House of Commons Journal Volume 6: 23 October 1649

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 6, 1648-1651. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Die Martis, 23 Octobris, 1649.


Weston's Fen Lands.

ORDERED, by the Parliament, That the Debate touching Mr. Weston's Act be adjourned until Thisday-fortnight.


Ordered, by the Parliament, That Five hundred more of the Acts touching the Great Level of the Fens be forthwith printed and published.

And Mr. Henley is hereby injoined to take the Care thereof.

Admission of a Member.

Ordered, That Colonel Thomas Birch be admitted into the House, being elected a Burgess for the Town of Liverpoole in the County of Lancaster, in the Place of Sir Richard Wynn, deceased.

Norfolk Weavers.

Ordered, by the Parliament, That Mr. Garland do, on Friday next, make the Report touching the Weavers of Norfolk and Norwich.

Report deferred.

Ordered, by the Parliament, That the Report from the Northern Committee be made To-morrow-fortnight.

Goldsmiths Hall Revenue.

Mr. Trenchard reports from the Committee at Goldsmiths Hall, an Account of the true State of the Revenue and Treasury, and of the Condition of the Sequestrations, &c. in hæc verba;

According to the Order of Parliament, of the Eighteenth of October instant 1649, requiring this Committee to prepare an Accompt of the true State of the Revenue and Treasury, and of the Condition of the Sequestrations, &c. we find,

£. s. d.
That there is due upon Bonds from Delinquents who have not paid in their full Fines, 221,212£. 0s. 0d: Of which there is abated, upon Reviews and settling of Impropriations 7,886£. 11s. 2d. Which leaves a clear Sum of 213,325 9 4
Whereupon there is charged, by several Orders and Ordinances of Parliament, out of particular Fines, according to the annexed Particular 3,849 9 6
And more (upon which this Committee do humbly desire the Resolution of the House) as followeth;
To James Bunce, &c. Treasurers at Weavers Hall, for so much lent by them to pay divers Officers 5,000 - -
To them also, for Monies lent to pay private Soldiers 6,000 - -
Both which the Committee do desire may be discharged, as being now the Money of the States, and payable to no particular Use.
To the State of Scotland, out of which the Navy is to have 8,000£. and the rest Sir Wm. Dick, and others 50,000 - -
Concerning which this Committee do humbly desire the Resolution of the House.
To the Chamberlain of London, for Monies lent, to pay the Charges of the late Treaty, charged both upon the Excise and this Treasury 14,000 - -
Which this Committee do desire may be presently paid, or fixed upon one Receipt.
Charged 230£. per Week, for Widows and maimed Soldiers.
To Mrs. Nedham 200 - -
The Council of State, by their Warrant, have charged, upon the main Sum, and the Moiety engaged for the City Security, the Sum of 35,000£. and more, for fortifying the Isle of Wight, to Colonel Fleetwood and Colonel Sidenham 500£.: Whereof there is unpaid 32,571 10 -
And the Council have Power to charge such further Sums as they shall think fit.
We further find, that there is due, upon such Persons whose Fines have been set, and no Part thereof paid, the Sum of 156,437 - -
Whereof the Lord Daincort his Fine arifeth to 18,287 - -
And the Earl of Chesterfield his Fine to 8,698 - -

Both which, depending upon Contingencies of their own Lives, may be probably lost, if some speedy Course be not taken therein.

There was likewise set upon John Scroope Esquire a Fine of Seven thousand Pounds, which was submitted to by himself, and passed both Houses; and he labouring to obtain an Act to enable him to sell, died before it was perfected: So that the State descended to Three Sisters, who now enjoy the same; the Sequestration being taken off by Order of the Lords and Commons for Sequestrations, no Part of the Fine being paid.

That, as to the Particular of the Sequestrations, this Committee cannot give any Guess, as an Estimate, of what they amount unto; in regard, that,

1. The Returns out of the several are few; and those returned very imperfect, both in respect of the Revenue that arifeth, and the Charges thereupon.

2. The House hath not yet determined what Course shall be taken with the Estates of those Delinquents who are excepted from Pardon, and Papists in Arms, and the Estates of such whose Fines have been set, and no Part thereof paid, neither for those that have or shall pass the Time of Six Weeks from the making the Reports of their Fines.

3. That divers Sequestrations are granted to Counties, Committees, and particular Persons, which are either now determined, or at great Uncertainty; by reason the same were never surveyed, nor any Accompt returned to the Parliament what hath been received thereupon.

4. That great Numbers are now depending before the Barons of the Exchequer, whose Cases are not determined.

But, in pursuance of the Order, this Committee have thought fit to offer the following Particulars to the Consideration of the House:

1. That some Course be suddenly taken for the Securing and Receiving of all Rents of sequestred Estates, as well Papists as Delinquents, which did grow due at Michaelmas last past, and for the speedy Bringing in of such Rents as were stayed in the Tenants Hands by former Orders.

2. That some speedy Resolution be made, what Course shall be taken against such Persons as have elapsed the Time limited for Compositions, and neglected or refused to make any Composition at all.

3. That some speedy Course may be taken, that the Barons may dispatch such Cases as do there only depend before them; in respect that this Committee have received Information, that divers who have been very long sequestred, and are now exempt from Composition by their Delays of Time, do file Petitions there; thereby hoping to be admitted upon the same Terms and Rates as were granted by the late Votes to such as should perfect their Compositions before the First of August last past.

4. That some speedy Course may be advised on, for the getting of true Inventories and Rentals of such Estates as were under Sequestration, that so the Revenue may be reduced to a better Certainty.

5. That Consideration be had of the several Grants of Sequestrations to particular Uses, in several Counties, that it may appear how much thereof is satisfied; and that what remains unsatisfied may be examined, allowed, and Payment ordered, by such Committee as shall be intrusted therewith: And that all Receipts arising upon Sequestrations may be brought into one Treasury.

6. That the Twenty-four thousand Pounds, for the Composition of North Wales, may be disposed of towards this Service.

7. That the House will please to take into Consideration, whether the Estates of those Delinquents assigned to the Irish Trustees, for the Advance of the Fifty thousand Pound for Relief of Ireland, be not sit to be recalled, the Affairs of Ireland being otherwise provided for.

8. That Consideration be taken, what shall be done with the Estates granted to the Prince Elector, when the Six thousand Five hundred Pounds charged thereupon shall be satisfied.

Resolved, That the several Sums of Five thousand Pounds and Six thousand Pounds, to James Bunce, &c. Treasurers at Weavers Hall, for so much lent by them to pay divers Officers, and to pay private Soldiers, be continued as a Charge upon Goldsmiths Hall; and shall not be paid over to Weavers Hall, but shall be reserved to the publick Use, in order to the Ease of the People.

Publick Revenue.

Sir Henry Vane junior reports from the Council of State, concerning the Monies arising out of the Receipt of the Grand Excise, and Considerations to be had for the better managing of the Excise for the future.

He also reports concerning the Receipts of Monies at Goldsmiths Hall; and also concerning the Three hundred thousand Pounds to be raised by Sale of Deans and Chapters Lands; and also concerning the Receipts of the Customs; and also an Estimate of the Charge of the Army for the next succeeding Year, dated 22 Octobris instant; and also an Estimate of the yearly Charge of the Navy.

Ordered, by the Parliament, That all and every the Sub-Commissioners and Collectors of Excise, and all other Officers and Ministers of the Excise, in the respective Cities, Towns, Places, and Counties within this Commonwealth, be injoined and required to give, unto all and every Person and Persons that shall pay unto them, or any of them, any Money for Excise, or for any Fines and Penalties thereupon, a Receipt for their several Sums that shall be so received; expressing the Names of the Persons by whom the same is paid, and for what Time, and for what the same is paid, without demanding or receiving any thing for such Receipt.

Ordered, by the Parliament, That this Vote be forthwith printed and published.

Ordered, &c. That the Commissioners for the Grand Excise be required to send down Copies of this Order to the Sub Commissioners and Collectors in the several Counties and Places aforesaid; and give Order, That the same be carefully put in Execution.

Resolved, That the Parliament doth resolve and declare, That, after the Charges now upon the Excise shall be taken off, the whole Revenue and Improvement thereof shall be employed towards the Maintenance of the Army, and other publick Charges, towards the Abatement of the Assessments.

Resolved, That after the Charges now on the publick Receipts at Goldsmiths Hall shall be satisfied, and taken off, the whole Revenue to be raised out of and by the Regulation of the Sequestrations and Compositions of Delinquents, and the Confiscation of their Estates, shall be applied towards the Maintenance of the Army, and other publick Charges, towards the Abatement of the Assessments.