House of Commons Journal Volume 7: 19 September 1656

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 7, 1651-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Page 425

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Friday, the 19th of September, 1656.

Preacher appointed.

ORDERED, That Mr. Nye, by reason of his Indisposition of Body, be excused from assisting in carrying on the Work on Wednesday next, being appointed a Day for Fasting and Humiliation by this House.

Ordered, That Mr. Jenkins be desired to be assisting in carrying on the Work of the Day of public Fasting and Humiliation, appointed to be kept by this House, in the Church of Margarett's, Westminster, upon Wednesday next: And that Major Beak be desired to give him Notice thereof.

Renouncing Right of Car. II.

According to the Order Yesterday, the Bill, intituled, An Act for Renouncing and Disannulling the pretended Title of Charles Stuart to the Crown of England, &c. was this Day read the Second time; and, upon the Question, committed to Lord Broghill, Mr. Recorder of London, Lord Commissioner Whitelock, Mr. Bampfeild, Sir Charles Wolsley, Colonel John Jones, Major General Berry, Lord Commissioner Fienes, Mr. Bond, Mr. Buller, Mr. Solicitor General, Sir Tho. Barnardiston, Mr. Crook, Major Beak, Mr. Attorney General, Mr. Francis Rous, Sir Wm. Strickland, Lord Commissioner Lisle, Colonel Rous, Colonel Philip Jones, Mr. Arthur Upton, General Disbrow, Colonel Cock, Major Aston, Lord Lambert, Earl of Tweddale, Sir John Coppleston; all the Gentlemen of the Long Robe that are of the House: And are to meet in the Speaker's Chamber, at Two of the Clock this Afternoon.

Excluded Members.

The Serjeant acquainting the House, That the Deputy to the Clerk of the Commonwealth in Chancery did attend at the Door, with the Returns, according to the Order made Yesterday, he was called in;

And being come to the Bar, by Order of the House, Mr. Speaker demanded of him, Where the Clerk of the Commonwealth is. Answered, He was at his House out of Town, when the Warrant came: He expected him this Morning; and so did not send for him: But he came not. Being demanded, Whether he hath all the Indentures here for England and Wales; Answered, Yea. By Command of Mr. Speaker, produced the Indenture for the Elections in Norfolk; and read it; in which was returned Sir Ralph Hare. Being asked, Why He was not returned to the Parliament; Saith, because he was not approved. And gives the like Answer, as to Sir Wm. Doyly, Philip Woodhowse, John Buxton, Thomas Sotherton, Esquires. Being commanded to produce the Indenture for the County of Hertford; Read therein returned, William Earl of Salisbury, Sir Richard Lucy Knight and Baronet, Sir John Wittrong, Sir John Gore, Roland Litton. Being demanded, whether these were returned into the House; Answered, No. And being demanded the Reason; Answereth, the same as before. By Command of Mr. Speaker, he produced the Indenture for the Elections in the County of Wiltes: And having read all the Names of the Knights elected, was demanded, Whether all of them were returned to the House. He answered, No: Viz. Sir Anthony Ashley Cooper Baronet, Sir Alexander Popham, John Bulkley, Henry Hungerford, were not returned to the House, because he had no Certificate of Approbation for them.

The like Answer he gave for the several Persons: Which, upon reading the several Indentures, appeared to have been thereby returned for the several Counties and Places hereafter mentioned; viz.

Salop. Samuel Moore, Andrew Lloyd.
Hereford. Edward Harley.
Essex. Henry Mildmay of Graces, Oliver Raymond, Edward Turner, Sir Thomas Bowes, Sir Harbottle Grimston, Bart.
Kent. William James, Sir Thomas Style, Baronet, John Boys, Lambard Godfrey, Richard Beale, John Selleard, Daniel Shatterden.
Sandwich. James Thurbane.
Southampton. John Bulkley, Edward Hooper.
City of Norwich. John Hobart.
Suffolk. Henry North, Edmond Harvey, Edw. Wyneive, John Sicklemore, William Bloyse, William Gibbes.
Lincoln. Thomas Lister, William Wolley, William Savile, Wm. Welbey, Charles Hussey, Charles Hall.
Boston. Sir Anthony Irby.
Stamford. John Weaver.
Durham. James Clavering.
Leompster. John Birch.
Leicester Borough. Sir Arthur Hesilrige.
Devon. Sir John Northcott, William Morrice, John Hale, Sir John Young, John Doddridge.
Plymouth. Serjeant Maynard.
York E. Riding. Richard Darley, Henry Darley.
West Riding. Francis Thorpe Serjeant at Law, Henry Tempest, Henry Arthington, John Stanhope.
Beverley. Francis Thorp Serjeant at Law.
Warwick. Colonel George Fenwick.
Cornwall. Walter Moyle.
Launceston. Thomas Gewen Esquire.
Truro. Walter Vincent.
Derby. Thomas Saunders.
Town of Shrewsbury. Samuel Jones.
Rutland. Abel Barker.
Borough of Rigate. John Goodwyn.
Somerset. John Buckland, Alexander Popham, Robert Long.
Bucks. Richard Greenvile.
Ailesbury. Thomas Scott.
Berks. John Southby, Wm. Hide.
Malden in Essex. Colonel Joachim Mathewes.

Whereupon the Deputy Clerk of the Commonwealth, was commanded to withdraw.

Which being done, Mr. Speaker acquaints the House, That he had called over all the Places for whom any Person was chosen, whose Name was subscribed to the Letter, and finds them all to have been returned in the Indentures.

While he was at the Bar, it was taken Notice, that some Members of the House did walk up and down the House, out of their Places, and speak one to another: And thereupon it was moved, and agreed for a Rule, That while any Stranger is in the House, no Member ought to stir out of his Place, nor speak unto another.

The House being acquainted, by the Serjeant, That the Clerk of the Commonwealth was himself at the Door;

He was called in; and, by Order of the House, Mr. Speaker acquainted him, That, upon the Perusal of Indentures, it appears, divers Persons are elected, which are not returned to the House: And he was demanded, By what Order it was done. He returns this Answer: That he received an Order, from his Highness' Council, that he should deliver Tickets to all such Persons, and such only, as, being returned to serve in Parliament, should be certified unto him, from the Council, as Persons by them approved: And that he did receive several Orders of Approbation for several Persons; and so he made out the Tickets. Being demanded, Whether he had the Order itself; Answered, He knew not whether it were at the Door. But being withdrawn; and again brought in by the Serjeant; he delivered in the Order, subscribed by Mr. Jessop, Clerk of the Council: Which after he was withdrawn, was read.

Resolved, That this Debate be adjourned till Tomorrow-Morning, Eight of the Clock.