House of Commons Journal Volume 9: 30 April 1678

Pages 471-472

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 9, 1667-1687. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Martis, 30 die Aprilis, 1678.


A COMPLAINT being made of a Breach of Privilege committed against Sir Lancelot Lake, a Member of this House, by one Thomas Milksopp and his Son, by putting in of Cattle, and entering upon the Lands of Sir Lancelot Lake;

Ordered, That it be referred to the Committee of Privileges and Elections, to examine the Matter of the said Complaint; and report the same, with their Opinions therein, to the House.


A Complaint being made of a Breach of Privilege committed against John Churchill Esquire, a Member of this House, by one Jacob Sansom, in causing Edward Brann, menial Servant and Shepherd, to be arrested at the said Sansom's Suit, by one Edward Macham a Bailiff, who was employed by one Roger Clavell an Attorney.

Ordered, That the said Jacob Sansom, Edward Macham, and Roger Clavel, be sent for in Custody of the Serjeant at Arms attending this House, for their Breach of Privi lege, in arresting and molesting Edward Brann the Shepherd and menial Servant of John Churchill Esquire, a Member of this House.


Upon Complaint made of a Breach of Privilege committed against Sir James Smith, a Member of this House, by one Daniell Harvey a Gauger or Officer of Excise; by breaking open, and entering into the House of the said Sir James Smith, at Banstead in the County of Surry, under pretence of some Authority he had from the Farmers or Commissioners of Excise, to search for Drink concealed in the said Sir James Smith's House; when there was no such Drink lying therein, but Two small Vessels, brewed by the Appointment and for the Use of himself and his Family, containing about half a Barrel; notwithstanding the said Harvey was offered to have the Keys of the said House sent for, and the Doors opened for him to make Search;

Ordered, That the said Daniell Harvey be sent for in Custody of the Serjeant at Arms attending this House, for his Breach of Privilege committed against the said Sir James Smith, a Member of this House, in breaking open and entering into the House of the said Sir James Smith, as above-said.

St. Asaph's Cathedral.

Mr. Crowch reports from the Committee to whom the Bill sent from the Lords, intituled, An Act for appropriating the Rectories of Llanrhayader in Mochnant in the Counties of Denbigh and Mountgomery; and of Skeviog in the County of Flint, for the Repairs of the Cathedral Church of St. Asaph, and for the better Maintenance of the Choir there; and also for the Uniting several Rectories sine cura; and the Vicarages of the same Parishes within the Diocese of St. Asaph aforesaid, That the Committee had perused and considered of the said Bill; and returned the same without Amendment.

And the said Bill being read a Third time;

Resolved, &c. That the said Bill do pass: And that the Title be agreed.

Restoring Lord Audley, &c.

Sir John Mallett reports from the Committee to whom the Bill sent from the Lords, intituled, An Act for restoring the Honour of Baron Audley of Hely, to James Lord Audley, and others herein mentioned; and also for restoring them in Blood; several Amendments, agreed by the Committee to be made to the Bill: Which he read in his Place; and afterwards delivered the same in at the Clerk's Table: Where the same, being twice read, were upon the Question, agreed.

Mr. Prideaux' Petition.

Ordered, That Sir Robert Holt do put in his Answer to the Petition of Mr. Prideaux by Monday next.

Proposals of Peace.

Mr. Secretary Williamson acquaints the House, That the Persons appointed to attend his Majesty had waited upon him: And that his Majesty had commanded him to acquaint the House, That the Proposals sent by the Lord Feversham, were the same, verbatim, contained in the Treaties offensive and defensive, already delivered in: That the Answer of the French King was verbal: That he did not think them reasonable; and that, if he should accept . ., he knew not how to answer it to his People.

The House then proceeded to the Consideration of the Lord Chancellor's Speech.

And the said Speech, and Part of the League offensive and defensive, being read;

Committee to abstract Leagues, &c.

Resolved, &c. That a Committee be appointed, to prepare and present to the House, on Thursday next, an Abstract of the Matters contained in the Leagues and other Writings, delivered unto this House by Mr. Secretary Williamson.

And it is referred to Mr. Powle, Sir Wm. Coventry, Mr. Secretary Williamson, Mr. Vaughan, Mr. Waller, Sir Ch. Wheeler, Colonel Birch, Sir Hen. Capell, Sir Winston Churchill, Sir Tho. Clerges, Sir John Cotton, Sir Tho. Lee, Sir Gervas Elwes, Lord O Brien, Mr. Williams, Sir John Bramston, Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sir Hen. Ford, Sir Ch. Cotterell, Sir Tho. Littleton, Mr. Thyn, Mr. Hamden, Sir Robert Howard, Sir Wm. Farmer, Sir John Talbot, Sir Jonath. Trelawney, Mr. Serjeant Rigby, Sir Rob. Carr, Sir Gilbert Talbot, Sir Tho. Meeres, Mr. Finch, Sir John Trevor, Sir Hen. Goodrick, Mr. Hopkins, Mr. Marvell, Mr. Swinfen, Mr. Pepis, Sir John Nicholas, Mr. Crowch, Sir Nich. Carey, Sir Geo. Downing, Sir Ph. Warwick, Sir Ph. Munckton, Sir Cyril Wyche, Sir Ric. Graham, Lord Ancram, Sir John Knight, Mr. Garraway, Mr. May, Sir Robert Thomas, Mr. Spry, Sir Fr. Rolles, Sir Ric. Wiseman, Sir Hen. Puckering, Sir Rich. Temple, Mr. Herbert, Sir Ch. Harbord, Sir Anth. Irby, Mr. Treby, Lord Cavendish, Sir Ph. Harecourt, Mr. Gray, Sir Geo. Fletcher, Sir Jo. Birkenhead, or any Five of them: And they are to meet this Afternoon, at Five of the Clock, in the Speaker's Chamber.

Treaties and Proposals.

Resolved, &c. That the Members of this House, that are of his Majesty's Privy Council, do attend his Majesty; and humbly desire of his Majesty, that the Treaty or Proposals for ascertaining or concerting the Proportions of Ships and Men, to be provided by England and the States General, with the Answers thereunto; and also the Instrument or Dispatch in Writing, sent into France by the Earl of Feversham, and the Answer of the French King thereunto; may be produced to the Committee; to the end they may prepare Abstracts thereof, to be presented to this House.

And then the House adjourned till Thursday the Second Day of May, Eight of the Clock in the Morning.