Churchwardens' accounts: 1509-10

Pages 268-272

The Medieval Records of A London City Church St Mary At Hill, 1420-1559. Originally published by Trübner, London, 1905.

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[A.D. 1509–10.

Iohn Condall Wardens.
William Roche

Chantry Accounts. Church Rents. Quitrents and Obits. Payments and Reparations.]

* * * * *
(fn. 1) Paid to sir William Bryse for a Reward for kepyng the orgons for the hole yere, besidis his salary x s
* * * * *
Paid for a Cruet for the Morowe Masse iiij d
* * * * *
(fn. 2) Paid for disseplynyng Roddis & nayles for þe sepulcre ij d
Paid for a whele Barowe xiiij d
* * * * *
Paid for a lok to the prestes Ale gate with vj keys viij d
* * * * *
(fn. 3) Paid for brede and ale for the parisshons þat helpid to labor for Nicholas Betnaham when he was taken to the Kynges wourkes at ij tymes ij d ob.
* * * * *
Paid for bote hire to Grenewych' for Ioh'n Althorpe and Nicholas Betnaham to speke with Mr hatclyff v d
Paid to the Mayrys yeman for settyng of the wardens of the Masons before the Mayre iiij d
Paid to a Coper for hopyng of the Tobbys and þe Barelles that longith' to the Chirche xvj d
Paid for fettyng the Geyn from þe Carpenters j d
Paid for Beryng of the sond in to the chirchyerd ij d
Paid for vj lode of Sonde, the lode vj d. Summa iij s
Paid for a key for the Chirche box iij d
* * * * *
Paid for my Costes for me & my horse to Kyngeston, for to by bourde and lathe x d
* * * * *
Paid on Seint Barnabes day for garlondes & yerbis xiiij d ob.
Paid þat day for Brede, wyne & ale for þe syngers of the Kynges chapell' & for þe Clarkes of þis towne xv d
Paid for ij galons wyne, gevyn to the syngers of the Kynges chapell' at Mr Sidborughts at dyner xvj d
Paid to the Clarkes of this Citie for theyre Rewarde v s
Paid for ffreight of a lode Coynes from Maydstone xij d
* * * * *
(fn. 4) Paid for Nayles and Mendyng of a Benche in the quere j d
Paid for a Soper, to Mr Kyght and Mr Sidborowgh, for the Arbetryng betwene the parissh' and Bullisdon for þe belles:—for Motton, a shulder iij d; Conys v d; iiij chekyns vj d; a Capon xx d; brede, ale, wyne and Beer xxj d. Summa totallis iiij s vij d
* * * * *
Paid for mendyng of the fourme in the quere ij d
* * * * *
Paid to Alis Smale for wasshyng of the lynnen for a yer iij s iiij d
Paid to Alis Smale for settyng on of the parelles on the Albys and for mendyng of Surplysys & Albis xij d
* * * * *
(fn. 5) Payd for mendyng of sir Ioh'n Nelis chales ij d
* * * * *
Paid for iij plattes with nosis for þe skonsis ij d
Paid for ij hand canstickes j d
* * * * *

The sute for the belles.

Paid for entryng the playnt & for þe Arest of William Smyth x d
for entryng of þe Attourney & for his fees xiiij d
for makyng of our plee & leyng in þerof vj d
paid to þe Iooge iiij d
to Master stevyns for councell' xx d
for my dyner & Thomas Mondens, And þe man þat hew the belles & oþer mo vj d
Whan the mater was pletid to an yssue, paid iiij d
for ij somons, paid to the sergeaunt iiij s
Whan the mater was put in dayng at þe salutacion ij d
for an oblygacion at þat tyme vj d
Summa x s
* * * * *

(fn. 6) The Casuell Receytes.

Ress' of sir Thomas of Gravisend and of harry herd for the olde Rode and mary and Ioh'n þat stode in the chirch' xx s
Ress' of Mays wyffe of Seint Mergret patens, of gyfte vj s viij d
Ress' of the surplusage of the last yeris Acownte of William Roche, in money xv s
Ress' of William Roche for halffe a guttur partable betwene the chirche Renttes and the Chaundeler in seint mergret patens vj s
Ress' of the gadryng of hokmonday and Tewisday xxxij s vj d
Ress' of Ioh'n Markham at his comyng to his howse xx s
Ress' of a straunge prest þat dyed at the freer, for his beryall' in the pardon chirche yerde iiij s
Ress' of William Browne, Chaundeler, for the beryall' of his wyffe in þe chirche yerde ij s
Ress' of Thomas duklyng for the beryall' of his childe and for ij Torches ij s iiij d
Ress' of Ioh'n Wall' for ij Bras pottes weyng xlij ll, at ij d ob. the ll'. Summa viij s ix d
Ress' of William pykeryng for the beryall' of his wyfe xiij s iiij d
Summa, vj l'i x s vij d.

(fn. 7) Resseites of clarkis wages, pascall money and Beme lygh't.

Ress' this yere of the Gadryng of the clerkes wages vj l'i xiij s iiij d
Ress' of the pascall money this yere xij s
Ress' of the Bemeligh't this yere xiij s iiij d
Summa, vij l'i xviij s viij d.

Paymenttes of þe same.

Paid to Ioh'n lawe, parisshe clerke, for his yeris wages, euery quater xxiij s iiij d. Summa iiij l'i xiij s iiij d
Paid to lawrence Swayne for his wages for kepyng the Orgons for iij quarters, euery quarter x s. Summa xxx s
Paid to William Sexten for his wages for a yere xl s
Summa, viij l'i iij s iiij d.
So the paymenttes exsedith' the Resseittes iiij s viij d.

[Wax Reckoning. Allowances. Rehearsal.]

(fn. 8) Rekenyd this A Cowntt the xx day of Ienuary, Anno 1510, in the presence of Mr William hatclyff, Mr Robert Aldernes, William Smert, Ioh'n Russell', William Roche, Ioh'n Moungeham, Ioh'n Althourpe, Thomas Dukkelyng, withe other. And brought in the same day be the hondis of Ioh'n Condall' in golde in Noblys xxj l'i
The whiche is in the Chirche box.
* * * * *


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