Churchwardens' accounts: 1495-6

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The Medieval Records of A London City Church St Mary At Hill, 1420-1559. Originally published by Trübner, London, 1905.

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VI. [Churchwardens' Accounts And Memoranda.

The preceding pages supply the text of MS. A. (1239/1) in full till the year 1495. After that year the system of accounts as given in the MS. becomes very largely a repetition of items already set down. To avoid such a continual reiteration in this edition, the plan adopted from this date, 1495, has been to supply, as before, the complete frame of the yearly records, but to print only such items of the accounts and other matter as are of distinct value. In other words, the aim has been to exclude such matter as would bury the gist of the history beneath a mass of text consisting almost wholly of matter printed continually in the earlier pages. Certain sections, however, as, for instance, the income of the church from casual sources, have been printed in full at all times.

The omission of any matter is shown by the presence of asterisks * * *, or its presence in the MS. is stated between square brackets.]

[a.d. 1495–6.]

(fn. 1) Ioh'n Maschall' Ao ml' cccc iiijxx xvjo.
Ioh'n Russell'

(fn. 2) Here begynneth the Accounte of Ioh'n Russell', beyng chirchwardeyn with Ioh'n Maschall' fro the fest of Myelmasse Ao ml' cccco lxxxxv, vnto Mychelmasse A 1496 et Ao regis xjo.

[The Accounts of the Chantries.]

(fn. 3) Clerkes wages & Bemelith þis yer.

ffrist, Receued be o hole yere of gaderyng of quarterage be quarter of þis yer. Summa v l'i ix s
Item, Receuyd of the Bemelyth this yere, byside them that wold not pay syn the lyth was take down, and besyde them þat be owyng of this yer xviij s
Summa, vj l'i vij s.

Casualtes this yer.

Item, Receued of Master horn the last day of Ianuar, for the wast of ij tapers that brend at sir Ioh'n Colyns obbite. Summa vj d
Item, Receued the Secund day of may for Beryng of William Bedelles child in the pardon chyrch'yerd. Summa ij s
Item, Receued at ester for the paschall' money. Summa xj s x d
Item, Receued the ffrist day of September for the beryng of Robard Wileis douters child in the pardon chirchyerd, and for wast of iiij torches that brend at masse, iiij d þe pec. summa iij s iiij d
Item, Receued the xxij day of decembyr of the goodwiff proun for brekyng of the ground within þe chirch' for her hosbondes pitte xiij s iiij d
Summa, xxxj s.
Summa totalis, vij l'i xviij s.

(fn. 4) Paymentes of same.

ffrist, payd to Robard depbenham, pariche clerk, for o yeris wagis ful past at Mielmasse last was. Summa iiij l'i xiij s iiij d
Item, payd to William helmes for ij quarteres wages after x s be yer. Summa v s
Item, payd to Richard abell' for ij quarteres wages be his hows rent, wiche is viij s be yer, that is, ij s for a quarter. Summa iiij s
Summa, v l'i ij s iiij d.

[Wax Reckoning.

Church Rents.





Payments for the Church.]

* * * * *
(fn. 5) Item, payd for a claspe of yryn & settyng on of a bolt on the neþere ende of the gret wiket vnder the parsonage, and for mendyng of the lokke of the lytill' wyket vj d
Item, payd to the rakar for havyng away of rychis and (fn. 6) rubych'; of remevyng of the pewes when the chyrch' was broke down iiij d, and Richard abell' & elmes for beryng owt, ij d vj d
Item, payd for a prus bast that the laborer fette of me, pris v d
* * * * *
Item, payd to thomas austeyns wiff for waschyng of all' the towelles, auter clothis & schetes of þe chyirch'e xj d
Item, payd for new slevyng of vj awbis & for parelyng of iij xv d
Item, payd for vj ellys lokerams to the slevys of þe avbis, at v d ell' ij s vj d
Item, payd for makyng of a Rochet of an old avbe for Richard abell' ij d
Item, payd to the laborer of þe masons for makyng of a pentyse ouer the rodeloft, & for iij d nayle therto iiij d
Item, payd for wyne to the quere on owre lady day iiij d
Item, payd for ij paxis bowt of Ioh'n lumbard for the auters iiij d
* * * * *
(fn. 7) Item, payd to the carpynter for makyng & dressyng vp of the mennys pewys in seynt Katerys chapell' & in the body of the chyrch', and closyng of the litil chyr[ch]yerd by the abbotes kechen, & settyng vp of the parclos of the qwere, & makyng of a base vnder tabernal'e, for viij days worke & di. at vij d v s
Item, payd for v d nayle, iiij d nayle & iij d to same worke iij s iiij d
Item, payd to bull' the mason & his felow & his
laborer j day in makyng of the base of breke vnder the tabernale xix d
* * * * *
Item, payd to Symon dawber for whittyng of the chyrch', v days iij s
* * * * *
Item, payd to ij dawberes for makyng of the skaffold afore þe tabernacl'e xij d, & for x d nayle & vj d nayle therto. d. Summa xiiij d
Item, payd to the kervar that sett vp the ymage & the worke of the tabernacl'e v s j d
Item, payd for spryg braket, ij d nayle, iij d nayle & v d nayle to same v d
Item, payd for ij clampys of yryn, j tynnyd, þat hold the tabernal'e vj d
Item, payd for xij l'i led to yete the clampys in the wall' vj d
* * * * *
(fn. 8) Item, payd for di. c bundell's reed to close þe wyndows above, & þe fecchyng viij d
Item, payd for roddes & lathis to bynd þe red j d, and for makyng, viij d. Summa ix d
Item, payd for skowryng of the gret candilstykkes ageyn cristmasse viij d
Item, payd to the raker, his iij quarter wages, vj d, & for havyng awey of rotyn mattes and other Robbych' ageyn cristmasse viij d
Item, payd to thomas Mundys, chyrchwarden of seynt botolfes, wyche he stoppyth in his hondes in party payment that is owyng hym for nayll', the quitrent that belongyth to owre chyrch. Summa ij s vj d
* * * * *
Item, payd to the smyth for makyng schortter of the corteyn rodd above the tabernacle iiij d, and for newe lyne to draw þe cloþe vj d
* * * * *

[The two Allowances for Potation Money and Writing the Accounts. The Rehearsal and List of Debts.]


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