House of Commons Journal Volume 6: 29 May 1651

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 6, 1648-1651. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Thursday, the 29th of May, 1651.


Navy Estimates, &c.

COLONEL Thompson reports from the Committee of the Navy, An Estimate of the Charge for carrying on the Service of the Navy, for the ensuing Year 1651; viz.

£. s. d.
BY an Estimate delivered in unto this Committee, as well of the Debts of the Navy, necessary to be paid forthwith; as also of the Charge for carrying on this ensuing Year's Service; it appeareth, That the Total thereof amounteth unto the Sum of 496,514 - -
More, requisite for Building One Ship, and Nine Frigates, with Ordnance, 62,705 - -
Sum Total £ 559,219 - -

Towards Defraying of which Expences, it is probable, there may arise out of the several Receipts hereafter mentioned, these Sums following; viz.

£. s. d.
By the Receipts of the Customs 250,000 - -
By Fee-farm Rents 20,000 - -
By the Excise 40,000 - -
By Prize Goods 40,000 - -
Sum Total £. 350,000 - -
So that there remains to be provided for carrying on the said Service 209,219 - -

And also, An Estimate of the present Debts of the Navy, necessary to be forthwith provided for; as also of the Charge of the Summer and Winter Guard, to be set forth to Sea this Year 1651.

£. s. d
For the Wages of 1,060 Men, for Thirteen Months, employed in Seven of the State's Ships, on the Coast of Lisbourne, daily expected Home 8,904 - -
For the Wages of 2,000 Men now at Sea, in the State's Ships, on the Coast of England, Scotland, and Ireland, for Seven Months Service expected Home about Three Months hence 16,800 - -
For Four Months Freight, Victuals, and Wages, of 550 Men, in Eight Merchant Ships, &c. 8,305 - -
For the like Freight, Victuals, and Wages of Seven Merchant Ships, lately discharged, not yet paid, for Four Months Service 11,325 - -
For several Provisions of Victuals, contracted for on this Winter's Expedition not yet paid 8,000 - -
For sundry Stores; as Masts, Deals, Timber, Canvas, Pitch, Tar, &c. yet behind, and unpaid, for this Winter's Guard 7,000 - -
For 6,000 Men, for Thirteen Months Service, to be employed in Forty of the State's . . . . . as per Estimate delivered November the Sixth 266,680 - -
For 5,550 Men, to be employed in Thirty Seven Ships; viz. 1,800 Men in Twelve Ships, Thirteen Months; and 1,950 Men, in Thirteen Ships, Eight Months; and 1,800 Men in Twelve Ships, Ten Months; as per Estimate delivered the Sixth of November 1650 199,500 - -
For the ordinary and extraordinary Charge, in all the State's Yards, for One whole Year 20,000 - -
Total, per Estimate £. 546,514 - -
Whereof paid, since the making out of the abovesaid Estimate 50,000 - -
So that there remains to be provided 496,514 - -

Memorandum, There is nothing inclusive in this Estimate for Building of new Frigates, or for Gratuity to Seamen.

And also, An Estimate of the Charge of the new Building, Rigging, Storing, and complete Fitting, and Setting forth to the Seas, Ten new Frigates, intended to be built the next Summer, for Six Months Service, wherein is also included all their Ordnance and Stores, referring to the Office of Ordnance; viz.

£. s. d.
For the Price of 1,040 Tons, in Four Frigates of the least Dimension, at 6£. per Ton 6,240 - -
For Price of 1,230 Tons, in Three Frigates of the fourth Rank, at 6£. 10 s. per Ton 7,995 - -
For Price of 1,200 Tons, in Two Frigates, at 7£. 10 s. per Ton 9,000 - -
For Price of 830 Tons, in One Ship, to be built Frigate-wise, of the Second Rank, at 9£ per Ton 7,470 - -
For Price of 250 Tons of new Cordage, for Rigging and Ground Tackle of the said Ten Frigates, at 28£. per Ton 7,000 - -
For Price of Sails, Anchors, Boats, and all petty Provisions for Boatswains, Carpenters, and Sea Stores 5,000 - -
Sum Total £. 42,705 - -

Memorandum, We have not included in this Estimate, the Value of their Ordnance, nor yet the Gunners Stores, as not knowing the Weight, Price nor Quantity either of the one or the other, it being the proper and immediate Care of the Officers of the Ordnance; but, at random, we conceive, there may be added, for all Charges respecting the Gunners, the Sum of Twenty thousand Pounds; which makes the whole Estimate Sixty-two thousand Seven hundred and Five Pounds.

He also reports, A List of such Ships as have been taken up, and employed for Convoys, by the Committee of the Navy, in pursuance of an Ordinance of Parliament, dated the One-and-thirtieth of October 1650.

Ships Names. Commanders. Tons. Men. Guns.
Triumph Capt. Hall 900 350 60
Lion Capt. Birkdell 700 260 46
Tyger Capt. Peacock 400 150 34
Angel Capt. Rand 450 100 38
Trade's Increase Capt. Jacob 509 140 48
Anth. Bonadventure Capt. Hoxon 450 100 38
Hopeful Luke Capt. Goodson 420 100 36
Exchange of London Capt. Cheyney 250 80 20
Fortune of Yarnmouth Capt. Purvis 222 80 20
Magdalen Capt. Hosier 194 80 20
Adventure Capt Wyard 257 90 24
Fortune of London Capt. Coleman 200 80 20
Crescent Capt. Thorowgood 326 100 28
Anne and Joice Capt. Jones 388 110 32
America Capt. Haddock 350 100 32
Friendship, London Capt. Humfreyes 120 60 14
Eagle Frigate Capt. Cadman -
Providence, London Capt. Swanley 275 80 22
George Bonadventure Capt. Crampe 239 65 20
Defence Capt. Bennett 364 100 30
Seven Brothers Capt. Laud 300 90 26
Deborah Capt. Heyward 100 50 10
Robert Pink Capt. Redgate 60 40 8
Reformation Capt. Earning 444 110 32
Charles of London Capt. Knox 400 100 30
Richard and Benjamin Capt. Sherwin 300 90 26
Gyles Capt. Tope 300 90 26
May Flower Capt. Woolters 100 50 10
Love of London Capt. Rowse 200 80 18
Charles of Bristoll Capt. Deane 400 110 32
Blessing of Strond Capt. Slade 100 50 10
Merchant Adventure Frigate Capt. Beck 240 70 22
Nonsuch Capt. King 60 45 8
John -

Mr. Hodges reports from the Committee of the Navy,

The Proposition of Colonel Owen Row, Major Robert Thompson, Captain Walter Boswell, Captain Charles Norwood, Captain Robert Norwood, Major Nicholas West, Captain Gregory Boteler, Captain John Stone, Colonel Benjamin Blundell, was this Day read.

Soap Business.

The humble Petition of Richard Wilkins, and others, was this Day read.

Ordered, That the Business concerning Sir Bazill Brook, and others, about the Soap Business, be committed unto Lord Commissioner Whitelock, Sir James Harrington, Mr. Love, Lord Commissioner Lisle, Lord Grey, Sir John Danvers, Sir John Bourcher, Mr. Henry Nevill, Mr. Harbert, Mr. Millington, Mr. Hill, Mr. Bond, Sir Arthure, Hesilrig, Mr. John Goodwyn, Mr. Leman, Mr. Carey, Mr. Hutchinson, Mr. Long, Sir Wm Allenson, Colonel Apsley, Mr. Pury, Colonel Downes, Mr. Pierepoint, Mr. Rich. Darley, Mr. Ash, Mr. Hodges, Sir John Hippisley, Mr. Allen, Mr. Clement, Mr. Pine, Mr. Ralegh, Sir Gilbert Pickering, Colonel Rich, Mr. Moyle; or any Five of them: And this Committee is to consider of all the former Resolves and Proceedings of the House, in this Business; and to bring in an Act, in pursuance thereof: And this Committee are to meet this Afternoon, at Two of the Clock, in the Exchequer Chamber; and so de die in diem.

Ordered, That the said Petition be referred to the same Committee: And that the Committee do proceed in the Business formerly committed unto them in the first place.

Gloucester Petition.

The humble Petition of the well-affected People in the County of Gloucester, City of Gloucester, and County thereof, was this Day read.

Ordered, That it be referred to the Committee of Excise, to examine the Matter of the Concealments in the Petition mentioned; and if they find any Monies to be concealed in the Hands of any of the Persons complained of, or any other Sub Commissioners, or Officers of Excise for Fines, or otherwise, due to the State, that they give Order for bringing in of the same, for the Benefit of the Commonwealth.

Delinquents Estates.

The House this Day resumed the Debate upon the Bill for Sale of the Estates of several Delinquents.

A Proviso was tendered to the said Bill; "Provided nevertheles, and it is further Enacted, That, in Recompence and Satisfaction of such Judgments, Statutes, Recognizances, and other Incumbrances, as by the true Intent and Provision of this Act, are to be satisfied, the said Trustees, or any Five or more of them, upon the Return of the respective Surveys, are hereby impowered and authorized to set out such Proportion of the Lands so surveyed, as will be sufficient to satisfy such Incumbrances and Incumbrances; and, after such Incumbrances proved, and the Debts allowed of by the Committee in this Act named, to sell and convey such proportionable Part of the said Lands so surveyed, to such Creditor or Creditors, or their Assigns, in Recompence and Satisfaction of such Incumbrance and Incumbrances, either for Life, Lives, Years, or in Fee; the said Trustees taking care, in satisfying such Incumbrances, to satisfy the same in such Priority and Course, as the same ought to be satisfied by the Laws of this Land: And, upon such Conveyance and Conveyances made, the said Creditor and Creditors, their Heirs, Executors, Administrators, or Assigns, shall acknowledge Satisfaction upon Record, or otherwise release and discharge such Judgments, Statutes, Recognizances, and other Incumbrances, respectively, as the Council of the said Trustees, and for the Commonwealth, shall direct and advise: And such Acknowledgment, Release, and Discharge, shall be good and effectual in Law, to discharge the said Debts and Incumbrances, as against the Residue of the Lands intended to be sold by this Act; any Law, Statute, or Usage to the contrary in any wise notwithstanding;" Which was this Day read the First time.

Sheriff of Leicester.

Ordered, by the Parliament, That Mr. Noell, Sheriff of the County of Leicester, have Leave to go out of his County, to the Spaw in Yorkshire, for Recovery of his Health.