House of Commons Journal Volume 6: 20 June 1650

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 6, 1648-1651. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Die Jovis, 20 Junii, 1650.



ORDERED, That the Report from the Army be made on Tuesday Morning next.

Ly. Fairefax.

Ordered, That the Lady Fairefax her Petition be read on This-day-sevennight, the first Business.

Delinquents Estates.

Ordered, That the Amendments to the Act for Sale of Delinquents Estates be reported on Thursday Morning next.


Colonel Thompson reports from the Committee of the Navy, the Order of the said Committee, dated 28 Maii 1650; viz. "It is ordered, That the Commissioners of the Customs do take special Care, and give it in Charge to all their Officers, that no Goods whatsoever be, by them, or any of them, delivered out of their Custody, albeit the same be under Seizure, until such Time as the Customs due for the said Goods be satisfied and paid."

Resolved, That the Parliament doth approve of what the Committee of the Navy have done herein. And

It is Ordered, That it be referred to the said Committee, to take care for the future, that the State be not deceived in their Customs, in Cases of the like Nature.

Colonel Thompson further reports from the Committee of the Navy, touching Seizures made by the Deputies of the Commissioners of the Customs, as followeth; viz.

"Forasmuch as divers Seizures have been made by the Deputies of the Commissioners of the Customs, of several Sums of Money as forfeited on board several Ships bound over Seas from the respective Ports of this Nation, which have been recovered by Judgments in the publick Exchequer, at the sole Charge and Expence of the said Officers, and only One Fourth Part thereof by the Law adjudged unto them, for all their Pains, Charges, and Hazard: And forasmuch as heretofore, in the Time of the late King, the one Moiety of all such Seizures have usually been granted unto the Officers by Privy Seal: This Committee, upon several Applications unto them made from the Commissioners of the Customs, in behalf of the said Officers, desiring an Allowance of One Fourth Part to be made unto them, towards their great Charge of Intelligence, and otherwise, have, in such Cases, directed One Fourth Part of such Monies (besides the Fourth Part adjudged by the Law) to be imprested by the Commissioners of the Customs unto the said Officers, upon Account, till the Pleasure of the Parliament should be known therein: Which this Committee desire to receive."

Resolved, That the Parliament doth approve of what the Committee of the Navy have done, in allowing of One Fourth Part (besides the Fourth Part adjudged by the Law) to the Deputies of the Commissioners of the Customs, upon Seizures. And

It is Ordered, That the said Committee be, and are hereby, impowered and authorized to allow the Monies already ordered to the said Officers of the Customs, without any Account to be rendered for the same: And the said Committee are further impowered to allow unto the said Officers of the Customs, for the future, in like Cases, not exceeding a Moiety of the Whole: And the Order of the Committee of the Navy shall be a sufficient Discharge to the Commissioners of the Customs, and their Officers, in that behalf.

Duties on Tobacco.

Colonel Thompson reports an Act for New England to pay Customs and Excise for all Tobacco of the Growth of New England, imported.

Which was this Day read the First and Second time; and, upon the Question, passed.


Colonel Thompson further reports from the Committee of the Navy, touching Logwood.

"In pursuance of an Order of Parliament of the Thirteenth of March 1649, whereby it is referred unto this Committee, to take Consideration of the Business of Logwood, and to report their Opinions to the House; this Committee having given notice to the Turkey Company, and to the respective Companies of Merchant Adventurers, Drapers, Dyers, Feltmakers, and Salters, and publickly upon the Exchange, that they would consider thereof on Thursday the One-and-twentieth of this instant March; to the end, that if they had any Proposals to offer touching Logwood, they should then be heard; there then appeared before this Committee several Persons, both Merchants, Salters, Dyers, and Feltmakers; who, upon Examination of the Premises, do all unanimously agree, That Stuffs of all Sorts, made either wholly of Hair, or wholly, or in Part, of Cotton or Linen, and all Thread, Leather and Hats, cannot be dyed, without the Use of Logwood alias Blockwood; and do likewise affirm, that the said Wood would be of great Use in dying of woolen Cloth, if Provision were made, that the same might not be abused."

"Upon Consideration whereof it is ordered to be reported to the Parliament, as the Opinion of this Committee, That it would be for the Benefit of the Commonwealth, in the Revenue thereof, and for the improving the Manufactures of this Nation, that the Statutes now in Force against the Importation of Logwood alias Blockwood may be restrained."

Ordered, That Colonel Thompson do proceed with the rest of his Report from the Navy This-day-sevennight, next after the Amendments to the Bill for Sale of Delinquents Estates be reported.

Sackville College.

Ordered, That all that will come to the Committee touching Sackville College in Sussex shall have Voices.


Colonel Wauton reports from the Committee to whom the Business touching regulating the Excise is referred, An Act constituting Commissioners and Governors of the Excise, and New Impost.

Which was this Day read the First and Second time; and, upon the Question, committed, upon the whole Debate, unto the same Committee that brought in the Bill.

Mr. Solicitor, Mr. Weaver, Alderman Allen, Colonel Wauton, Mr. John Goodwin, Mr. West, Mr. Edward Ashe, Mr. Holland, Colonel Harvey, Mr. Burrell, Sir Peter Wentworth, Mr. John Ash, Colonel Harrison, Mr. * Challoner, Sir John Hippisley, Sir Henry Vane, Major General Skippon, Lord Mounson, Colonel Thompson, Colonel Purefoy, Mr. Boone, Mr. Robert Goodwyn, Sir Wm. Allenson, Major Lister, Mr. Garland, be added to the said Committee; And they, or any Five of them, are to meet in the Speaker's Chamber, To-morrow Morning; and so de die in diem: And that the same be brought in on Tuesday Morning next.


Ordered, That the Act for bringing all the Treasury into one Chanel be reported on Tuesday-sevennight.

South Wales Petition.

The House being informed, That there were divers Gentlemen of South Wales, with a Petition at the Door;

They were called in: And, being come to the Bar, presented a Paper, with a Bundle of Subscriptions: Which, (after they were withdrawn) was read, and was intituled, "The humble Acknowledgment of the Inhabitants of South Wales, and County of Monmouth."

Resolved, That the said humble Acknowledgment of the Inhabitants of South Wales, and County of Monmouth, be printed and published, with the Number of the Names subscribed thereunto.

The Gentlemen of South Wales being again called in, Mr. Speaker, by Command of the House, gave them this Answer;


"The House has read your Petition, and doth find in it a thankful Acknowledgment of what they have done for you: The Parliament looks upon you with an Eye of Regard; and is not willing to remember against any Place or Persons, their former Miscarriages, especially when they make such publick and ingenious Consession of them, and give so full Testimony of their future Fidelity and Duty: And I am commanded to let you know their grateful Acceptation of this your Thankfulness, and Profession of Duty and future Obedience; and to return you their hearty Thanks for these cordial Expressions of Love and Duty: And I do, in their Names, give you their hearty Thanks, accordingly.

Sir H. Vane.

Ordered, That the Petition of Sir Henry Vane junior, be read, the First Business, This-day-sevennight.

Arthington's Claims.

Ordered, That the Bill for Mrs. Arthington be read To-morrow Morning, the first Business.

Letter read.

A Letter from the Lord Broughall to the Earl of Thomond, of the Twenty-fifth Day of April 1646, was this Day read.

Relief under Articles.

An Act for Continuation of the Act for Relief of all such Persons as have been, are, or shall be, sued, molested; or any ways damnified, contrary to Articles or Conditions granted in Time of War, for Six Months, was this Day read; and, upon the Question, passed.