Churchwardens' accounts: 1498-9

Pages 231-235

The Medieval Records of A London City Church St Mary At Hill, 1420-1559. Originally published by Trübner, London, 1905.

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[a.d. 1498–9.

Thomas Wattys Wardens.
Harry Edmonde

Chantry Accounts.

Church Rents.


(fn. 1) Clarkes wagys, Beame lyh't & paskall'.

ffyrst, Receuud for the hole yer qwarter gaderyd for the clarkes wages v l' vj s iiij d
Item, Receyuyd for the beame lyh't thys yer. Summa xx s
Item, Receuud at Estir for paschall' monye. Summa x s viij d
Summa, vj l'i xvij s.

Casuelties yn thys yere.

ffyrst, Receuud of Ioh'n Maskall' for serten tymbyr that bylongyd to the chirche. Summa iiij s
Item, of thomas wattes for a pece of old tymbyr iiij d
Item, of master Duklyng for burying of hys child in the pardon chirchard. Summa ij s
Item, for burying of a man of ceswell from Will' olyuers xx d
Item, for the burying of a Straunger from Richard Clossys. Summa iij s
Item, for burying of a man of garneseye. Summa xvj d
Item, for the burying of William Bedylles child in the pardon chirchard. Summa ij s
Item, for the burying of thomas Colyns chyld in þe pardon chirchard ij s
Item, Receuud of mastir Ioh'n Redy for di. c of quarterbord xij d
Item, Receuud of harry Edmond for xxxti foote of planchebord viij d
Item, Receuud of the wyves yn the parish yn mony gaderyd on hokemonday. Summa xiiij s vj d
Item, of the men yn the parishe gaderyd on the tewsday vj s
Item, of Ioh'ane Remyngton for the burying of hyr husbond in the chirche. Summa xiij s iiij d
Item, Receuud of mastres Nonnelaye, for an old bedsted. Summa ix d
Summa, lij s vij d.
Summa totalis Resseyvyd, xxv l'i ix s j d.


(fn. 2) Paymentes to the Clarkes & Sexton.

paid to Robert Debnam, parish clarke, for hys yerys wages. Summa iiij l'i xiij s iiij d
Item, to William Raynesford, conduct, which was huryd from shroftyd to lammas. Summa xxij s
Item, for a reward to hym by þe commavndement of Mr Aldirman iij s iiij d
Item, to Richard Abell for hys wagys, þe Rent of his
hows by yer, viij s. Item, in mony bysydes for the hole yere, vj s. Summa xiiij s
Summa, vj l'i xij s viij d.

(fn. 3) The Reknyng of the wax spent in the chirch'e.

ffyrst, paid for di. c wex Summa xxvj s
Item, for a quarter vij ll' & a quarter of wax at xlviij s the c Summa xv s ij d
Item, deliuerid to the waxchaunde Robert Bale, yn old wax of þe beamelyh't weyng di. c xxiij ll' iij quarter. Item, in tapers endes weyng xviij ll' di. Summa of the weyh't of the wax bothe newe & olde to hym deliuerid viiijxx ix ll' di.; wherof Receuud of hym ayeyn for þe roodloft and yn tapers spent afore our lady in þe qwyere & for Mr cambryge lyh't in Seint Stephens chapell' & afore Seint thomas and afore þe Roode for mastres Nonneleye viijxx v ll' di., paying for strikyng of euery ll' to hym ob. Summa vi s x d
So remaynyth still' in hys hondes xxiiij ll' of wax in a Stoke.
Item, paid to hym for makyng of the paschall'. Summa ij s vij d
Item, for garnyshyng of viij toorches on corpus cristi day Summa ij s viij d
Summa paid for wax & for strykyng liij s iij d

Reparacions off the chirche rentes.

* * * * *

Paymentes for the chirche.

* * * * *

(fn. 4) Paid to Ih'on Bentley, carpynter, for viij days labour makyng of the deske in the vestrye to the bookes & mendyng of dyuerse odur thinges in the chirche Summa v s iiij d
* * * * *
Item, to Symond vauesor for helpyng of the qwiere all' the halydays of Crystmas Summa iij s iiij d
* * * * *
Item, for mendyng of the monstyr for the Sacrament xvj d
Item, for the wachyng of the Sepulch're & the chirche, to iiij men xij d
Item, for bred & ale to them that watchyd Summa vj d
Item, for small' corde for the Crosse Cloth Summa ij d
Item, for a lampe & for tentyr hookes to the Sepul'cre j d ob.
Item, to Richard Ioyner for mendyng of ij baner-polles iiij d
Item, ij Rybbes of bieff & for bred & ale to the wyvys yn the parish that gaderyd on hokmondaye Summa xiiij d
Item, for wyne & ale to the Syngars on holy thursday vj d
Item, for makyng of yryns for the Curteygnes at the hyhe alter vij d
* * * * *
(fn. 5) Item, paid to gowge & to Ioh'n Nutte & to dyuerse other Syngars and theyr childryn on Seint Barnabes daye Summa iiij s vj d
Item, for vj elles lynyn clothe for to mende the Cloth afore the Roode Summa ij s vj d
Item, to harry mershe for peyntyng of the same clothe Summa iiij s
Item, for new bokeram & for soyng of the same clothe vj d ob.
Item, for a cheyn & iij stapulles for bookes in the chancell' iiij d
* * * * *
Item, for goldyn Ryband, green sylk & blake, mendyng of the Coopes & westymentes Summa v d
Item, to the Clarke for hys labour mendyng of them Summa iij d
Item, Spent on the officiall' at iij tymes when serten of the parishens ware with hym for the chavntryes xij d
* * * * *
Item, Spent at the Son apon Mr aldirman & odir of the parish' on the Sonday next aftir Seint Mathews day vij d
* * * * *
Item, for a peyre of garnettes to the longe pewe iiij d
Item, for makyng of a tabyll' for the beyd Roll' ij d
* * * * *
Item, for a new shovyll' for the chyrche iiij d
Item, to ij laborars, euery of them for iij days labor ij s
Item, for a new whielbarowe Summa xij d
* * * * *
(fn. 6) Item, for a Crewet to Roose Wrytelles chawntrye iiij d
* * * * *
Item, to the Rakar for the chirche by the hole yere viij d
* * * * *

[The two Allowances.

The Rehearsal.]


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