House of Commons Journal Volume 6: 1 November 1650

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 6, 1648-1651. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Die Veneris, 1 Novembris, 1650.


Navy Victualling.

COLONEL Thompson reports from the Committee of the Navy, Propositions delivered unto that Committee, by Captain Limbry, touching Victualing; and likewise some Queries, made by the Committee of the Navy, upon those Propositions; together with the Answer of the Propounders thereunto; Which were all read.

"In order to a Contract for victualing the State's Navy, according to several Proposals presented to the Parliament the Tenth of this Instant, and by them referred to the Consideration of this honourable Committee; it is humbly offered, as followeth:"

"1. That the Contractors shall and will, for the Considerations hereafter expressed, and according to the ensuing Propositions, at their own Costs and Charges, provide, and deliver in such Ports and Places in England and Ireland as are hereafter expressed, good, found, sweet, and wholesome Sea Victuals, fit for the Service, and for such Numbers of Men as the State shall have Occasion yearly to employ in their Service; allowing to each Man the usual Provision, without Observation of Lent, or Friday Nights."

"2. That they will allow and pay to the Pursers of all such Ships as they shall victual, all such necessary Money, heretofore allowed, and usually paid, for Supply of Wood, Candles, Platters, Cans, and other petty Provisions, for the Seamens Accommodation in dressing and expending the said Victuals; as also the usual and accustomary Allowance of Drawage to Stewards, and Adz Money to Coopers, employed in each respective Ship."

"3. That they will, from time to time, provide, and deliver on board the State's Ships, such and so much Victuals of all kinds, according to the Allowance now given, all Harbour Victuals, or Victuals to be expended in Harbour, either by the ordinary Companies allowed to each Ship, or extraordinary Seamen to be entered and borne on board any Ship or Ships, to rig and fit them to Sea, as shall be from time to time, ordered and directed by Authority of Parliament."

"In Consideration whereof, they humbly desire."

"1. That the Contractors may have the Allowance of Eight-pence per diem, of every Man's Sea Victuals; as also the Allowance of Seven-pence per Diem, for each Man's Harbour Victuals."

"2. That the Parliament do, before the Fifteenth of November next, declare, for what number of Men they expect Provision to be made to the Contractors for Victualing the present Year's Fleet, both for Summer and Winter; it being otherwise impossible for them to perform the Service: And that, for the Service of the succeeding Years, the like Declaration be made yearly in September, for the Year then following respectively: And that, at the respective Times aforesaid, it be also declared to the Contractors, how, and in what Proportions, the Number of Mens Victuals shall be distributed into the Ports and Places of London, Dover, Rochester, and Portesmouth, in England, and Kingsale in Ireland."

"3. That the said Ports and Places in the Article; viz. London, Dover, Rochester, Portesmouth, and Kingsale, are to be the Places and Ports were the Sea Provisions are to be made, and not elsewhere; and where the State's Magazines and Store-houses now are. If there be Occasion to transport any of the said Provisions from any of the said Ports farther than the Road, Harbour, or usual Place of Ships riding nearest to the respective Ports aforesaid, that the Hazard and Charge thereof be borne by the State, and not by the Contractors."

"4. That, of the Value of the Provisions of Sea Victuals, for the Number of Men which shall be declared by the Parliament, as aforesaid, to be provided for the ensuing Year (which is intended to begin the First Day of January 1650), one Third Part thereof, as the same shall amount unto, at Eight-pence per Diem for each Man, be paid to the said Contractors by way of Imprest, at or before the Fifteenth Day of November next ensuing: And the other Two Thirds be paid in manner following; that is to say, One full Tenth Part thereof monthly; the First Payment to begin and be paid on the First Monday in January next ensuing; and so successively to continue the Payment of a like Tenth Part the First Monday of every ensuing Month, till the whole Two Thirds Residue be fully paid and satisfied: And that, for the following Years, the like Imprest of One third of the Value of each Year's Sea Provision, which they shall in the Month of September * * * *."

Resolved, That the Committee of the Navy be impowered to take these Propositions into Consideration; and to treat and contract with the Proposers for victualing the Navy, for Sea Victuals not exceeding Eight-pence, and for the Harbour Victuals not exceeding Seven-pence, per Diem for a Man.

Resolved, That the said Committee have Power, upon such Contract with these Proposers, to give certain Security for Payment of the Monies according to their Contracts, out of the Customs, or otherwise, as they shall think fit.

Resolved, That, the Time of the Continuance of the Contract shall be for Three Years certain; and after, until Notice be given by the Parliament to the Proposers, or by them to the Parliament: In which Case, upon a Year's Notice on either behalf, the Contract to cease.

Resolved, That it be referred to the Council of State, to consider what Number of Men and Provisions are to be provided for the next Summer and Winter Guard; and to report it to the House with all Speed.

Resolved, That Power be given to this Committee, in all the rest of the Particulars, to make a perfect Contract with the Proposers, for the best Advantage of the State; and to do therein what they shall think fit, for the carrying on and perfecting the said Contract.

Law Proceedings in English.

Resolved, That it be referred to the Lords Commissioners of the Great Seal, to prepare a Bill for turning the Books of the Law, and for all Process and Proceedings in the Law, into English, according to the Vote of the House on Friday last: And that the same be brought into the House on Friday next.


Resolved, That a Bill be brought in for the Customs, with a Blank for the Time: And that Mr. Miles Corbett do take care hereof.

Publick Register.

Ordered, That the Act for Abstracting and Registering of Conveyances be read the Second time on This-day-fortnight.

Puckering's Petition.

The humble Petition of Jane Puckering, Daughter and Heir of Sir Thomas Puckering Knight and Baronet, deceased, was this Day read.

Resolved, That an Act be brought in, to enable the Lords Commissioners for the Great Seal to grant Commissions for this particular Case, and all other Cases of like Nature; on Wednesday next: And that Mr. Hill do prepare, and bring in, the same.

The House, according to former Order, adjourned itself to Tuesday Morning, Eight of Clock.