House of Commons Journal Volume 7: 28 May 1659

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 7, 1651-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Saturday, May the 28th, 1659.


Customs, &c.

A TITLE was offered to the Act for bringing in the Arrears of the Customs, Excise, and PrizeGoods: Which was read.

Resolved, That the Title to the said Act be, An Act for appointing Commissioners for bringing in the Arrears of the Revenue due to the Commonwealth.

Resolved, That this Act be printed and published.

Petition from Bucks.

The House being informed, that some Gentlemen of the County of Bucks were at the Door;

They were called in: And being at the Bar, one of the Petitioners, after a short Preamble, humbly presented a Petition, intituled, "The humble Representation and Petition of divers Assertors of the good Old Cause, Inhabitants of the County of Bucks:" Which, after the Petitioners were withdrawn, was read.

The Petitioners were again called in: And Mr. Speaker gave them this Answer:


"The House hath read your Petition, and do take notice of the Constancy and Faithfulness of that Country; and that it is not dead, but revived; and they find a good Affection in you to the Commonwealth: This House will endeavour to settle a Commonwealth, as well in Nature, as in Name: And for other Particulars in your Petition, they will, in due time, take them into Consideration: And the House have commanded me to give you Thanks for your good Affection, and your Constancy in that good Old Cause: And I do give you the Thanks of the House, accordingly.

Westminster Militia.

Mr. Garland reports, Amendments to the Bill for settling the Militia of the City of Westminster, and the Liberties thereof: Which were read.

Resolved, That John Green Gentleman be added a Commissioner in this Bill.

Ordered, That this Bill, with the Amendments, be recommitted unto Colonel Morley, Major Salwey, Colonel Birch, Mr. Robinson, Mr. Garland, Mr. Lechmere: Who are forthwith to withdraw; and to report the Amendments to the House forthwith.

Prisoners for Conscience-sake.

The Lord Chief-Baron Wild reports, from the Committee for Relief of Prisoners for Conscience-sake, The Opinion of that Committee, That * * * *

Resolved, That this Report be re-committed, upon the Debate of this House.

Petition from Deale.

The humble Petition of the Pilots, Seamen, Fishermen, and other Inhabitants of Lower-Deale in the County of Kent, was read.

Ordered, That this Petition be referred to a Committee; to examine the Matter of Fact, state it, and report their Opinion to the House: And that the Sale of the waste beachy Land lying in the Parish of Deale, betwixt the Manor of Deale-Prebend, and Ripple-Court, claimed by the late Bishop of Canterbury, be forborn in the mean time: Viz. unto Mr. Corbet, Mr. Nutt, Colonel Rich, Mr. Hallowes, Colonel Dixwell, Alderman Pennington, Mr. Nelthrope, Colonel Barker, Colonel Pyne, Colonel Peter Temple, Mr. Hutchinson, Mr. Piggot, Mr. Temple, Colonel Jo. Jones, Mr. Palmer, Colonel Crompton, Mr. Smith, Sir Gilbert Pickering, Mr. Edward Nevill; or any Five of them: And are to meet on Tuesday in the Afternoon, at Three of the Clock, in the Court of Wards.

Forests, &c.

Ordered, That further Power be given to the Committee to whom the Business touching the Forests is referred, to inquire, What Timber hath been carried from the Lands of the Commonwealth since April 1653; where the said Timber is; and who carried it thither; by whom the said Timber hath been bought or sold; and by what Authority they have done the same: And report it to this House.


Colonel John Jones reports from the Members of Parliament of the Committee of Safety, A List of the Names of the Officers in Lieutenant-General Fleetwood's Foot-Regiment: Which were read; and, upon the Question, agreed unto: Viz.

1. Charles Fleetwood, Colonel; Edm. Ellis, Captain Lieutenant; John Peele, Ensign.

2. Jeffery Ellatson, Lieutenant-Colonel; Robert Hayes, Lieutenant; Arnold Baxter, Ensign.

3. Oliver Edge, Major; Tho. Lovell, Lieutenant; James Walworth, Ensign.

4. Nicholas Whitbey, Captain; James Edge, Lieutenant; John Baly, Ensign.

5. William Sharpe, Captain; Wm. Flindall, Lieutenant; Richard Parker, Ensign.

6. Richard Holt, Captain; Gowen Atherton, Lieutenant; Edward Bayly, Ensign.

7. Tho. Sorcest, Captain; John Meager, Lieutenant; Edmund Gatliffe, Ensign.

8. Wm. Burrell, Captain; Edward Harper, Lieutenant; Robert Stephenson, Ensign.

9. Rice Williams, Captain; Ellis Bradshaw, Lieutenant; John Dawson, Ensign.

10. Tho. Scot, Captain; Robert Mansergh, Lieutenant; Tho. Potter, Ensign.

George Aires, Surgeon; Tho. Alston, Mate; Wm. Booker, Master and Quarter-master united.


He also reports, A List of the Names of Officers in Major-General Lambert's Regiment of Foot: Which was also this Day read; and, upon the Question, agreed unto; Viz.

1. Major-General Lambert, Colonel; Tho. Hooper, Captain-Lieutenant; Samuell Rigge, Ensign.

2. Richard Elton, Lieutenant-Colonel; John Lakin, Lieutenant; William Page, Ensign.

3. Christopher Skipper, Major; Wm. Cash, Lieutenant; Wm. Skydamore, Ensign.

4. John Lambert, Captain; John Yong, Lieutenant; * Johnson, Ensign.

5. Edward Bradshaw, Captain; Richard Hogg, Lieutenant; Abraham Read, Ensign.

6. Tho. Fryer, Captain; Richard Bradley, Lieutenant; Enoch Greenlefe, Ensign.

7. Tho. Axtle, Captain; Samuell Foster, Lieutenant; Wm. Atkinson, Ensign.

8. Walter Brocket, Captain; * * Lieutenant; Wm. Newhouse, Ensign.

9. Wm. Elwan, Captain; Richard Hanley, Lieutenant; * Clerk, Ensign.

10. Isaack Haugh, Captain; James Thomas, Lieutenant; Richard Elton, Ensign.

George Fryers, Chaplain; Anthony Devizes, Surgeon; Wm. Swadlin, Mate; John Southerne, Quarter-Master and Marshal united.

He also reports another List of the Names of Officers in Lieutenant-General Ludlowe's Regiment: Which was this Day read; and, upon the Question agreed unto: Viz.

1. Edmund Ludlow, Colonel; Tho. Clerk, CaptainLieutenant; Nath. London, Ensign.

2. Wm. Farley, Lieutenant-Colonel; Wm. White, Lieutenant; Tho. Blenkin, Ensign.

3. John Wiggin, Major; Robert Gough, Lieutenant; Tho. Watson, Ensign.

4. James Priest, Captain; Nico. Shepheard; Lieutenant; Henry Easterne, Ensign.

5. Robert Luson, Captain; Richard Cullington, Lieutenant; Wm. Wilkinson, Ensign.

6. Robert King, Captain; John King, Lieutenant; Francis Aires, Ensign.

7. Joseph Cooke, Captain; Robert Rampton, Lieutenant; * Gillibrowne, Ensign.

8. Tho. White, Captain; Robert Gash, Lieutenant; Francis Archer, Ensign.

9. Tho. Palmer, Captain; Tho. Adams, Lieutenant; Luke Cornwall, Ensign.

10. Henry Headworth, Captain; Wm. Grenaway, Lieutenant; Gilbert Michel, Ensign.

Richard Goodgroome, Chaplain; Humphry Cole, Surgeon; John Waldow, Mate; Andrew Wrothwood, Quarter-Master and Marshal united.

He also reports another List of the Names of Officers of Major-General Lambert's Regiment of Horse; Which was this Day read; and agreed unto, except as unto Captain John Hatfield, and Mr. John Hodgson. The List followeth:

1. Lord Lambert, Colonel; * Spilman, CaptainLieutenant; John Holdsworth, Cornet; * Isott, QuarterMaster.

2. Richard Creede, Major; Tho. Ince, Lieutenant; Matthew Brandon, Cornet; Cuthbert Creede, QuarterMaster.

3. Adam Baines, Captain; * Page, Lieutenant; Geo. Thomlinson, Cornet; Math. Strigley, Quarter-Master.

4. John Hatfield, Captain; Tho. Davies, Lieutenant; * * Cornet; * Ashton, Quarter-Master.

5. John Pockley, Captain; John Hodgson, Lieutenant; Tho. Paul, Cornet; Robert Gledhill, Quarter-Master.

6. Robert Salmon, Captain; Henry Webley, Lieutenant; * Digles, Cornet; Charles Stoddard, Quarter-Master.

John Hodgson, Surgeon.

Ordered, That Captain John Hatfield, and Lieutenant John Hodgson, be recommitted to the Committee, for their further Consideration.


He also reports, Another List of the Names of Officers in Colonel Robert Lilburn's Regiment: Which was read, and, upon the Question, agreed unto: Viz.

1. Robert Lilburne, Colonel; John Turner, CaptainLieutenant; George Denham, Cornet; Michael Parker, Quarter-master.

2. Geo. Smithson, Major; Wm. Wheatly, Lieutenant; John Thicket, Cornet; Robert Harrison, Quarter-master.

3. Wm. Peverell, Captain; Robert Crooke, Lieutenant; * * Robert Nicholson, Quarter-master.

4. Tho. Strangeways, Captain; Tho. Elliot, Lieutenant; Wm. Smith, Cornet; Tho. Hawson, Quarter-master.

5. John Groves, Captain; Walter Merry, Lieutenant; John Bradford, Cornet; John Belley, Quarter-master.

6. Francis Wilkinson, Captain; Richard Skipper, Lieutenant; Tho. Randolph, Cornet; Thomas Redford, Quarter-master.

Wm. Dod, Surgeon.

He also reports Another List of the Names of Officers in Colonel Berrye's Regiment; which was read; and, upon the Question, agreed unto: Viz.

1. James Berry, Colonel; Noel Botteler, Lieutenant; Richard Ward, Cornet; George Johnson, Quarter-master; Sandys Sutor, Surgeon.

2. Unton Croke, Major; David Gascoigne, Lieutenant; Matthew Ward, Cornet; Tho. Cooper, Quarter-master.

3. Robert Hutton, Captain; Richard Mew, Lieutenant; Edward Billing, Cornet; Richard Ferley, Quarter-master.

4. John Robinson, Captain; John Ogle, Lieutenant; Wm. Upcoate, Cornet; * Kingston, Quarter-master.

5. John Hawkridge, Captain; Gowen Aneslow, Lieutenant; Tho. Berry, Cornet; * Westlake, Quarter-master.

6. Tho. Wells, Captain; Robert Ferrer, Lieutenant; John Clements, Cornet; Tho. Tresham, Quarter-master.

He also reports, Another List of the Names of the Officers in Colonel Hacker's Regiment: Which was read; and upon the Question, agreed unto; Viz.

1. Francis Hacker, Colonel; Elias Walley, CaptainLieutenant; John Fiennes, Cornet; George Lassels, Quarter-master.

2. Wm. Hobert, Major; Wm. Watts, Lieutenant; Benjamin Ludlam, Cornet; Tho. Egerton, Quarter-master.

3. Clement Needham, Captain; * *, Lieutenant; Francis Hacker, Cornet; Richard Mallet, Quarter-master.

4. Gabriel Wave, Captain; John Bourchier, Lieutenant; Tho. Page, Cornet; Samuel Stephenson, Quarter-master.

5. * Willoughby, Captain; Abraham Ramsbotham, Lieutenant; Wm. Grove, Cornet; Philip Launder, Quarter-master.

6. Nicho. Lockyer, Captain; John Atherton, Lieutenant; Joseph Strangewayes, Cornet; William Davis, Quarter-master.

Francis Willoughby, Surgeon.

Petition and Address or Army, &c.

Resolved, That the House be now resolved into a Grand Committee, upon the Petition and Address of the Army, and upon the Bill for Indemnity and Oblivion, and that Mr. Speaker do leave the Chair.

Mr. Speaker left the Chair.

Mr. Say was called to the Chair.

Mr. Speaker resumed the Chair.

Mr. Say reports from the said Grand Committee, That they desire the Leave of this House to sit on Monday Morning.

Resolved, That the Grand Committee have Leave to sit on Monday Morning next, at Eight of the Clock, upon the Bill of Indemnity and Oblivion; and upon the Petition, and Address of the Army: And that Mr. Speaker do forbear to take the Chair.