House of Commons Journal Volume 6: 28 May 1651

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 6, 1648-1651. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Wednesday, 28 Maii, 1651.


Examinations of Coke.

SIR Henry Mildmay reports from the Council of State, The several Examinations and Consessions of Thomas Coke Esquire, taken in the Month of April 1651.

At the Council of State at Whitehall.

THE Council having, from their Committee of Examinations and Discoveries, who, by their Direction, in pursuance of an Order of Parliament, had examined Thomas Coke Esquire, now Prisoner in the Tower, received, and caused to be read, the several Papers, intituled as followeth:

1. The several Examinations and Confessions of Thomas Coke Esquire, taken in the Month of April 1651, containing Eighteen Leaves, and one Page;

2. Concerning Colonel John Booth;

3. Concerning the Levellers;
Dorislaus Death;
Colonel Layton;
The Lord Finch;

4. Concerning the Treaty with the late King, at the Isle of Wight, and Sir John Gell, Mr. Pryn;

5. Concerning Foreign Affairs;

6. The Design of the Presbyterians, &c.

7. Letter from the Duke of Buckingham to Mr. Cook, decyphered, with the Letter itself in Characters;

8. Information against the Duke of Richmond;

9. Instructions for . . . 12 January 1650, superscribed, Charles R.;

10. Mr. Thomas Coke's further Information touching several Persons;

Have thought fit to order, That the same be reported to the Parliament.

And the Council, having also received an Order of the Parliament, dated Yesterday, whereby the whole Matter of the Report concerning Mr. Coke is to be made this Morning, do, in Observance thereof, order, That the Papers after mentioned be also delivered into the House, with the other Papers; viz.

Eleven Papers, which were by him first delivered to the Committee; the Matter whereof by their Direction, was, by Mr. Coke, digested into better From and Method, and is in the former Papers.

Three Papers of Characters and Cyphers, which he alledged to be betwixt the King of Scotts, the Duke of Buckingham, and Hamilton, and him; by Help of which he decyphered the Letter from the Duke of Buckingham to him, taken with Birkened.

The Committee reporting, That they had received one other Paper, concerning divers Persons and Things; wherein they not receiving Satisfaction, re-delivered the same to Mr. Coke, to consider and review the same: And that, upon Mr. Coke's ascertaining those Particulars, they should be ready to give Account thereof to this Council: And Mr. Coke, this Morning, giving in another Paper to the Council, instead of the former, the Council, in respect the same Paper is Part of the Matter to be reported, intended, as they conceive, by the Parliament's Order, do order, That the same be also reported; and have given Order, That the former Papers which, Mr. Coke faith, are in his Custody, at his Chamber, in the Tower, be forthwith fetched, and in readiness, in the Hands of the Reporter.

He also reports, A Paper concerning Colonel John Booth; a Paper concerning the Levellers, Dorislaus Death, Colonel Layton, and the Lord Finch; a Paper concerning the Treaty with the late King, in the Isle of Wight, and Sir John Gell; a Paper concerning Foreign Affairs; a Paper touching the Design of the Presbyterians; the Letter from the Duke of Buckingham to Mr. Coke decyphered; a Paper touching the Information against the Duke of Richmond, a Paper of Instructions for Mr. Coke; a Paper of Mr. Coke's further Information touching several Persons; Mr. Coke's Paper, given in to the Council, this Twenty-eighth of May 1651; the Copy of the Queen of Bohemia's Letter to the Duchess of Richmond; the Copy of the Queen of Bohemia's Letter to Sir Abraham Williams; a Letter from Mr. Coke to Sir Henry Mildmay, of the Twenty-eighth of May 1641; with Two Papers concerning Correspondencies and Intelligencies.

Which were all this Day read.

The Question being put, That Mr. Coke's Petition to the Council of State be now read;

It passed with the Negative.

Transporting Horses.

Resolved, by the Parliament, That Leave be granted to Mineheire Schaph, Commissioner from the States of Holland and West Frizland, to transport Six Horses for the Lord of Obdam, Governor of Heusden, and a Member of the States of Holland, Custom and Impost free.