House of Commons Journal Volume 6: 2 January 1651

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 6, 1648-1651. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Die Jovis, 2 Januarii, 1650.


Army Accompts.

THE humble Representation of the Committee for the Accompts of the Soldiery, sitting at Worcester House, contained in Two Books, so intituled, were this Day read, saving the Names of the particular Persons, and the particular Sums.

Ordered, That if, upon any Accompts stated, or to be hereafter stated, by the Committee of Accompts at Worcester House, it shall appear to them, that any of the Persons whose Accompts are, or shall be, so stated, have therein endeavoured, or shall endeavour, by Demands upon false Certificates, double Demands, Surcharges, or other Frauds, to deceive the Commonwealth; the said Committee shall not give forth any Debentures unto any such Person or Persons, for any Monies, which shall appear to remain due to him or them upon such Accompt.

Resolved, That the Committee of Accompts at Worcester House do proceed with Stating of Accompts, according to the Rules given them by Parliament.

Resolved, That it be referred to the Committee of the Army, to peruse the Accompts presented by the Committee of Accompts at Worcester House; and examine by what Rules the said Committee have proceeded in stating the said Accompts; and wherein they have varied from the Rules formerly given by Parliament; and what is fit to be further done, for removing the Obstructions in taking such Accompts for the future; and to report their Opinions to the House on This-daysevennight.

Resolved, That it be referred to the Committee of the Army, to receive from the Committee of Accompts at Worcester House, such Propositions as they have to essex, for the better Carrying on of the Business in stating and taking the Accompts of the Commonwealth in general; and report their Opinions therein to the House.

Resolved, That the Commissioners for taking Accompts at Worcester House, or such Person as they shall appoint under their Hands for that Purpose, shall be permitted, from time to time, in the Presence of the Clerk of the Parliament, or any of his Clerks, to search in the Books of this House, for any Sums of Money given or ordered to any Person or Persons who shall come to have their Accompts stated before them upon Account, or otherwise, to the end the same may be defalked out of their Accompts.

Wither's Claims.

Colonel Dove reports from the Committee to whom the Petition of George Wither Esquire was referred, to consider of a Way how the Petitioner may be speedily satisfied, The Opinion of the said Committee, how the said Petitioner may be satisfied.

" By an Order of this House, dated the Ninth of February 1642; they find, That Two thousand Pounds was then granted to this Petitioner, towards the Repair of his plundered Estate: And they have seen also several Attestations upon Oath, proving, that the said Petitioner was damnisied more than to that Value."

" They have perused, also, a Report made to this House, by the Accomptants of the Kingdom, dated the Eighteenth of February 1646; touching the Accompts of the said Mr. Wither: They have also seen the Copies of Two Orders from the Committee of Safety; one dated the Sixth of January 1642, for immediate Payment of Three hundred Twenty-eight Pounds Six Shillings, out of the Coinage of Plate, &c.; the other, dated the Twelth of May 1643, for immediate Payment of One thousand Three hundred Twenty-seven Pounds Four Shillings, out of the Sequestration of Surrey."

" They have also seen the Copies of Three other Warrants, made by General Essex; the First, dated the Twelsth of September 1643, for immediate Payment of Two hundred Eighty-seven Pounds Twelve Shillings; the Second, dated the Thirteenth of the same Month, for the like Payment of Two hundred Ninety-four Pounds; the Third, dated the Twenty-eighth of March following, for One hundred Ninety Pounds; the Original of these Warrants, being, as the said Petition alledgeth, left with the said Committee of Accompts."

" They have seen, also, a Copy of a Report to this House, by the Committee of the Navy, made upon a Review of the former Orders, Warrants, and Accompts, dated the Nine-and-twentieth of October 1647: Whereby they find, that, all Demands and Receipts being examined, the Sum of Three thousand Four hundred Thirty-eight Pounds Eighteen Shillings and Four-pence was then reported to be due to the Petitioner; besides other Demands, respited until further Hearing."

" They have seen likewise, an Order of the Lords and Commons, dated the Fifteenth of March 1647, made upon the said Report, of the said Committee of the Navy, for Payment of One thousand Eight hundred Pounds, of the said Three thousand Four hundred Thirty-nine Pounds Fifteen Shillings and Four-pence, out of Discoveries at Haberdashers Hall, to the said Petitioner: And and Ordinance of Parliament, dated the Two-and-twentieth of March, the same Year, for Payment of One thousand Six hundred Eighty-one Pounds Fifteen Shillings and Eight-pence more, out of the Excise, in Course: And an Order of Parliament, dated the Five-and-twentieth of December 1648: And another Order of Parliament, dated the Six-and-twentieth of April 1649, for Payment of Three hundred Pounds more than was formerly granted, with Allowance of Interest at Eight Pounds per Cent. for the said Three hundred Pounds, and for Seven hundred Pounds of the former Money, being lent by the said Petitioner: The said Interest to begin from the said Twoand-twentieth of March 1647, and to be paid until the said Three hundred Pounds and Seven hundred Pounds should be fully discharged."

" By the before-mentioned Orders, Warrants, Ordinances, and Reports, they find, that there is due to the Petitioner, besides what is already accounted for as received, the Sum of Three thousand Nine hundred Fiftyeight Pounds Fifteen Shillings and Eight-pence, with that Interest which is already due by the aforesaid Orders: And that the principal Debt was made payable above Six Years now past, as this Petitioner alledgeth in his Petition to this House; in Consideration whereof, the said Committee thinks sit, that Payment and Satisfaction, if it so please this honourable House, may be made as followeth:"

" First, That for the said One thousand Six hundred Eighty-one Pounds Fifteen Shillings and Eight-pence, charged upon the Excise, as aforesaid, Interest of Eight per Centum shall be paid every Six months to the said Petitioner, or his Assigns, out of the said Excise, from the Two-and-twentieth of September last, until the said One thousand Six hundred Eighty-one Pounds Fifteen Shillings and Eight-pence be fully paid, for the Remainder of the said Sum of Three thousand Nine hundred Fiftyeight Pounds Fifteen Shillings and Four-pence; as also towards Recompence of the Petitioner's long Forbearance thereof, and of his great Expence, in almost seven Years chargeable Attendance."

" They humbly conceive it reasonable, that the Manor of Little Horksly alias Horksly Hall in Essex, with Niston Mills, near adjoining thereunto, in Suffolk, with their Appurtenances, being, as is certified by the Sequestrators, Two hundred and Forty Pounds per Annum, be settled upon the Petitioner, and his Heirs; the said Lands being Part of the Inheritance of John Denham Esquire, the said Petitioner's chief Plunderer, a Delinquent excepted from Pardon, and one whose Estate was made liable to the Repair of the said Petitioner's Damages, by the said forementioned Order of the Ninth of February 1642."

Ordered, by the Parliament, That the Sum of One thousand Six hundred Eighty-one Pounds and Fifteen Shillings do continue upon the Security of the Excise, as formerly: And that the same be satisfied and paid unto the said Major George Wither, or his Assigns, in Course: And the Acquittance of the said Major George Wither, or of his Assigns, testifying the Receipt thereof, shall be a sufficient Discharge in that behalf.

Ordered, by the Parliament, That in full Satisfaction and Discharge of all other Demands of the said Major George Wither, One hundred and Fifty Pounds per Annum, of the Lands of John Denham Esquire, be settled upon the said Major George Wither, and his Heirs: And that Mr. Garland do bring in an Act for that Purpose.