House of Commons Journal Volume 9: 21 March 1670

Pages 143-144

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 9, 1667-1687. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Lunæ, 21 die Martii, 1669.


Duchy of Cornwall Leasing.

ORDERED, That another Bill be brought in to enable his Majesty to make Leases of his Duchy Lands in Cornwall: And it is referred to Mr. Spry, Sir Jonathan Trelawney, and Mr. Buller, to bring in the Bill; and to inquire after the Loss of the former Bill.

Firbeck Manor.

A Bill, sent from the Lords, for Sale of the Manor of Firbeck, in the County of Yorke, for Payment of Debts, was read.

Resolved, &c. That the Bill be read a Second time.

Bill's Estate.

A Bill sent from the Lords, to enable John Bill Esquire to sell certain Lands in Kent and Surrey, was read.

Resolved, &c. That the Bill be read a Second time.

Bishop of Rochester's Charities.

A Bill, sent from the Lords, for settling the charitable Uses of the late Bishop of Rochester, was read.

Resolved, &c. That the Bill be read a Second time.

Beckham's Estate.

A Bill, sent from the Lords, to enable Richard Beckham, and others, to sell Lands, to pay his Father's Debts, was read.

Resolved, &c. That this Bill be read a Second time.


Two Petitions being tendered, against Sir John Prettyman; one from Dame Theodosia Prettyman; and the other from Elizabeth Humes;

Ordered, That the Petitions be read To-morrow Morning; and that Sir John Prettyman have notice to attend then.

Popish Recusants.

Ordered, That the Bill against Papists be brought in To-morrow Morning.


The Question being put, That the Bill for Highways be now read;

It passed in the Negative.

Supply Bill; Duty on Brandy.

The Bill for regulating and well-making, and to prevent the Importation of Brandy, was read the Second time.

And several Motions being made, and the Matters debated;

Resolved, &c. That the Bill be committed, upon the Debates of the House, to Sir Robert Howard, Mr. Swynfen, Col. Strode, Sir Jo. Kinght, Sir Wm. Coventry, Colonel Birch, Sir Rich. Temple, Mr. Treasurer, Sir Geo. Downing, Mr. Vaughan, Mr. Steward, Col. Reames, Mr. Spry, Sir John Heath, Col. Kirby, Sir Ralph Hare, Sir Charles Harbord, Sir Robert Atkins, Sir Tho. Gower, Sir Walt. Young, Sir Gilbert Talbot, Sir Phillip Musgrave, Colonel Phillipps, Sir Wm. Doyley, Sir Geo. Reeve, Sir Anth. Cope, Mr. Jolliffe, Sir Rich. Ford, Sir John Barnaby, Sir Norton Knatchbold, Sir Tho. Proby, Sir Tho. Meeres, Sir Jonath. Trelawny, Mr. Churchill, Sir John Brampston, Lord Fanshaw, Mr. Tanner, Sir Tho. Spencer, Sir Solo. Swale, Serj. Maynard, Sir Lanc. Lake, Sir Courtney Poole, Mr. Cholmely, Sir Tho. Allen, Mr. King, Sir Robert Carr, Sir Thomas Doleman, Mr. Spencer, Sir Winston Churchill, Col. Windham, Mr. Crowch, Sir Tho. Higgon, Alderman Love, Sir Nicho. Slaning, Mr. Williamson, Sir Fretz. Hollis, Mr. Thompson, Sir Robert Barneham, Sir Tho. Lee, Lord Buckhurst, Mr. Henry Vernon, Mr. Coventry, Mr. Trelawny, Mr. Dowdeswell, Mr. Buscawen, Lord Richardson, Mr. Prideaux, Sir John Coventry: And all that come are to have Voices: And they are to meet To-morrow at Two of the Clock, in the Afternoon, in the Inner Court of Wards: And to send for Persons, Papers, and Records.

Duty on Brandy.

The House then resumed the Debate of the Matter in Difference between the Farmers of Excise, Merchant Importers, and Distillers, touching Brandy; and whether it ought to pay Four Pence or Eight Pence Per Gallon Excise.

Resolved, &c. That Brandy ought to have paid Eight Pence Per Gallon.

Resolved, &c. That Leave be given to bring in a Bill pursuant to this Vote.

Rebuilding London.

Ordered, That the House proceed in the Amendments to the Bill for rebuilding the City of London, To-morrow Morning at Nine of the Clock; nothing to intervene.


Ordered, That all Committees that were to sit this Afternoon be adjourned till To-morrow at Two of the Clock in the Afternoon.

Committee of Elections.

Ordered, That these Members following be added to to the Committee of Elections: Lord Angier, Mr. Crowch, Sir Cha. Cotterell, Lord Jo. Seamour, Mr. Hobby, Col. Gray, Mr. Tufton, Mr. Collingwood, Mr. Bridgeman, Mr. Russell.

And then the House adjourned till To-morrow Morning, Eight of the Clock.