Churchwardens' accounts: 1497-8

Pages 227-231

The Medieval Records of A London City Church St Mary At Hill, 1420-1559. Originally published by Trübner, London, 1905.

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[a.d. 1497–8.

Thomas Colyns Wardens
Thomas Wattes

The Accounts of the Chantries.]

(fn. 1) Clarkes wages and beame lyhte and paschall'.

ffyrst, receuud for the holl' yere, qwarterly gaderyd fore the Clarkes wagys. Summa v l'i xiij d
Item, Receuud for the beamelyh't thys yere bysydes them þat be owyng. Summa xviij s viij d
Item, at Estir Receuud for paschall' monye. Summa. xj s viij d
Summa, vj l'i xj s v d.

The chirch Rentes bysydes the chauntryes.

* * * * *

(fn. 2) Casuelties In this yere.

ffirst, Receuud of Ioh'n Maschall' for viij c house-tyll', pris iiij s
Item, of Ioh'n Mongeam for viij Rooffe tylles. Summa vij d
Item, of Ioh'n Russell' for vij old Raftyrs. Summa ij s iiij d
Item, Receuud of dyuerse of the parishons toward the settyng vpe of the Roode. Summa vj s vj d
Item, of the gaderyng of the wymen at hokmondaye. Summa xiiij s viij d
Item, Receuud of the men that gaderyd on the tewsdaye. Summa v s viij d
Item, Receuud of Ielyan Welles for hyr husbondes grave. Summa xiij s iiij d
Item, of hir alsoo for a gravestoon for hym. Summa v s
Item, of Ioh'n MonIame for the pytt of hys chyld in þe pardon chirchard ij s
Item, of Robert Owtyng for old tymbyr. Summa viij d
Item, for serten balast sold at Romelond by halhed. Summa vj d
Item, for William bedylles pytt in the pardon chirchard ij s
Summa, lvij s iij d.

[Payments to Parish Clerk, etc.]

(fn. 3) Payd to Robart Debnam, parishe clark, for a yeres wagys full'. Summa iiij l'i xiij s iiij d
Item, to Richard Abell', for hys wagys, þe Rent of hys hows by yer viij s. Item, in mony bysydes for the hole yer vj s. Summa xiiij s
Summa, v l' vij s iiij d.
* * * * *

[Obits, Quitrents, Wax Reckoning, Reparation of Church Rents.]

(fn. 4) Ihesus.

Costes made for Settyng vp of the Roode.

ffirst, paid for cariage of borde from Suthwarke for the Skaffold Summa, iiij d
Item, for xv foot of bord, & for sawyng of the same for the pilars of the marye & Ioh'n, & for the mortes of the Crosse Summa, ij s ix d
Item, to Ioh'n Codbeen, carpynter, & hys feloe, the oon for vj days labour, & the odyr for iiij dayes labour. Summa, x days, euery daye viij d vj s viij d
Item, for an c of Six peny nayll' spent abowt it. Summa, vj d
Item, to bakar, mason, for a days labour settyng vp of the Steyebare Summa, viij d
Item, to vndirwod, peynter, for a Reward more þan his counant vj s viij d
Item, paid to Richard garrett, Smythe, for xxiiij ll' new Iryn to lenkith the Steybare of the Roode þat goeth from wall' to wall', & for mendyng of it alsoo, at j d ob. the ll' Summa, iij s
Item, for iiij Stayes of new Iryn, weyng xx ll', at j d ob. þe ll' Summa, ij s vj d
Item, for grett broddys, weyng ij ll' Summa, iij d
Item, for iij gret square stapylles for the Roode. Summa, ij d
Item, for broddes for marye & Ioh'n Summa, j d
Item, for the long bolt of Iryn comyng down from the Roofe, & for Stapilles & Spekynges to fastyn it to the Roode, weng xliiij ll', at j d ob. the ll'. Summa, v s vj d
Item, for ij hookes for the lentyn cloth byfor the Roode Summa, ij d
Item, to hew materson, Smyth, for clampys, naylles & hokes that þe Roode hangith bye Summa, viij d
Item, to ij portars for havyng down of the Skaffold, leyng vp the tymbir & makyng holles in the chirchard to avoyd the water Summa, iiij d
Summa, xxx s iij d.

(fn. 5) Paymentes for the chirche.

ffirst paid for holme & Iuye Summa, v d
Item, to Mastir Ioh'n Redye, parishe prest, for þe beydroll' ij s
Item, to a yong man for a Reward Syngyng in the qwere the halydays in Cristenmas for the sted of Sir Iohn Vpthenns Summa, vj d
* * * * *
Item, to Richard Abell' for goyng to Strattford vnto Mr parson, for to desyre hym to come to the Avdyt of the last Accmpt Summa, iiij d
* * * * *
Item, for mendyng of diuerse coopes, vestementes & Soyng on of the appareylles when thei came wasshyng to the clarke Summa, xij d
* * * * *
Item, for iij Rybbes of bief to the wyves on hokmonday, & for ale & bred for them that gaderyd Summa, xvj d
Item, for mendyng of the tabernacle clothe Summa, vj d
* * * * *
Item, for x elles of normand clothe bouht of Ioh'n Russell' for Surplesse Summa, v s ij d
Item, for makyng of ij Surplesse & a Rochet of the same clothe Summa, xx d
* * * * *
Item, for bred, ale, wyne Spent on Strangers Syngars & theer chyldren on the Evyn & day of Seint Barnabe Summa, ij s j d ob.
(fn. 6) Item, paid [for] bred, ale & a Rybbe of bieff Spent at the Castell' in fish' strett on dyuerse of the parishons at the visitacion of the bishope of london in Seint Magnys chirche Summa, viij d
* * * * *
Item, for mendyng of the fyre panne in the chirche, & for iij ll' di. of new yryn to the Same. Summa, v d
Item, for a new keye to ser Ioh'n Bardeneys chest, for Mastres bonyfantes, priest, to occupie the vestementes Summa, iiij d
* * * * *

[The two Allowances.

The brief Rehearsal of Receipts and Expences, Rest dew to the Church, etc.]

(fn. 7) Item, Receuud of the bequest of Mr Robert Ryvell', the xv day of Ianyver anno 1498, by Th. Colyns & Thomas Wattes, xx l'i., the vhich' xx l'i is in the handes of Th. Wattes & herry Edmond the day & yer afrosayde.

Item, ther is solde to Thomas Wattes a bras pot, pris vj s, which is in the bagg with tresory.

* * * * *

(fn. 8) + Ihesus 1498.

This acompt, maade the xv day of Ianiuer, anno 1498, in the presence of Mastir William Wyld, parson of the seid chirche, Mr William Remyngton, Aldirman, Mr Atlyff, Ioh'n Duklyng, thomas hunt, Ioh'n Milton, Ioh'n Derham, Robert Owtyng, Ioh'n halhed, Thomas Colyns, Ioh'n Maschall', William Smart, thomas Wattes, draper, & harry Edmondes, Salter, the seid thomas Wattes and harry Edmondes beyng chirchwardeygnes for the yer foloyng; it is agreed and concluded by thes seid parishons afore reheercyd, that from hensforth the chirchwardeygnes and the clarke shall' take of eueryche knyell' with the great bell' vj s viij d, þat is, to eyther of them xl d. (fn. 9)

(fn. 10) Also, moreouer, it is concludid, for the knyell' with the second bell', Ryngyng no moor but the Space of an houre, the seid clarke shall taake for it xij d; & yef it be Ronge the Space of halfe a daye he shall' taake for it xl d. oonly to hymself.

(fn. 11) Also for the lytyll' bell', to the clark for a man viij d, and for a child iiij d.

(fn. 12) Alsoo to the clarke for a pytt in the chirche ij s.; also for a pytt in the pardon chirchard for a manne viij d. and for a chyld iiij d.; and soo in lykewye in the grett chirchard also.


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