, so amended, be ingrossed;

The House was divided.

The Noes went forth.

Sir Henry Vane, Tellers for the Noes: 27.
Lord Grey, With the Noes,
Lord Com. Whitelocke, Tellers for the Yeas: 43.
Sir Michael Livesey, With the Yeas,

So it was Resolved, That this Bill, so amended, be ingrossed.

Mr. John Corbett reports also, from the Committee to whom the Bill for Sale of Fee-farm Rents was referred, Several particular Obstructions certified to the said Committee from the Trustees, for Sale of Fee-farm Rents.

Ordered, That it be referred to the Committee of Obstructions, to consider of the said Obstructions; and to present their Opinions therein to this House, together with an Act for removing the said Obstructions if they see Cause: And

It is Ordered, That Mr. Attorney General, and Mr. Solicitor General, do attend that Committee in this Business.

Business deferred.

Ordered, That the Business concerning the Election of the Council of State be taken up To-morrow Morning, the first Business; nothing to intervene: And that the House do take up the Debate upon the Amendments to the Act for Sale of Delinquents Estates To-morrow Morning, next after the Business touching the Election of the Council of State.


Ordered, That Serjeant Green, and Serjeant Parker, do go as Justices of Assize, in the Place of Baron Gates, and Baron Rigby, deceased, for the next Circuit.

Ordered, That there be Liberty and Power given to the Lords Commissioners for the Great Seal, to appoint Judges, or Serjeants, who are to go this next Circuit, to go into their own Counties, if the Lords Commissioners shall see Cause: and that the said Justices of Assize shall not thereby incur any Penalty.