House of Commons Journal Volume 6: 16 May 1651

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 6, 1648-1651. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Friday, the 16th of May, 1651.


Cheshire Petition.

ORDERED, by the Parliament, That the Cheshire Petition be printed.


Ordered, That it be referred to the Committee of Obstructions, to consider of the Motion made this Day in the House, for further Time to bring in Debentures, and touching Interest thereupon; and to state the whole Business; and report it to the House, for their further Consideration.

Interest of Money.

A Bill, That none shall take above the Rate of Six Pounds for Loan of One hundred Pounds for a Year, was this Day read the First and Second time; and, upon the Question, committed to Sir Henry Mildmay, Colonel Marten, Sir Arthure Hesilrig, Mr. Moyle, Mr. Bond, Mr. Holland, Mr. Richard Darley, Mr. Blagrave, Sir James Harrington, Mr. Henry Darley, Mr. Corbett, Mr. Lechmere, Sir John Hippisley, Sir Wm. Allenson, Colonel Lister, Colonel Popham, Mr. * Challenor, Mr. Millington, Sir Richard Lucy, Mr. Leman, Sir Henry Vane; or any Five of them: And all that come, to have Voices: And are to meet, in the Exchequer Chamber, this Afternoon; and so de die in diem; and to bring it in with all convenient Speed.

Mr. Lechmere to take care of it.

Ordered, That the Time that the Interest be reduced to Six Pounds per Cent. be, from the Nine-and-twentieth of September 1651.

Ordered, That the Act for Creditors be brought in the same Day that the Act for reducing Interest to Six Pounds per Cent. is brought in.

Ordered, That it be referred to the said Committee, to whom the Bill touching Interest is referred, to present a Bill to make intailed Lands, as well Freehold as Copyhold, liable to pay Debts; and to enforce such as are able, to pay their just Debts

Mr. Lechmere and Mr. Corbett are to take Care of it.

Army Pay, &c.

Sir Henry Mildmay reports from the Council of State, Their Opinion, that it is necessary to take into Consideration the continuance of Billet Money, and additional Pay to the Army in England and Ireland.

Ordered, by the Parliament, That the Billet Money, and additional Pay, to the Soldiers in the Armies in England and Scotland, shall continue for Two Months longer; to begin from the Time it is to determine by the former Order.

Ordered, That the Pay of the Led Horses do continue for the same time.

Ordered, That it be referred to the Council of State, to consider how this Charge may be retrenched; and report the same to the Parliament.

Ordered, That Colonel Bennett and Colonel Haines their Regiments be continued for Two Months longer upon the Establishment, from the Determination of the former Order.

Provost Marshal, &c.

Ordered, That the Marshal's Men be continued for Two Months longer; together with the additional Pay to the Marshal.

Ordered, That the Provost Marshal Bishop, with Six Men, be continued for Six Months longer: and the former Pay continued to them: And that Mr. Speaker do appoint a fit Person to perform the Duty of the said Marshal, in his Absence; and give him allowance out of the Marshal's Pay, as he shall think fit; and likewise to appoint the Six Men that are to attend that Service: And that the Committee of the Revenue do pay them, as formerly.

Delinquents Estates.

Resolved, That the House do now receive the Papers, in order to the Election of the Officers in the Bill for Sale of Delinquents Estates.

Mr. Speaker appointed Alderman Allen, Mr. Carey, Major Lister, Mr. Herbert, to tell the Number of the House.

Which is by them reported to Mr. Speaker, and by him published to the House, to be the Number of Seventy-five.

Mr. Heveningham, Mr. Robert Goodwyn, and Mr. Andrewes, came in since; so that the Total Number was Seventy-eight.

The Clerk having received a Paper from each Member, brought them up; and set them upon the Table.

Mr. Speaker appointed Alderman Allen, Mr. Carey, Major Lister, Mr. Herbert, to count the Papers.

Which being done; they report the Number of the Papers to be Seventy-eight.

Resolved, That Mr. Speaker do seal up the said Papers in the Glass.

Mr. Speaker sealed them up accordingly.

Maleverer's Petition.

Ordered. That the Petition of Dorcas Maleverer be read on Tuesday Morning next.

Transactions with Portugall.

Mr. Scott reports from the Council of State, the Paper sent by the Council of State to the publick Minister of Portugall, dated the Thirteenth of May 1651; together with the Paper sent by the said Publick Minister to the said Council, in Answer thereunto, dated the Five-andtwentieth of May, Stilo novo, 1651.

Both which were this Day read.

Resolved, That the Parliament of the Commonwealth of England doth declare, That they are not obliged, by any Demands, Propositions, or Resolutions, on their Part, in the Transaction between the Parliament and the Publick Minister of Portugall.

Resolved, That a Pass be granted to the Publick Minister of Portugall, to depart out of the Territories of this Commonwealth, within Fourteen Days after the same shall be delivered unto him: And that the Council of State do prepare the same; to be signed and sealed by Mr. Speaker.

Ordered, That it be referred to the Committee of the Navy, to consider of the Act touching Making of the Ships and Goods of the Portugall to be Prize; and what Defects are therein; and prepare an Act for supplying the same.

Ordered, That the Council of State do consider, upon Occasion of the Departure of the Publick Minister of Portugall, how those Merchants, and others of our Nation, now under restraint in Portugall, may be set at Liberty; and to take the best and speediest Way and Means they can, in order thereunto.

The House, according to former Order, adjourned itself to Tuesday Morning next, Eight of Clock.