House of Commons Journal Volume 9: 17 March 1673

Pages 269-270

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 9, 1667-1687. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Lunæ, 17 die Martii, 1672.


Judicature for Houses burnt down, &c.

A BILL for rebuilding the Navy Office, and reviving a former Act for erecting a Judicature, touching Houses burnt down, was read a First time.

Resolved, &c. That the Bill be read a Second time.


A Bill against Moor-burning in the County of Yorke, and other Northern Counties, was read the Second time.

Resolved, &c. That the Bill be committed to Sir Richard Francklyn, Sir Launcelote Lake, Sir Trevor Williams, Mr. Palmes, Sir Phillip Musgrave, Mr. Hales, Sir John Covert, Sir John Hanmer, Doctor Burwell, Mr. Waldron, Lord Richardson, Mr. Morrice, Sir Solomon Swale, Sir Robert Dillington, Sir Thomas Allen, Mr. Westphaling, Sir Edward Massey, Mr. Crouch, Sir John Talbot, Sir Edward Masters, Sir Lewis Palmer, Sir John Rolles, Sir Vere Fane, Mr. Prideaux, Sir Geo. Downing, Mr. Crouch, Mr. Dennis, Sir John Birkenhead, Sir Will. Strode, Sir John Brampston, Mr. Swanton, Sir John Hotham, Colonel Strode, Sir Thom. Woodcocke, Mr. Smith, and all that serve for the several Counties of Yorke, Dorset, Northumberland, Cumberland, Westmorland, Lancaster, Derby, Nottingham, Devon, and Cornwall: And all that shall come are to have Voices: And they are to meet this Afternoon at Two of the Clock, in the Speaker's Chamber: And to enlarge the Bill; and make it extensive, for the Benefit of other Counties concerned: And to send for Persons, Papers, and Records.

Durham, Election of Members.

Sir Thomas Clergis reports from the Committee, to which the Bill for enabling the County Palatine of Durham to send Knights and Burgesses to Parliament, was committed, some Amendments, agreed to be made by the Committee, to the said Bill: Which he read, with the Coherence, in his Place; and after, delivered the same in at the Clerk's Table: And the same being twice read; and agreed;

Resolved, &c. That the Bill, with the Amendments agreed to, be ingrossed.

Wicombe Election.

Sir Thomas Meeres reports from the Committee of Elections, the Evidence and State of the Case, touching the Election and Return for the Borough of Wicombe, between Sir William Egerton, and Sir John Burlarcy; and the Votes of the Committee thereupon: Which he read in his Place; and afterwards delivered the same in at the Clerk's Table: Where they were again twice read; and, upon the Question, severally agreed to.

Ordered, That the Clerk of the Crown do attend and take off the other Return from the Writ.

Protestant Dissenters.

Mr. Powle reports the Proviso concerning the Covenant to be added to the Bill for Ease of Dissenters: Which he read in his Place; and afterwards delivered the same in at the Clerk's Table: Which, being twice read;

Resolved, &c. That the said Proviso be agreed; and made Part of the Bill.

Resolved, &c. That the Bill, with the Amendments and Proviso agreed to, be ingrossed.

A Bill was tendered, and delivered in by Sir Thomas Meeres, in pursuance of the Order of the House, for making Dissenters in Matters of Religion from the Church of England uncapable of being elected to serve in Parliament.

Complaint of Grievances.

Several Motions and Complaints being made, in reference to several Grievances, concerning the Kingdom of Ireland being in great Danger; And,

Against a printed Paper, for imposing Twelve Pence a Chaldron on Coals, without Act of Parliament:

A Proclamation, to exempt Soldiers from the ordinary Course of Justice:

Against an Imposition of Two Shillings Six Pence a Horse, upon transporting Horses, beyond the Book of Rates, and contrary to Law:

A Grievance, in Abuses committed in collecting the Duty of Hearth Money:

A Grievance, in imposing Two Shillings Six Pence, upon the Licences of Ale-houses:

Touching the Hazard of the King's Person, by having the Lord Arundell of Wardour, Father Patrick, and Colonel Talbot near about him:

And the House being also informed, that there were other Grievances of Consequence to be presented; and, a Day being desired, to be set apart for hearing thereof;

Resolved, &c. That the House will To-morrow Morning, after Ten of the Clock, proceed in the Consideration of such Grievances as have been, or shall be then offered.

And then the House adjourned till To-morrow Morning, Eight of the Clock.