Churchwardens' accounts: 1511-12

Pages 277-280

The Medieval Records of A London City Church St Mary At Hill, 1420-1559. Originally published by Trübner, London, 1905.

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[a.d. 1511–12.

Iohn Woulffe Wardens.
Thomas Duklyng

Chantry Accounts. Church Rents. Quitrents and Payments. Payments for the Church.]

* * * * *

(fn. 1) paid to sir Robert for Candell' to sey his matens in the mornynges iij d
paid for hopys abough't the crosse in the grete chirch'yard, & for Naylys to the same crosse iiij d
paid to Alys Smale for wasshyng of the chirch lynnen for a quarter endyd at our lady day x d
* * * * *
paid for ij long quarters to kepe the bell' Ropis from the wall of the steple xj d
(fn. 2) paid to Ioh'n Smyth, besydes the gyfte of good Masturs & Mestresis, for the whyte lymyng of the chirche: Summa þat I paid to hym xv s
* * * * *
paid to Robert Trappis for the chonnge of a Chales & for the overweigh't of syluer xiij s iiij d
* * * * *
paid for brede, ale & wyne for þe quere on trinyte sonday vj d
paid for mendyng of the ladder for þe pulpett iiij d
* * * * *
paid to broodes wyffe, the Raker, for Midsomer quarter ij d
paid to Alys smale for wasshyng for þat quarter x d
* * * * *
(fn. 3) paid for Drynk for the quere on Relyk sonday iiij d
paid the Suffregan for haloyng of a Chales, iiij Corporassis & iiij vestementtes iij s viij d
paid for ij Crewettes for sir Mores viij d
* * * * *
paid to þe smyth for mendyng of þe lok & þe spryng of þe sowthe chirch' dore iiij d
paid for shevys of Brasse to hange þe lampe & þe pascall', the on peyre cost xij d, the oþer peire viij d. Summa xx d
paid for iiij polys, the pece j d ob. vj d
paid for Iron warke for þe polys, to bullok xij d
* * * * *
paid to Alys Smale for wasshyng of the chirche lynnen for a quarter endyd at Mighelmas x d
* * * * *
(fn. 4) paid for a grete hoke for the Rope of þe lampe ij d
paid to sir Ioh'n Tyllysley, for a Reward for his bokys iij s iiij d
paid for mendyng of þe lytell' orgons in þe quere vj d
paid to Alys smale for a Reward, at þe comandamentt of Mr Aldreman, Mr Ientyll' for her labur besides her quarterage xvj d
* * * * *
paid for a stok locke to þe chirch' yerde dore next the parsonage, with ij keys ij s vj d
* * * * *
Item, paid to þe goodman Mershe for di. a day iiij d
paid for iij days, for his Apprenttes xij d
* * * * *
paid for a lok & a key, [&] a peyr garnettes for a chest in the quere to ley in old wax xij d
* * * * *

costes of þe spirituall' courte.

paid in the spirituall courte for the Recouere of þe dewtyes of Seint Anne, ayenst Ioh'n Semper:—

first þe citacion xvj d
paid for the execucion of þe same xiiij d
paid for the sertificath vppon the same execucion xiiij d
paid to the proctor in the courte viij d
paid for makyng of the interogatorys ij s
paid for the Actes in the courte iiij d
paid for the salares of the proctors iij s iiij d
paid for wryting of the terogatores iij s iiij d
paid for brede & ale, Mr Russell' & Mr Ientyll present ij d ob.
* * * * *
(fn. 5) Paid for xvj ll' of New lede for the hoke of the vyse dore in the Rood lofte x d
* * * * *
paid for a Rope for sanctus bell' v d

* * * * *

(fn. 6) Resseittes of clarkes wages, pascall' money & Beme ligh't.

Ress' this yere of the Gadryng of the Clerkes wages vij l'i iij s
Ress' this yere of the pascall' money xiij s iiij d
Summa of thes parcelles vij l'i xvj s iiij d.

Paymenttes of the same.

Paid to Richard Alee, Clerke, for his wages for iij qarters of a yere & a halffe, after vj l'i þe yere. Summa v l'i v s
Paid to William Wylde for his wages this yere for the sextenship, & for halff a quarter of the clerkes wages that he seruyd aftir Mighelmas befor þe clerk cam in seruyce. Summa xlv s
Paid to lawrence Swayne for his wages for halff a yere endid at our lady day. Summa xx s
Summa of þes parcelles viij l'i x s.

So the paymenttes excedith þe parcelles of the Resseyttes xiij s viij d.

(fn. 7) The Casuell' Receytis.

Ress' of the Gadryng of hokmonday by the wemen xx s
Ress' of the Gadryng on Tewysday iiij s
Ress' for a grete laton pot weyng xxxvj ll', the ll' ij d ob. Summa vij s vj d
Ress', more, for a flat chafur with'e a bayle of Iron, an hangyng laver with a cheyne of Iron, a gret olde pan with a bond & ij eres, of Iron, weyng all' xxxvij ll', the ll' ij d ob. Summa vij s viij d ob.
Ress' for a chafyng dyssh', price xvj d
Ress' of Mr Aldyrnes the viij day of May Ao 1512 of the money whiche he hath in custody for the chirche behoff, as shall apere by a byll' of my hond, the summa of x l'i
Ress' of Thomas Duklyng for the Rest of his A Compte of the Chirchwardenship iij l'i xix vij d
Summa of þes parcelles xvj l'i j d ob.

[Wax Reckoning. Allowances. Rehearsal.]


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