Churchwardens' accounts: 1524-5

Pages 325-331

The Medieval Records of A London City Church St Mary At Hill, 1420-1559. Originally published by Trübner, London, 1905.

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[a.d. 1524–5.

Alexaunder Hilton Wardens. (fn. 1)
Thomas Vstum

Obit list.


A note of money to be paid. Chantry Accounts. Church Rents.]

* * * * *
(fn. 2) Receued of Ioh'n North'folke for a chambre for a skole vj s viij d
* * * * *

(fn. 3) Paymenttis.

paid for mendyng of a Chales, iiij d. And for Rattesbane, iiij d. Summa viij d.
paid for beryng of viij Torches on corpus christi day, viij d.
paid for Rose Garlondis that day for the procession, xvj d.
paid to iij men that did bere the iij Crossis, iij d.
paid for the ffilling of the holywatur stopis for ij quarters, iiij d.
paid for Glouys at Estur for the chirch' warden & þe clerk, vj d.

ffor þe Romelond.

paid to Mr Norwych', sergeaunt, and Mr Densell of lyncolles in, for comyng to þe Guyld hall for the besynes of þe Romeland, xiij s iiij d.
paid to them the xix day of Iunii, at the Guyld hall, for the besynes of the Romelande at this tyme, x s.
paid for ffysshe for theire dyner, and for brede, wyne and ale, iij s iiij d.
paid to Mr Densell for makyng & drawyng owte our plee, iiij s.
paid for bote hire to Westmynster for dyuers of the parisshens & our expensis of our Man of lawe for costes there, xxiij d ob.
paid to a clerk for the wrytyng of our plee, xiiij d.
* * * * *
paid for v processioners for the chirch', the pece, xiij d. Summa, v s v d.
paid to sir Ioh'n Tyllisley for a Tabull of þe ordryng of þe queer, viij d.
paid for makyng of a bourde for the same Table, iiij d.
paid to Thomas Ripton for helpyng the clerk euery other weke to kepe the morwe mas for that quarter, ij s vj d.
* * * * *
paid for a great kay for the Sowth' dore of the chirche and for ij kays for the wykket next to the parsonage and for ij keys for the Spryng of the Sowthe dore and for the bolt to Seint Stephynns chappell dore. Summa of all iij s.
paid for a Mattok, x d, and for a quarte of lampe oyle, iiij d. Summa xiiij d.
paid for Splisyng of v bell Ropis, v d.
paid for mendyng of a baudryk, iiij d, and for bromys, iij d ob. Summa vij d ob.
paid to Ioh'n Tilers wyff for drynk fett to the chirch' for þe Ringers & þe clarkes at dyuers tymes at high't ffestes, xij d.
paid for ij long dexkes that be in the queer, vj s.
paid for a quarter that was for the fframe ouer þe North' dore of the chirche, þat is for þe profettes on palmesonday, & workmanship, iij d.
paid for a pece of a ponchon for the benche in the queer, j d.
(fn. 4) paid to Thabbot of Waltham cros for Ioh'n Westons londis, xxxviij s, and for the Sowth' Ile of the Chirche of Seint Mary at hill, xs.
Summa xlviij s.
* * * * *
paid to Ioh'n Northfolke & the conductes & the Children in þe playng weke aftur christemas for to Sport them, iij s iiij d.
paid to Ioh'n how, orgon maker, for a yere to tende þe orgons, xij d.
paid for that was spent vppon Tyll Colman and other off the kynges chappell kepyng seruice in the chirche, xviij d.
paid for Nayles to Amend the belles whelis ayenst Mr Russelles dirige, j d.
paid for Ryngyng of Ioh'n Tylers knyll & Mr Russelles knyll, vij d.
paid to the Ryngers þat dyd Ringe at Mr Russelles dirige & Mas, xiiij d.
paid for Remeving the stone and Mr Russelles pit, x d.
* * * * *
paid for Ryngyng of the belles at the Trivmphe for the takyng of the ffrench' kyng and by the comaundement of the Mayer, viij d.
* * * * *
paid for the leyng of the stone on Mr Russelles grave, viij d.
* * * * *
paid for Obleis, fflowres & palmys & bromys ayenst palmesonday, xj d.
* * * * *
paid for ale spent at the hiryng of a preist, vj d.
* * * * *
(fn. 5) paid for mendyng of Mestres Russelles maydes pewe, iiij d.
* * * * *
paid for a Baskett for holy brede, iij d.
* * * * *
paid to Mr Baker for his Councell for the londe lyeng at the stokkes of Mr porttes. Summa, iij s iiij d.
paid to þe Orgon maker for mendyng the orgons Accordyng to the Mynde of Mr North'folke and at his devyse, ij s.
* * * * *
paid for the pavyng of Mastur porthis graue, viij d.
paid for that was spent vppon Mr Gyles of the chappell for beyng at our lady Mas ij days, vj d.
paid for x dosen of Cotton Candell for the chirche, x s.
paid to the iij Almesmen, to euery of þem ij d, for theyre weke when they do blowe the orgons when þer weke comyth', viij s viij d.
paid for wasshyng of the Chirch' lynnen this yere, xiij s iiij d.
* * * * *
paid for brede, ale and wyne for the queer and for other strangers comyng therto at dyuers high' ffestis in the yere xiij s ix d, of the whiche Receued of Mr parson. Rest to þe chirch', vj s x d ob.
paid for Drynk (fn. 6) for the clerkes at þe kepyng of Mas of Recordare, iiij d.
* * * * *
paid for a shopp borde in partriches shopp in Estchepe, vj s viij d.
paid to Thomas harman, by an obligacion, and for the last payment of all his money þat was in þe chirch' of Seint Mary at hill, viij l'i x s.
* * * * *
paid to Bright for Ridyng to the Moore to Mr parson for to Speke to my lord Cardenall for þe takyng of þe children, iiij s iiij d.

(fn. 7) Casuell Receptis this yere.

Receued for the knyll of Ioh'n Tyler with the iijde bell for oon owre, xvj d.
Receued at the Maryage of chappell, the waturberer, vj d.
Receued for the Buryall of Mr Russell in Seint stephyns chappell, xiij s iiij d.
Receued for his knyll with' the greate bell, vj s viij d.
Receued for the pelys for Diryge and Mas, xx d.
Receued for the Grounde & makyng þe pitt in þe chappell, iij s iiij d.
Receued at the chirchyng of Richard Stauners wyff, ij d.
Receued for the pelys at Stephyn Saundersons dirige & Mas, xx d.
Receued for the Buryall of Roger Chaloners childe in þe pardon chirch'yerd, ij s.
Receued for the Buryall of Burnynghilles childe in þe pardon chirch'yerd, ij s.
Receued, more, for dyuers other casueltyes as shall apere by a byll, xviij s j d ob..
Receued for the Buryall of Raphe Welysme in þe chirche, vj s viij d.
Receued for his knyll with the Greate bell for halff a day, vj s viij d.
Receued for the knyll and for the buryall' of Mr port in þe chapell, xx s.
Summa, iij l'i iiij s j d ob.

(fn. 8) Clarkis wagis and Beameligh't.

Receued for Clerkes wagis this yere as apperith' by the Rowle, vij l'i xv s ij d.
Receued for pascall money and Beameligh't this yere, xij s.
Summa, viij l'i vij s ij d.


paid to Roger Mason for a quarters wagis ended at Christemas, xxxvj s viij d.
paid to Ioh'n Northfolke, conducte, for his yeres wages of þe parissh', xl s.
paid to Morres, the base, for vj wekes, after xx noblys þe yere.
Summa, xvj s viij d.
paid to Austen, þe Sexten, for iij quarters wages ended at Midsomer, xl s.
paid to þe same Austen for kepyng þe seruyce in þe clarkes absence, ij s vj d.
paid to a Conducte helpyng the queer for the xij days, iij s vij d.
paid to William Wylde for his yeres wages ended at Mighelmas, xx s.
paid to the Clerk of Seint Barthilmewys, þat shuld a bene clerk, whiche was graunted hym by the consent of the parisshe, iiij s iiij d.
paid to William Milward for þat he serued in this chirch'e. Summa, liij s iiij d.
paid to Thomas lawson, Clerk, for di. a yere ended at Mighelmas, iij l'i iij s.
paid to Thomas Ripton, Sexten, for a quarter ended at Migh'elmas, xiij s iiij d.
Summa, xiiij l'i xiij s v d.
And so
The charge is more then the Receptes, vj l'i vj s iij d.

[Wax Reckoning. Allowances. Rehearsal.]

(fn. 9) Memorandum: that hit is Iugged at the day of this Acompt by them that wer there present, that theys parcelles hereafter foloyng shal be discownted owte of the summys aboue wretyn & as aperith' hereafter:—

ffirst, ytt is, that for the beryng of the crosses on corpus christi day that hit shal not be paid because hit shal not be no presedent, which' is, iij d.

Item, more, for that was paid at Estur for ij peyre of gloves for the chirchewardens, the Summa of vj d, which' shal not be for no presedent hereafter, vj d.

Item, more, for that which ys Reconyd in this A-count And should be put to the Reconyng of Mr Porthis besynes, þat was paid to Mr Baker, iij s iiij d.

* * * * *

(fn. 10) Memorandum: the iijde day of Merche, Anno 1525, and in the xvij yere of the Rayng of kyng henre the viijth; paid by me, Alexaunder hilton, to lawles wyffe, waxchaundeler, for xxix ll' of wax whiche was MisRekonyd in the byll' of her Acount as aperith' by a byll nowe brought. Summa in money, xxiiij s xj d.

Item, there was abated in her hole byll' for euery ll' of New wax þat was owyng to her, j d in euery ll'. Summa, iiij s x d.

And so she hathe in money, clere, xx s j d.

And so There Restith in money clere to the chirch of this Acounpt, xj l'i vj s vij d.

Item, Reseued more of Elysaundyr hyllton & Thomas husecam, for Mr porth beqwest to this church; pute it in to the chirch chist in presence of xij persones of the parishe, xx s.

Summa put in to the boxe, xij l'i vj s vij d.

With xij l'i vj s vij d, ys put in to porthes chyste towardes that was borowed of his money the iiij day of feuerell, Anno 1526.


  • 1. Thomas Vstum serves again next year. The explanation of his serving for two years successively is to be found in the fact that a John Edyall served apparently as warden for part of 1524–5. His name is scratched out, and that of Thomas Vstum substituted more than once in the accounts for 1524–5.
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