House of Commons Journal Volume 6: 10 September 1650

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 6, 1648-1651. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Die Martis, 10 Septembris, 1650.


Victory at Dunbarre

A LETTER from Dunbarre, 3 Septembris 1650, from Mr. Rushworth: A Letter from the Lord General Cromwell, from Dunbarre, 4 Septembris 1650; with a List of the Names of the Scotts Officers taken Prisoners: Another Letter from the Lord General Cromwell, from Dunbarre, of the Fourth of September 1650.

Which were all this Day read.

The House being informed, that Major White, Captain Evenson, Mr. Cadwell, and Mr. Heath, Messengers from the Lord General Cromwell, were at the Door;

They were called in: And, being come to the Bar. Major White made a Narrative of the Proceedings of the Army in Scotland, as well before as in the Engagement with the Army of Scotts: the Manner of the Battle, and Overthrow of the whole Scottish Army, on the Third of September instant: And likewise brought in about Eightscore Colours taken from the Scotts in that Battle, being the Colours of Seventeen Regiments of Foot, and Sevenand-twenty of Horse Colours: Not less than Four thousand slain in the Place, and Two thousand Horse slain and taken; Ten thousand or Eleven thousand Prisoners: The General . . . Lieutenant General of the Scotts, were of Opinion, to have let our Army to retreat, till they come to the last Pass, and so to fall upon their Rear; but the Ministers did so importune them, that they could not rest quiet until they had engaged: David Lesly was in Edinburgh by Nine of the Clock that Day the Fight was, and old Leven by Two of the Clock in the Afternoon.

A Letter, delivered by Major White, from the Earl of Derby to the Earl of Lowden, was this Day read.

Colonel Jones reports from the Council of State, Another Letter from the Lord General Cromwell, directed to the Lord President of the Council of State: And a Letter from Sir Arthur Hesilrige, from Newcastle, 7 Septembris 1650: And another Letter from Sir Arthur Hesilrige, from Newcastle, of the Seventh of September 1650.

Which were this Day read.

Ordered, That these Letters, reported by Colonel Jones, be referred back to the Council of State: To whom it is especially recommended to prosecute this Business with all Speed, both with Men, Money, and Provisions, together with Medicaments, Physicians, and Apothecaries, and all other Necessaries for this Service of the Army in Scotland; and take Order for sending them with all Speed.

Ordered, That it be specially recommended to the Committee of the Army, to take care for providing Physicians, Apothecaries, Medicaments, and other Things of that Nature, for Supply of the Army in Scotland, forthwith to be sent to them.

Ordered, That This-day-month, being the Eighth-Day of October next, be set apart for a Day of publick Thanksgiving, for this great Victory, which God hath vouchsafed to the Parliament's Army in Scotland.

Ordered, That Mr. Carill and Mr. Owen be desired to preach before the Parliament on that Day, at Margaret's Church in Westminster.

Ordered, That Mr. Knight be desired to preach at Martin's in the Fields, on the Eighth Day of October next, being appointed a Day of Publick Thanksgiving, for the great Mercies of God in the great Victory vouchsafed to the Parliament's Army in Scotland.

Ordered, That it be referred to the Lord Mayor, and the Commissioners for the several Militias of London, Westminster, Southwark, and the Hamlets of the Tower, to take care that all the Churches and Chapels within the late Lines of Communication, and weekly Bills of Mortality, be supplied with Ministers, to preach in each of them, on the Eighth Day of October next, being appointed a Day of Publick Thanksgiving; and to take care that Day be duly observed accordingly.

Ordered, That the Requests of the Lord General, in his Letter, and of the Petition of the Officers of the Army, presented when the Forces went to Ireland, be taken into Consideration on Friday next; and so proceeded in every Friday, until the same be settled.

Ordered, That the Lord General's Letter, and the List of Names therewith sent, be forthwith printed and published.

Ordered, That the Information given to the Parliament, touching Mr. Justice Puleston, be referred to the Lords Commissioners of the Great Seal; to examine the same; and to give an Account thereof to the Parliament.

Ordered, That all the Colours, both Horse and Foot, now brought up, which were taken from the Scottish Army, be delivered to the Clerk of the Parliament, to be inventoried with the Mottoes, Devices, and Number; and be by him delivered to Mr. Ryley, Norrey King of Arms, to be set up in Westminster Hall as a Monument of this great Mercy, to Posterity: It is also

Ordered, That those Colours, which were formerly taken at Preston from the Scotts Army that invaded this Nation in 1648, now in the Custody of Mr. Ryley, be likewise inventoried, with the Mottoes and Devices upon the same; with their Number, by the Clerk of the Parliament: And that they be likewise hung up in Westminster Hall, and set . . . on the one Side, and the other on the other: And that the Surveyor General do take care to prepare Conveniences for that Purpose: And the Committee of the Revenue are authorized and required to pay the Charges thereof.

Ordered, That a Committee be appointed to prepare a Narrative of this great Victory in Scotland; and this great Mercy of God vouchsafed therein; and present the same to the Parliament, together with an Act for appointing the Day of Publick Thanksgiving for the same: Viz. unto Sir Henry Vane, Major General Harrison, and Major Salwey: And the special Care hereof is referred to Major Salwey: And that they be brought in on Friday Morning next.

Ordered, That there be a Letter written to the Lord General, from the Parliament, taking notice of his eminent Services, with the special Acknowledgment and Thanks of this House: And that the Lord General be desired to let the Officers and Soldiers of the Army know, That the Parliament hath taken notice of their good Services in this great Battle: And to give them Thanks from the House.

Ordered, That it be referred to the Council of State, to prepare the said Letter: And that Mr. Speaker do sign the said Letter, so prepared accordingly.

Ordered, That Major General Harrison be added to the Committee of the Army.

Ordered, That it be referred to the Committee of the Army, to consider what Medals may be prepared, both for Officers and Soldiers, that were in this Service in Scotland; and set the Proportions and Values of them, and their Number; and present the Estimate of them to the House.

Ordered, That Three hundred Pounds be given to Major White, as a Gratuity from the Parliament.

Ordered, That Two hundred and Fifty Pounds be given to Captain Evanson, as a Gratuity from the Parliament.

Ordered, That there be given to * Cadwell, * Heath, and * Paine, Fifty Pounds apiece, for their Service in bringing the Letters and Colours from the Army.

Ordered, That it be referred to the Council of State, to take care that the several Sums aforesaid be paid, accordingly, out of such Treasuries as the Council shall think fit.