Churchwardens' accounts: 1496-7

Pages 221-227

The Medieval Records of A London City Church St Mary At Hill, 1420-1559. Originally published by Trübner, London, 1905.

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[a.d. 1496–7.

Iohn Russell Wardens.]
Thomas Colyns

[The Accounts of the Chantries.]

(fn. 1) + Ihesus.

Clarkes wagys and biemlygthe.

ffurst, receuud for the hoole yere, qwarterly gaderyd.
Summa vl' vj s iiij d
Item, Receuud for the biemlih't this yere bysydes þem þat wold nott paye or the lyh't ware sett vpe and them þat be owyng Summa xviij s iiij d
Summa, vj l'i iiij s viij d.

This bene the yefftes and byqwestes receiuid by me in this yere.

ffirst, of mastir William Wylde, parson of thys parishe, receiuid on Cristmas Evyn to the chirche warkes & odir benefyttes Summa iij l'i
Item, of mastres petyt by the handes of mastir Duklyng
Summa iij s iiij d
Item, of Bedylles wyff at ij tymes for ij of hur geestes
Summa viij d
Item, of William Grays bequest by the handes of mastir parson Summa xl s
Item, of Ioh'n Bampton for the byquest of his Sustir
Summa x s
Item, of Thomas Rivelles byquest by the handes of his executurs Summa liij s iiij d
Item, of Mathewe huntes wyffes byquest by hur executors Summa xl s
Item, of Sir Ioh'n plommer of gaderyng on hokmondaye Summa xxvij s viij d
Item, Receuud the laste yere by the wymen xx s, & by the men vj s viij d Summa xxvj s viij d
Item, of Ioh'n Maschall' for a rest of mony left in his handes when he was chirch'wardeygne. Summa xv s viij d
Summa, xiij l' xvij s iiij d.

(fn. 2) Casweltes in thys yere.

ffirst, Receuud of Sir Ioh'n horne for the waste of ij tapers the laste daye of Ianiuer, that brennyd at Sir Ioh'n Colyns Obytt. Summa vj d
Item, of Margett proyne, by the handes of mastir Ioh'n, for the grett bell' at hyr husbondes knyell', in mony. Summa iij s iiij d
Item, receuud for roton tymbyr & lathe in the howse in Estchepe. Summa ij d
Item, receuud of Mr pagename for his mannes burying in þe pardon chirchyard ij s
Item, of Mr ffabyan, alderman, for ml' tyle. Summa v s
Item, Receuud for the pytt & the knyll' of William Overay. Summa xvj s viij d
Item, Receuud of Ioh'n Newton for xvij c tyll' & a quarter of roffe tyle ix s ix d
Item, Receuud of Mr Duklyng, of Merget proyne, & of the goodwyff overaye for the leying of iij gravestones. Summa ij s viij d
Item, of Mr Ioh'n, of the yeft of a Ieyntilwomanne. Summa ij d
Item, Receuud of Mr Atklyff for the waste of iiij toorches at the Crystenyng of his chylde. Summa viij d
Item, Receuud for the pytt & the knyll' of thomas Ryvell' xvj s viij d
Item, Receuud for the pytt & the knyell' of Mathew huntes wyff xvj s viij d
Item, Receuud of Ioh'n Maskall' for j loode of oolde lome. Summa v d
Item, Receuud of Andrew Evyngare for the burying of his chyld in the pardon chirchard. Summa ij s
Item, Receuud of Ioh'n Maskall' for the burying of his chyld in the pardon chirchard. Summa ij s
Item, for a gravestoone sold to the executors of thomas Ryvell'. Summa vj s viij d
Item, Receuud at Estir for the paschall' monye. Summa xij s ix d
Item, of Mr Duklyng for the pytt & knyell' of his wyff. Summa xvj s viij d
Item, of William harman for the pytt of his wyff. Summa xiij s iiij d
Item, of Robert Odyham for his wyffes pytt xiij s iiij d
Item, of diuerse katches & boottes for Robushe to (fn. 3) the chirche þat was leyed on the Romlande. Summa xiiij d
Item, Sparyd of the xxs qwytrent of the Rose for the ayde. Summa vj d
Item, Receuud of Robert owtyng for serten old tymbir with oon new Raftir iiij s viij d
Item, Receuud of Ioh'n halheed for a dorre with a loke & a keye þat longyd to Seint Stephen chapell' with serten old tymbyr v s
Item, Receuud of Ioh'n Mylton for iij c tyll'. Summa xviij d
Item, Receuud of William Turke for ij peces tymbir of ix foot longe & iiij quarters xij d
Item, Receuud at Estir for the waste of iiij tapers brennyng abowte þe sepulture, whiche tapers ware of the yeft of William Proyne. Summa iij s ix d
(fn. 4) Item, Receuud of Ioh'n Russell' for a ml' tyll'. Summa v s
Item, of Ioh'n Mylton for a pece of tymbyr. Summa vj d
Item, Receuud of Ioh'n Russell' þat he Receuud of Mowse for old dettes. Summa x s
Item, Receuud of Iohn Russell' for the qwytrent of Seint botols, þat shuld hafe ben paid to hym by thomas Mondes in his yeres acompt. Summa ij s vj d
Summa totalis of Casuelt, xxij l'i xiiij s iiij d.

Paymentes of the Same.

ffirst, paid to Robart debname, parishe clarke, for a yerys wages fful. Summa iiij l' xiij s iiij d
Item, to Richard Abell' for a yer wages by hys howse rent. Summa, viij s. Item, iiij s vj d in mony at xviij d a quarter, which is for iij quarters wages from Cristemas vnto Mihelmas last paste, bysydes the Rente of his howse, which was grauntid to hym at the last acompt. Summa xij s vj d
Summa, v l' v s x d.

Olde dettes paid by me which ware owyng afore my tyme.

* * * * *

[Wax Reckoning, Church Rents, Payments for the Church Rents.]

(fn. 5) Ihesus.

Costes for the Remevyng of the Roode lofte.

ffurst, paid to the master workeman for iij dayes labour xxj d
Item, iij karvers, to euery of þem for iij days labour. Summa ij s
Item, to pegrym, laborer, the same iij dayes xv d
Item, to Ioh'n Redmanne, karver, for ij dayes labour on seint Kateryns yle xiij d
Item, to pegrym for vj days labour to helpe hym & othyr alsoo ij s vj d
Item, for lyme & sande & bryeke iij s iiij d
Item, to Richard lorymer for v dayes vndirpynyng iij s viij d
Item, to pegrym & an odyr laborer, euery of them iij dayes. Summa ij s vj d
Item, to a karver for ij days warke and for nayll'es xiiij d
Item, to a carpynter for a grett Iowe piece tymbyr, & for halfe a dayes labour to the karver ij s iiij d
Item, to the same karvare for iij dayes labour & a halfe xxiij d
Item, paid to Ioh'n Russell' for a waynskott & for sawyng of iiij karfe x d
Item, to Ioh'n Redman for v dayes workemanshipe ij s vj d
Item, to the Smythe for iij Stays and a litill' Sterope and a forth' Riht dogge of Iryn for the Roodelofte, weyng l l'i, pres v s x d
Item, for viij broddes & a brase for þe paschall' candill' vj d
Summa totalis, xxxiiij s ij d.

Costes paid for peyntyng of the Roode, with karvyng and odir costes alsoo.

ffurst, paid at the Note takyng of the Endentour of comnandes ij d
Item, to Sir Ioh'n plomer for makyng of the fy[u?]gyrres of þe Roode xx d
Item, to the karvare for makyng of iij dyadems, & of oon of the Evangelystes, & for mendyng the Roode, the Crosse, þe Mary & Ioh'n, þe Crown of thorn, with all' odyr fawtes. Summa x s
Item, paid to vndirwood for payntyng & gyldyng of the Roode, the Crosse, Mary & Ioh'n, the iiij
Evangelistes & iij dyadems; with the ij nobilles that I owe to hym in monye. Summa v l'
Summa, vl' xj s x d.
Memorandum: that I Receuud of Ioh'n halhed for the burying of Mr Richard hakeneye and Alyce his wyff. Summa vij s viij d
Paid for lyme, sande, & for the masons huyr & his laborer, makyng ayeyn of their tombe, the xx day of marche, the yer of oure lord god ml' cccc lxxxxvj, & for þeir dyrge & masse & masse peny & for drynkyng, to the prestes and to the parish'ons, & for al maner of charges. Summa, Summa vij s viiij d

[Vacations of Church Rents; Obits, Quitrents.]

(fn. 6) Paymentes for the chirche.

Item, for bryngyng of the new cowcher from Mr parson & spent at wyne iiij d ob.
Item, for colys to brenne in the vestrye ob.
Item, to William Elmys for scowryng of a braunche of v j d
Item, xij foot of borde, elmyn, to knyel on In the pews iiij d
Item, spent at halheedes at a brekfast, & for bred & ale sent to the vestrye, makyng the Inventorye of the chirche goodes xj d
Item, to a carpyntare for mendyng of a pewe þat Maskalles wyff & Overays wyf sat yn iiij d ob.
(fn. 7) Paid for a dosseyn tukkyng gyrdilles for the prestes, to halheedes wyff ix d
Item, for ij foote of free stoon for the yes of the tabirnakill' vij d
Item, to a mason & hys laborer for iiij dayes warke levelyng of the gravestoones, & for skaffoldyng of the tabenacle, & for dressyng of the Iryn to beyre the hope of Iryn. Summa iij s iiij d
Item, for mendyng & rowndyng of the seid hope, & for ij yryns sett in the free stoon to beyre the seid hope, weyng xiiij l'. Summa ij s
* * * * *
Item, to harry mershes seruant for mendyng & howsyng of our lady of pyte xvj d
* * * * *
(fn. 8) Paid to cornelis Smythe for makyng of the Iryn at the hye awter that beryth the canapye. Summa viij s viij d
Item, to harry mershe for peyntyng & gyldyng of the same ij s
* * * * *
(fn. 9) Item, to the Stacyener for settyng of all' the new feestes in to the bookes that lakkyd them and in to the masse bookes, & for mendyng, pynnyng, claspyng of them. Summa xxxiij s iiij d
* * * * *
Item, for mendyng of Curteygnes, albes, Surpeleys, & for Sope to washe them with, towelles and awter clothes also. Summa x d
Item, to the stacyonar for a reward to set the new feestes in the organ bookes, & for byndyng and dressing of them also. Summa ij s
* * * * *

[The two Allowances respectively for potacion money to the tenants and for writing these accounts.

The brief Rehearsal of receipts and payments.]

(fn. 10) Rest dewe to the Chirche of all' this parselles, xiij l'i ix s ij d ob..

Of the which' som the seid thomas Colyns hath paid in mony xiij l' vj s viij d, & the seid parishons have grauntid to hym as for the Rest of the seid acompt, which' is ij s vj d ob., shall' be leeful to hym to levy it at his owen charge & vse, & he to re[. . ysse?] it to his owen profytt &c; yef he can gett itt.

(fn. 11) + Ihesus.

Wherof ther ys owyng thys yere in dettors handes and in plegges theys parcelles foloyng:—

+ Sir William Combys, prest, owith iij s. Receuud a pledge.
+ Robert Barcrofft owith xvj d
+ Ioh'n Neele owith. Summa ij s
Ioh'n Smyth, habyrdasher iij s iiij d
Ioh'n a leyton, plege
frauncen de boyes iij s iiij d

This acommpt, made the xxx day of decembir, in the presence of Master William Remygton, aldirman; Ioh'n Milton, Bakar; Thomas hunt, draper; Ioh'n derham, grocer; Robert howtyng, ffishmonger; Gylbart gentill', draper; Ioh'n halhed, grocer; Thomas wattes, draper and chirchwardeygne, with thomas Colyns, chirchewardeygne; the which' thomas colyns bath reqwyred to have a lesse in the howsses at þe Roose for xxti yere, payng by yere vl'i at iiij termes vsuall'. Also to Repeyre & to pave the kechyne and to farme the Siege and to Repeyre the well'; which' lesse is grauntyd by the seid persons with Mr Ioh'n Redye, parishe preste, as þe parsons deputie, beyng present. And Ioh'n Russell', Skynnar, also, &c.

Item. Thomas hunt, draper, shal hafe a lesse of his housse for xxti yer, payng iij l' vj s viij d, kepyng all' maner of reparacions with principalles, and other on hys owen propyr costes duryng the seyd teerme. And yef it happyn the Seid howse to dekeye or fall' down in the seid yeres; þan it is agreyd & concludid by the seid parishons þer beyng present, & by his owen agreement, alsoo to byld it newe of his owen propir costes; at the lattyr ende of hys termes to leeve þe house tenaunt lyke as it was att hys enteryng, or in better caase, &c.

(fn. 12) Thies ben the old Dettes that hathe ben lefft onpaid by þe chirchwardeyns in tymes past.

Robard Crapleys, tayllour Summa, xxij s
* * * * *


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